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What are disposable lenses

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Disposable lenses are lenses for a specific period of wearing, and then they are thrown away and replaced. Many years ago, all contact lenses were manufactured for a year wearing, or longer. During such a long period, tear composition may arouse many complications, which are caused by bacteria in the eyes. Disposable contact lenses are the right thing for this bothering problem. Disposable lenses reduce the rate of eye complications significantly. They make contacts wearing easier and more comfortable.

Disposable lenses are different with frequent replacement lenses and traditional lenses, based on the period of replacement. Frequent replacement lenses are replaced monthly or quarterly, while traditional lenses are replaced every six months or longer. Disposable contact lenses are more frequently replaced. According to different period, disposable lenses can be sub-categorized into some types: daily disposable contact lenses, weekly disposable contacts and two-week disposable ones. These disposable lenses are becoming the popular choice of doctors and patients.

Disposable contact lenses offer more health for your eyes. It is commonly acknowledged that the more frequently you replace lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes can be. Cleaning can not remove all deposits. Daily disposable lenses are the ultimate types among the various selections. Daily disposable contact lenses eliminate the need for any cleaning solutions and storage devices.

Although disposable lenses are healthier, they require more expenses. Nowadays, manufacturers have developed new methods to produce disposable contact lenses in great bulk and lower cost. Some of the disposable lenses are even made of new materials that are created especially for disposability.

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