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The Advantages of Modern Eyewear Over Traditional Eyewear

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

What are the advantages of modern eyewear over traditional eyewear? Several aspects are discussed in the following paragraphs.

The long history of human beings has witnessed the birth and evolutions of eyeglasses- almost thousands of years have elapsed since the emergence of first glasses. However, since the first eye wear are invented, almost no substantial innovations and changes are made in the field- such situation does not change till almost the 20th century when revolutionary changes are taken places in glasses industry. By and large, eyeglasses before that time of period are designed in traditional styles with old materials- they can be called traditional eyeglasses; eye wear after that time are manufactured with more modern elements and can be called modern eyeglasses. Generally speaking, modern eyewear is much advanced than those traditional ones, except in styles

Modern eyewear is much lighter and durable than those traditional eye wear. Eye wear in the past are inconvenient to use, for they are mainly made with glass and metal, which are heavy in weight. What’s worse, glass is such a fragile material that may break into pieces easily under impact; metal will also deform easily in the mean time. On the contrary, such defects can never be found on modern eye wear. They are made from light weight and durable materials. For example, the lenses can be made from plastic, like CR39, a kind of very lightweight material; if the prescription becomes stronger on and on, high index lenses are also available- thick and heavy glass lenses are no longer needed. The frames can also be made from memory materials, like titanium, memory plastic, which can rebound to their original shapes after being twisted and bended.

Price should be another factor to be considered while comparing the two groups. Before the industrialization in glass field, eye wear are handmade only for those noble and rich people- eye wear in then time are luxury accessories. Later, as technology and techniques in the field matures on and on, the cost to make eye wear reduce all the more. For instance, some of nowadays modern eyeglasses can be purchased at several dollars.

More fashionable elements can be found on modern eyewear than on traditional eye wear. When it comes to the 20th century, people begin to pay more attention to more than functionality that is what traditional glasses are mainly used for. And fashionable and personal elements are attached great importance since that period by both wearers and manufacturers. And now, many people tend to use eyeglasses as something of decoration, though many people are still in need of vision correction. One of such good example is the popularity of non prescription eyeglasses. These eye wear are specially designed for people who have no vision errors, but want to be as attractive and cool as those glasses wearers. To be simple, functionality is the main feature of traditional eye wear; fashionable and personal elements are now the main features on modern eye wear.

In short, from what is analyzed above we can see that the advantages of modern eyewear over traditional eyewear are quite remarkable, but this doesn’t mean that there is no value in traditional ones. We should hold a correct attitude towards this comparison.

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