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Three Illusions When Choosing Sunglasses

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

As the summer vacation is approaching, sunglasses of unique designs and varied colors appear in the market. But many customers pay too much attention to the appearances and colors of the sunglasses while ignore the lens quality and radian. Therefore, glasses experts caution the customers to avoid three illusions when they buy sunglasses.

Illusion One: children can wear sunglasses. Some parents fear too much that the strong sunshine in the summer will hurt their children’s eyes that they buy sunglasses for them. However, children’s sight constantly grows with the age which needs the stimulation of the light outside. Wearing glasses will enormously lessen the stimulation to the children’s retina. Thus, visual development is affected which might leads to amblyopia.

Illusion Two: all colored lens can block the sun’s UV rays. Wearing colored glasses will amplify the pupil. If the lens cannot amply block the sun’s UV rays, eyes will get more severe hurt.

Illusion Three: in order to protect the eye sight, the bigger the lenses are the better. If the lenses are too big, the radian will change when the sunglasses are put on. Generally speaking, it is safe to be within 10 radians. Index of infraction of the sunlight will change if the radian is more than 15. Moreover, the bigger the radian of the lenses is, the bigger is the index of infraction. In this way, wearing this kind of sunglasses, you will see many uneven things. Besides, wearing it for a long time will make the eyes dry and fatigued and damage the eye sight eventually.

When we buy something, we may have little knowledge about it sometimes. Of course, everyone loves beautiful things but health always has more weight. Eyes, as the window of the soul, especially need our more care and attention. That is to say, when picking up sunglasses, we had better keep some do’s and don’ts in our mind.

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