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Fashion eyeglasses suited for women

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Eyeglasses are no longer used only for vision correction and they have become definitely a fashion accessory flattering wearers’ look. As we know. Women like to find ways to make them look fashion forward. Since Eyeglasses play important roles in showing women’s personalities and adding complement to your wardrobe, more and more women begin to wear fashion glasses either for vision aids or only a better look. At present, eyeglasses come in many different styles, shaped and colors. Since fashion trend changes very fast as time goes, you may don’t know what glasses are fashionable to choose from. Here, I list some styles of eyeglasses that are a fading in 2012.

When it comes to fashionable glasses for women, nerdy, vintages, bold styles are preferred by many style conscious women. Nerd eyeglasses trend have taken their cue from runway and street fashion. Vintage style glasses will add a cutting edge to women’s look. For example, vintage cat eye glasses are the very item that enhances women’s attractiveness. In addition, bold oversized glasses can make women’s face look smaller and prettier, help them make a bold fashion statement.

Speaking of materials of glasses, plastic glasses are good choices for plastic glasses come various trendy styles and winning colors. For example, red or pink plastic glasses make women look cute. Big plastic glasses make women have a cool look.

In general, women should choose a pair of fashion glasses in a shape that is the opposite of your face shape. For example, a woman having a round face will look good while wearing square or rectangular shaped glasses.

Women who have a crash in fashion dream to have a pair of fashionable eyeglasses demonstrating their personality when every fashion season approaches. Finding the most suitable glasses that feature the lasted trend is a way to help you making a fashion statement.

Clear Lens Glasses — Have a Fashion Forward Look

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Eyeglasses are hot and are considered as one influential fashion accessory in the fashion world. Wearing fashion glasses is considered as a way to flatter wearers’ taste and image, which is the very reason why they are so favored. Therefore, an increasing number of people like to wear clear cleans glasses. Clear lens glasses also refer to non prescription glasses and they are used as facial ornament to refresh wearers’ look not for vision correction.

Clear lens glasses are almost everywhere, and we can see them on the magazines, ads, famous celebs’ face, etc. if you want to find a way to add complement to your look, take a shot at clear lens glasses. At present, clear lens glasses come in a rainbow of colors and fashions, which may make you go astray regarding which frames to pick. Speaking of which, you need to consider what “look” you prefer: simple, nerdy, vintage, etc.

If you fancy vintage look, retro style glasses will fulfill your pursuit of vintage look. Horn rimmed glasses, cat eye glasses, aviators are hot vintage style glasses. They will add the finishing touch to your vintage outfits, or add complement to your non retro attire. If you want some nerdy looks since nerdy trend sweeps the fashion world, you can choose big nerd glasses to enhance your look and make a real fashion statement. If you want to go fashionable and simple, you can never go wrong with black thick rimmed glasses. They are classy, be they brand or not. Many fashionistas including hot stars have at least one pair of thick rimmed glasses so as to beautify their face.

Generally speaking, clear lens glasses are the favorites of ladies, men and teenagers all together. With clear lens glasses, women look prettier, men look more handsome and teenagers look cuter. Therefore, there is no reason why clear lens glasses are not popular.

Wanna Look Stylish? Don’t Miss Fashion Eyewear

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Are you a fashion lover and often racking your brain looking for the best fashion items for you every day before going out? Actually most ladies have such a headache that no matter how much clothing they’ve obtained, they still feel short of clothes to decorate their wardrobe. Why? Personally, there may be one factor that has been unnoticed——the accessories. Honestly speaking, accessories play an important part in one’s overall wardrobe though they are often neglected. A good match of accessories will polish your image to some degree. Among the various accessories, eyeglasses are an indispensible component. If you still regard spectacles as merely an eye-protecting device, you may be “out”. Fashion eyewear today takes an increasingly significant role in one’s image building. Now just follow me and I’d show you some fabulous designs of fashion eyewear and I’m sure you can gain some hints from my introduction.
In this season, the fashion circle is still occupied by the retro vintage style. No wonder it is call “vintage”. If it is not classic and impressive, how can it make such a big comeback and remain prevalent in the fashion circle which is famous for ever-change. However, the retro vintage style is not suitable for everyone. It is not easy to handle and it requires the wearer to have a relatively strong sense of fashion. Those who grasp the essence of mix-matching are likely to be at home with how to match retro vintage elements with modernish items. The option of eyeglasses is also the case. If you wanna present a vintage outlook, a pair of retro vintage glasses is a must-have for you. Choices available include cat-eye glasses, black framed glasses and round eyeglasses. In my point of view, cat eye glasses are the very design for women who are in pursuit of elegance, mystery and sexy charm. Black-framed glasses, however, are less occasional-bound. If cat-eye glasses intend to demonstrate women’s feminism, black-framed glasses are inclined to bring out an unsexed effect. Both women and men can display their own personality with such glasses on. Round eyeglasses, which will arouse our memory of our great grandpa’s era when the shape of glasses is quite simple and invariable, are more suitable for those who have a nostalgic complex.

