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What ’the main factors for men selecting eyeglasses

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

If you go shopping with men , you will found their other sides in their characters which more likely to save money actually whether buying supplies of daily use or clothes .for the same sense ,you can think out what the selection they will make when they purchased the stylish eyeglasses. Men’s. eyeglasses are often stylish and popular. How can we find stylish men eyeglasses?

Few of men want to wear eyeglasses that are out of fashion. They are as fashionable as women, too. However, there are not large quantities of styles for them to choose from, no matter in colors, shapes or some like that. So the options for men are limited in several styles. It is quite a challenge for men eyeglasses designers. They have to come up with endless new styles, smart detail that men will appreciate but not find too daring, and appeal to the techno hungry man with innovative joints and materials. Comparatively speaking, designing women eyeglasses is much easier than that of men.

It is easy to find the men’s new looks with gentle charms. If they want to update their eye glass frames with a stylish pair of non-prescription eyeglasses, how can they achieve that goal? Generally speaking, different cut out and inlaid squares, stripes and layers of metal in different colors for a quirky but smart layered metal effect will achieve different influences.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of men eyeglasses styles in the current markets. The most popular shape is deeper than of late and slightly bigger. The most popular colors have a matte finish, in dark tones ranging from dusky silver to dense matte black. A classic velvet black will suit dark haired men or silver foxes wanting to regain some definition! Gunmetal is always in vogue too, just don’t opt for shiny silver or gold! You have more options, too!

It is significant to choose the right size of men’s eyeglasses.  Wear the frame before buying it to see if it looks good or not. As if you go in for too big frame then you might just cover your face which is something that you would not want. Whereas buying too small frame will certainly be uncomfortable for you.

In fact, glasses have played an important role in my fashionable life. I often wear them to match different clothes. Therefore one pair of glasses is not enough. I do need more glasses to match my dress. You know I can buy too many glasses with my limited money. To my surprise, there is a chance that I can get more free glasses through voucher from one website. Maybe I am not the luckiest man on earth. But there are 1,000 pairs of glasses. I believe I can be one of 1,000 lucky people.

Latest plastic frames glasses for men

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Wearing eyeglasses is not only for remedy our vision, but also for keep fashion. So wear eyeglasses can change your whole appearance. There are hundreds of branded and non-branded eyeglass manufacturers producing various types of eyeglass frames. We have to spend a lot of time to select a pair of proper one. The following article will give some information about men’s plastic frames glasses

Both men’s plastic frames glasses and women’s plastic frames are economical, stylish and above all, they can be secure when produced correctly. Eyeglass frames produced from metal or alloys are ordinarily heavier than those composed of plastics. You will discover a couple of techniques to classify the substantial variety of eyeglass choices in the modern marketplace. It can be needed to understand some knowledge about a pair of eyeglasses. The situation now is substantially various from that from the old days when metal and plastic were the only choices. These frames are much cheaper while retaining most on the attributes kept by titanium types. This advantage is possibly essentially the most outstanding one which helps plastic eyeglass frames attract a big number of users.

Other kind of frames is the rimless frames. That is main because they are light weight and comfy to put on. Compared with rimless eyeglass frames, semi-rimless ones are much more conventional. Some ladies genuinely like to be much more stylish by wearing rimless eyeglasses. Semi rimless spectacles turn out to be even smaller. This trend is most likely a response to lots of women’s specific tastes. Any customer would need to make a decision of whether to select rimless eyeglass frames, semi rimless kinds or complete frames. These three eyeglass frame styles all have been around for lots of years. But the full frame kinds have a longest history.

No matter what kinds of frames prevails in the world, the plastic materials frames can still get it’s place.

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What Do Classic Mens Frames Consist of?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Unlike women, men don’t like shopping at all. They think it is a waste of time to shop. So if they can, they will not go shopping. And if they have to, they prefer classic stuff but not fancy stuff. As far as frames concerned, classic mens frames are of course their favorite. However, what do classic mens frames consist of?

Research shows, men are not as picky as lady, they often pay more attention on the comfort and fit of their eyeglasses than women do, durability is another factor that attracts them. They think even though a frame looks great, they will also be unwilling to wear it if the fit is uncomfortable.

Full frame or half frame is their preferred classic mens frames, for they are more durable than rimless eyeglasses frames. When we choose glasses for men, we should take the frame shape into account. Suitable glasses for men can properly fit to men’s looks. The most suitable frames shape of glasses for men is opposite of wearers’ facial shapes.

As for material, most men like Metal frame with plastic temples. But If the temples of glasses are made of bendable titanium material, it always means high quality, as they can bend this kind of glass frame back and forth as they wish, another advantage of this kind of men’s glasses is that the arms can literally mold to people’s faces and ears, which means more comfortable.

Men tend to have larger body and heads. So they normally choose a frame with total width size around 145 mm or bigger. In addition, their eyes are usually father apart. For this reason, men’s glasses tend to have a longer bridge and sometimes even longer temples to accommodate for this change. When it comes to colors, gun metal or silver is the most popular option for men. Of course, for those men who like to chase fashion, they can choose some other colored frames of glasses, such as black or demi -amber ones.

Though men pay more attention to the quality and comfort of eyewear, the style needs also considering. To a man, glasses are not only a proper reflection of his temperament but could show their good tastes and personalities as well. And only durable and comfortable frames with very cute style can be called classic mens frames.

Preferable Models of Men’s Eyewear Frames

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Like most women, men are also concern their styles of glasses frames which can help them to be fashionable and charming. Here are some stylish or preferable models of men’s eyewear frames.

First, many larger and bolder eyeglass frames are available now. These extraordinary eyeglasses are really reasonable for their existence. They not only offer another special choice, but also flatter those male eyeglass users with larger body shapes.

Rimless and semi-rimless eyeglass frames for men have been popular during the recent years. These two styles have something in common. They are designed in a similar way that the lenses are held in place to the temples by a screw or a wire. In other words, the lens frame is minimized.

Most men wear rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses because of their modern or minimalist look. This advantage will be even magnified if these frames are combined with anti-reflective lenses. This combination is thought to make the glasses practically disappear. Another valuable benefit offered by rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses for men is lightweight. Most men like these frame styles because they reduce the weight of a whole pair of eyeglasses.

In particular, those biggest men’s eyewear frames styles suit better with individuals who have large eyes and head. Masculine styles including Aviator glasses are such a good example. Meanwhile, these large frames were never meant to replace the small, John Lennon glasses. The latter type will continue to go well with men with smaller faces.

It is always said that ladies are more concerned about being fashionable than their counterparts. This is also true while selecting eyeglasses. There are surveys revealing that most girls put fashion at the first consideration when they try to choose a pair of spectacles. Quite differently, the majority of men would firstly evaluate requirements such as comfort and fitness. However, these criteria never suggest that men’s eyewear frames are designed with no fashionable elements.

After knowing the preferable models of men’s eyewear frames, you can just take the time and choose the right pair for yourself.