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Finding the Best Designer Eyewear for You – Best Prices, and Best for You

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

When I say the best designer eyewear, I am not only referring to the most beautiful, and the most suitable eyewear for you. Of course, it is an important part, a very very important part. However, if you have to spend a large amount of money for a best designer eyewear, it is not worth. So you have to find a place offering cheaper designer eyewear.

So what you have to consider is your wallet. Designer eyewear can be expensive and range in price from $100 to $10000. When you are on the lookout for the best prices in designer eyewear shopping online should be your first choice.

But even online where you can easily get designer eyewear for pennies on the dollar some designers are more expensive then others. So before you make an order, compare several stores first, and find the cheapest one.

And of course, a best designer eyewear can never miss beauty.

The choice of the right eyewear for you is a very important choice. There are a several things to take into consideration. The shape of your face, your favorite colors and even your personality and unique sense of style for instance are all aspects to consider.

Protection from the suns harmful rays is very important and protecting your eyes even more important then other parts of your body. But who says protection has to be ugly or cheap. You can get excellent protection from the suns harmful UV rays with a great pair of designer eyewear.

Color plays a big role in your choice of designer eyewear. New innovations in plastic dyes have made every color of the rainbow available and some nature never heard of. But remember just because your all time favorite color in hot Barbie pink does not mean you should choose glasses in that shade. Very few people can actually manage to pull off that particular color.

The shape of your face is the most important thing to consider some glasses look awful on some people and should be avoided no matter how good a deal you got. My face for instance looks terrible in wrap arounds and I stick more to the larger and rounder lenses while my son looks great in wrap around styles. The wrong pair pf glasses can make a pretty girl look plain while the right pair can make a plain girl look pretty.

You personality also plays a role in the designer eyewear you choose. The bikes among us may be drawn to the designs of Chrome Hearts while our older fashionistas may wish to look into styles by Gucci and Liz Claiborne. For those who like their glasses funky, fun and over the top the designs of Alain Mikli are a popular choice.

It is not so easy to find the best designer eyewear. It is very time-consuming. So keep your patience and think about every detail carefully. You will find one at last, with best prices, and best suit to you.

Some Latest Styles in Designer Eyewear

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

If you are looking for designer eyewear of fashion styles, I can give you some advice. Not long ago, I was also in search of such eyewear, so I have a collection of latest styles in designer eyewear.
Polished, Sophisticated Frames by Jones New York Petite
This Jones New York Petite frame (style J208) may be what you’re looking for.
As the name suggests, Jones New York Petite frames fit smaller faces, so you get adult styling that enhances, rather than dominates, your features.
J208 is a modified cat-eye shape that comes in forest, brown, grey or plum acetate, to complement most skin tones. It is hand-milled and polished.
J211 (click here for photo) is a modern classic shape in zyl plastic with tiny metal details on the temples. It comes in honey, tortoise, black and burgundy.
The Jones New York Petite collection has many other styles for fashion-forward women, and you can try them on at optical stores nationwide.
New Stylish Frames With a Spanish Flair
Villa Veneta Eyewear has introduced Hierro Y Albero Eyewear for men and women.
Based in Madrid, Spain, the Hierro Y Albero brand is known for elaborate craftsmanship and stylish designs of garments and accessories.
The frames are made of metal and plastic and come in a vibrant array of colors.
The Hierro Y Albero logo displayed on the frames symbolizes the iron cattle brand and the bullfight arena of the Spanish culture.
Shown here is style HA500, a chunky plastic frame with wide temples in subtle hues of honey and orange, designed for women.
Early Modern Design Marks Frames of Life by Giorgio Armani
“Frames of Life” is a duo of compelling frame styles from the past, which in their original time were regarded as quite modern pieces.
They were recreated by Giorgio Armani to appeal to eyeglass lovers who regard their eyewear as “instruments through which to enjoy every moment intensely,” according to the company.
Both “Frames of Life” styles are reminiscent of the Giorgio Armani eyewear collections of the 1980s, when even then the designer was looking back to earlier designs of both apparel and accessories.
The delicate oval frame for women, GA 789, is inspired by the 1920s. The temples have a light tubular plastic decorative trim and a piston hinge.
The frame is available in black/ruthenium, glossy brown/brown and Havana/matte silver.
The round, intellectual chic shape for men, GA 828, harks back to the 1940s. The front is acetate plastic, with a metal nosepiece featuring rivets. The flex temples have a thin tubular plastic trim.
This frame comes in several colors, such as light Havana with palladium temples, reddish Havana with dark ruthenium temples and black with palladium temples.
New Op Eyewear Conveys the Sporty West Coast Lifestyle
Fun and sporty color are the hallmarks of the Op brand, and the eyewear collection continues to convey those ideas as well in its newest frames for 2010.
Shown is Lido Beach, a modified oval acetate plastic frame with laminated end pieces and temple.
The color combination is caramel with peach accents outside and a peach interior, but this frame also comes in black, brown or burgundy laminate.
Other new frames in the collection include: Bells Beach, a narrow butterfly shape also in colorful acetate; Quarter Pipe, a unique ovoid stainless steel/semi-rimless with enamel accents; and Jetty, a metal alloy/semi-rimless with colorful temple tips.
Op frames are affordable and are meant for teens, men and women who are young at heart. You’ll find them in optical stores nationwide.
These are what I have selected a few days ago. And I finally chose one from these latest styles in designer eyewear. Nearly all of my friends are apraising my eyewear. I am very satisfied with them. You can take these eyewear into consideration while you are making your order.