According to the above introduction, I suppose you’ve made your own mind about which kind of fashion eyewear to purchase. Act now before your favorite style is gone!

Choose Vintage Glasses Frames and Demonstrate Your Own Taste of High Fashion

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

If you are a fashion lover or somewhat a movie goer, you cannot tell me that you’re not impressed by the vintage outlook of the fashion icons. Actually, in recent years, the retro vintage style makes a big comeback. Just have a browse of any fashion magazine, you’ll find many icons appear in wide-leg trousers, vintage glasses, and so on and so forth. Personally, vintage elements tend to add a touch of intelligence and culture to the wearer. They are just so fabulous and terrific that even you who are probably picky about your wardrobe will fall in love with such fashion items. Today what I’m going to introduce to you are some “in” styles of vintage glasses frames, which I’m sure will impress you more or less. Now just follow me and I’ll bring you back to those good days.

Cat Eye Glasses of the 40’s

Cat eye glasses have their origin dating back to the 40s, which were favored by the ladies from upper middle classes and prevalent till the 60’s. Featured by an extremely womanly look, such a style faded out gradually as people’s tastes of fashion became diversified. It seems that they have been totally forgotten by designers. But today they have made a big comeback. Characteristic of a perfect balance between modernish modification and classic cat-eye designs, the newly launched cat eyeglasse appeal to most trendy ladies since they can do nothing but enable the wearer to look ultrafashionable.

Black Frames of the 60’s

During the 60’s, the black framed large-size glasses or sunglasses were very popular. Instead of demonstrating a kind of delicate feeling, black frames enable the wearer to look kinda imposing and powerful. Besides, since the large frame cover up the eye area, it enhances the mysterious part of the wearer, making him or her yummy.

If you’re interested in taking on a vintage image, you cannot miss a try of the vintage glasses frames with elements incorporated, such as rhinestones, diamonds, crystals, wooden patterns and so on and so forth. I’m sure you’ll be impressive with a pair of cat eye glasses or black framed vintage glasses or any other suitable vintage frame on your face.

Have You Figured Out the Advantages of Transition Eyeglasses?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

As the name of transition eyeglasses show, the eyeglasses lenses would turn into different colors to help wearers adapt to the various environmental condition. To be more specific, the transition eyeglasses lenses are going to turn into dark colors as the sunglasses if we go outside. And eyeglasses lenses will keep clear never dark when we are indoor or under the condition without sun shining. This is the magic power of transition eyeglasses which allow the wearers adjust to the changing surroundings quickly thereby protect their eyes. With the numerous advantages, the transition eyeglasses have been gaining increasing welcome and popularity in the eyeglasses market.

In fact, all the benefits of transition eyeglasses are due to the surface coating of them. They are designed with the coat of photochromic dyes which is able to make the eyeglasses lenses to become dark after the exposed to the strong light. Many a person may worry about the transition time being too long. With the new developments of the new techniques, the shortest time would only last for thirty seconds from light to darkness. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the working time of the transition eyeglasses.

Are you worrying about the strong UV rays to your eyes? During daily life, every person gets numerous sunshine radiations from the sun. With the transition eyeglasses protecting eyes from hurting, no more worries would appear. If we take a pair of glasses, we still desire the clear vision. Surely, the transition eyeglasses would not less your vision clarity. Even though we are outside with the transition glasses, we could still see the objects around us clearly. For the people who suffer from vision problems to some extend, the transition glasses would never bother them since they need not to change their glasses if they go outside. Furthermore, the transition eyeglasses do not cost much longer. All in all, are you ready to get the suitable transition eyeglasses for you?