How to Get the Best Deal for Ordering Designer Eyewear Online?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Nowadays, buying things online becomes more and more common, let alone ordering designer eyewear online. This article explains how to get the best deal from ordering your next pair of designer glasses online.

First off, search for the terms ‘designer spectacles’, ‘designer frames’ or ‘ designer eyewear online ‘ in Google to find online stores - you ought to discover lots to select. You will discover a vast pick of frames offered to you at great prices and you will uncover something that suits you. It sometimes helps if you’ve already tried on pairs to come across the variety that suits you.

You need your prescription handy before you can begin the buying process. All optometrists must by law supply you with your prescription. There is no commitment to buy eyewear or contact lenses from the optometrist where you had your sight test.

You will have to pick out the option to show if the eyewear are for reading or for distance work. It’s critical that you specify if you require bifocal or varifocal lenses.

An anti-reflective coating will help to lower reflections, particularly when driving at night. You can safeguard your eyes from sun harm by selecting a UV400 finish. Include a colour tint to turn your designer glasses into stylish sunglasses. Transition lenses change dark automatically in the sunlight. If you’re going to use your eyewear in intense light such as when fishing or skiing then you should choose polarized lenses.

You should decide to have thinner lenses if you would like the frames to be lighter - they also make the lenses seem to be thinner. You should select a lens with a scratch resistant finish and nearly all stores provide this as standard.

Once you’ve entered the prescription facts you can progress to the shopping basket. After placing your order, sit back and relax. You have just saved yourself a lot of cash!

Don’t worry if you don’t comprehend your prescription. Just put the details shown on your prescription into the order form.

All in all, ordering designer eyewear online has become a terrific way to make massive savings over buying specs from time-honored high-street opticians.

Learn How to Buy Designer Eyewear Online and Make Huge Savings

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Today, it is generally accepted that buying designer eyewear online can ensure your chances of getting one pair with both good quality and cheap prices. Here are six steps which may help you to achieve this purpose.

Step 1

Before you start, you need to have your prescription. You should know that all optometrists must supply you with your prescription details by law. There is no obligation to buy spectacles or contact lenses from the optometrist where you had your sight test carried out.

Step 2

Look through the different stores and find the style that you like at the right price. Choose a reputable supplier - if you have any concerns, do a search online for the name of the supplier and look out for any negative reviews. Chose a store that offers a money-back guarantee. Many online stores will provide free prescription lenses and delivery.

Step 3

Search for an online glasses supplier by using Google to search for terms like ‘designer glasses’, ‘designer frames’ or ‘ designer eyewear online ‘. Perhaps you already know a designer brand that you like the look of.

Step 4

You can choose an anti-reflection finish which reduces glare when driving, chiefly at night. It’s important that you safeguard your eyes from sun damage by selecting a UV400 coating.

Adding a colour tint will help to convert your eyewear into chic sunglasses. You can pick Transition lenses which go dark in the sunlight automatically. Decide on polarizing lenses for very brilliant light conditions such as those experienced when skiing or fishing.

You ought to choose to have thinner lenses if you wish for the specs to be lighter - they also make the lenses look thinner. Most suppliers will supply you with a scratch resistant finish as normal, and this is important.

Step 5

Choose a frame size within 1 or 2mm of your current frame lens diameter (in the example above, 54mm) and your new frame is likely to be of a comparable size to your current one.

Find the size of your existing frames by looking on the inside of the arms (you may need a magnifying glass). Inside the arms you should find 3 numbers that look something like this 54[]18 135 which are the spectacles sizes in millimetres.

Don’t hesitate to call the store if you have any doubts.

Step 6

Next you need to enter your prescription details as requested on the website. Once you done this you need to check your order over and you can then proceed to payment.

In short, learn how to buy designer eyewear online can make huge savings.