Titanium Eyeglasses Frames Lead to the New Revolution in Eyeglasses Circle

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Various changes happen in everyday and everywhere. Surely, the only unchangeable thing is the change itself. We could feel the new bivalent powers and inspiring impulses from the new changes. With the various changes, we seize the flying pace entering into the new revolution eras one by one. From the Age of Steam to the Industrial Age, change has been trying to present people numerous surprises and progresses. As a matter of fact, so is it in every field. Let’s have a look at the fashion eyeglasses world. The latest innovations of titanium eyeglasses frames surprise all of us, leading us into a new fashion world.

In the past time, we all know that the usual materials for making the eyeglasses frames were the metal and ribbon in the earliest time. And later, another new member had entered into the group. That was the plastic materials. Surely, these materials are still contributing to the eyeglasses frames manufacturing nowadays. But, many problems have come into being about these materials. The eyeglasses made of mental and plastic are easily to deform. Therefore, the service time of the eyeglasses is short. Under this condition, a new type of eyeglasses frames material appears. The advent of the titanium eyeglasses frames really bring people new tries in the eyeglasses world.

The new titanium eyeglasses frames lead us into a revolutionary eyeglasses world. With the overwhelming advantages, the titanium glasses frames are gaining more and more popularity among customers. On one hand, the easy bendable feature really makes the titanium eyeglasses frame outstanding from other materials. It is not easy to deform the titanium eyeglasses frame. Besides, the light weight titanium is the other prominent property gaining customers. Wearers need no worry about the comfortable feeling of their eyeglasses. Furthermore, the new tries about titanium materials speak out people’s desires for new explosion very.

In this revolutionary world, don’t you wanna a pair revolutionary titanium eyeglasses frame for you?

How to choose prescription reading glasses

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

It is common that people over the age of forty are likely to suffer presbyopia that declines their ability of focusing nearby objects. You can correct these problems and get vision aids with the help of a pair of reading glasses. At present, single vision reading glasses, bifocal or progressive reading glasses are available on the market. And there are many rx reading glasses styles to choose from. So, some people who are in need of reading glasses may get confused about how to choose prescription reading glasses suited for them? Well, here comes my suggestions and hope they will help you get your favorite reading glasses.

Your face shape- taking you face shape into consideration is very important for the selection of eyewear. Commonly speaking, we should choose eyeglasses that are contrast to our face shape. For example, people having a round face do not choose roundish glasses. Instead, square or rectangle shaped glasses are good choices for these glasses can decorate the roundness of their face and make their face look prettier.

Your personality- people can choose reading glasses with different martial or styles according to their personality. For instance, reading glasses made from flexible materials such as titanium reading glasses are recommended to active people. These flexible glasses can be twisted without being broken and return to their original shape. Is this great? Well, if you want to go bold, big nerd glasses are good choices to go since they are the very item to help you make a bold fashion statement.

Job types- eyewear has become a facial ornament to compliment your look. if you are a white collar and want to show a more professional look, you can choose rimless reading glasses that are simple yet classy, making you look smarter.

By the way, you can think about your skin color, hair color, wardrobe styles when selecting prescription reading glasses. The last thing, most important one is that you should get your accurate eye prescription before buying reading glasses. All in all, prescription reading glasses can work well to help you see near things with clear clarity and restore the vision to its normal capacity.

Cat Eye Glasses Frames: A Fashion That is Identified With Classic

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

As the old saying goes, curiosity kills cat, but in terms of fashion, curiosity and cat eye join hands to resuscitate your vogue dead end. Cat eye has the agility and spirituality that can spark the stylish residue remained on glasses frames. Fashion-conscious designers take advantage of this point and hence cat eye glasses frames come to its unique viable birth.

Cat Eye Glasses Frames

How does cat eye glasses frame look?

Fashion tides come and go, but there is only one kind of glasses frames that stand the test of time and people’s meticulous choices, that is, cat eye glasses, which showed its very appearance and fast gain popularity in the 1950s. From its outward look, we can see it directly imitates from feline’s slanted eyes. Cat eye glasses usually have thick frames that extend to the top edge of glasses, while frames arms are attached at the top corner of the frame.

What are the shining features of cat eye glasses frames?

Common sense has it that sexiness and glasses are seldom associated together. But cat eye glasses frame is such an exception. If it was Marilyn Monroe’s breathtaking debut on cat eye glasses that announced its long-lasting appeal, it must be Audrey Hepburn’s classic image of Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that extended the longevity of its popularity. Speaking of its shining features, the novel and unique design must be its highlights. And the steadfast favor of many super stars is another propeller.

Cat Eye Glasses Frames

How to choose cat eye glasses frame?

Are cat eye glasses frames becoming to all face shapes? The answer is yes! Cat eye glasses frames make those with round faces look best, for such angled frame complement round face and make them contrast with each other. So a new harmonious yet sharp balance is made. If you have a heart-shaped face or square one shall opt for frames with rounded edges. Women with a heart-shaped face or a square face should select frames with rounded edges. No matter what, you shall try on more pairs to determine which looks best on you. Low cost glasses are also available online if you want to cut some budget.

Anti-glare Coating Eyeglasses Coat Your Eyeball with Brightness and Clarity

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Are you perplexed by the annoying glare when you are armed with ordinary eyeglasses? It is a heavenly pity that traditional eyeglasses are lacking in such a powerful function. You can save this breath of regret, for anti-glare coating eyeglasses are surging with ferocity to rescue people with poor vision from agonizing dizziness. So what’s the big deal about anti glare coating eyeglasses, some may wonder? That’s the fantastic magic that anti-glare coating eyeglasses work to win such an unprecedented popularity.

Anti-glare coating, also known as AR coating, is especially practical when it comes to going hand in hand with high-index lenses. Once in the high of summer days when glare are strong and rampant, you will instantly feel the imposing omnipotence of these anti-glare coating in that it reflects more light than regular plastic lenses. Generally speaking, it is based on the principle that in order to have more light reflect from the surface of the lenses, you have to employ the propitious lens materials to obtain higher index of fraction. As a matter of fact, with the increasingly exquisite craftsmanship of lens material, today’s modern eyeglasses manufacturers are in a position to produce a miscellaneous collection of lenses for anti-reflective function that can literally eliminate the reflection at every possible angle. It follows that anti-reflective eyeglasses have rescued many people with vision defect from the excruciating experience of wooziness. No wonder so many glasses wearers go mad after this particular kind of eyewear.
anti-glare coating eyeglasses

If you think anti-glare coating eyeglasses are dull and drab, you are totally wrong. AR coating eyeglasses allow for a large variety of colored frames and novel designs for your taking. Most people who opt for anti-glare coating often wear prescription sunglasses. On these glasses, however, it is only applied to the back side of the lens to reduce reflections entering from the sides. The coating appears as a film on the darkened lens and is never applied to the front side of the lens. Nevertheless, increased clarity of vision is still achieved. And again, if you want to add momentum to your appearance and also save some money, you can have a share of some cheap glasses online. Enjoy the smooth visual experience to your heart’s content.

Latest fashion glasses- for a brand new look

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Recently, wearing fashion glasses are quite popular among fashionistas. This is a fashion trend by hot celebs and ordinary fashion icon. They consider stylish glasses as “it” accessories to spice up their dressing. Even those who have defective vision such as shortsightedness also can look great by wearing suitable fashionable glasses. With so many glasses with different styles on the market, how are you supposed to know what’s the latest fashion glasses to pick out? Here, I would like to talk about several top stylish glasses with the latest trend in 2012.
Horn rimmed glasses

Horn rimmed glasses are in style this season. Fashionistas such as Johnny Depp have been rocking horn rimmed eyewear. Since vintage trend remain relentless this season, horn rimmed glasses are favored by a large number of fashionistas especially those who love vintage. It’s a sure thing that they will help you maintain the latest fashion trend and display your personal tastes.

Chic geek glasses

Geek glasses are new “in” eyewear, everyone from celeb Justin Timberlake to Justin Bieber has been seen rocking this nerdy eyewear this season and these glasses do add the cutting edge to their face. Do you want to rock this new hot trend like hot celebs do? If you have a try at them, you are guaranteed to look funky.

Oversized glasses.

Oversized glasses are some of the hottest fashion glasses that can greatly boost wearers’ persona and personal attractiveness. The best part is that they can not only works as an stylish accessory which spice up wearers’ look but also cover some facial parts that wearers are not satisfied with. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, Oversized are what you need.

In conclusion, eyewear really plays a very important role when it comes to fashion. These three types featuring the latest glasses fashion are good choices, be they brand named ones or non brand named ones.