Choose Vintage Glasses Frames and Demonstrate Your Own Taste of High Fashion

If you are a fashion lover or somewhat a movie goer, you cannot tell me that you’re not impressed by the vintage outlook of the fashion icons. Actually, in recent years, the retro vintage style makes a big comeback. Just have a browse of any fashion magazine, you’ll find many icons appear in wide-leg trousers, vintage glasses, and so on and so forth. Personally, vintage elements tend to add a touch of intelligence and culture to the wearer. They are just so fabulous and terrific that even you who are probably picky about your wardrobe will fall in love with such fashion items. Today what I’m going to introduce to you are some “in” styles of vintage glasses frames, which I’m sure will impress you more or less. Now just follow me and I’ll bring you back to those good days.

Cat Eye Glasses of the 40’s

Cat eye glasses have their origin dating back to the 40s, which were favored by the ladies from upper middle classes and prevalent till the 60’s. Featured by an extremely womanly look, such a style faded out gradually as people’s tastes of fashion became diversified. It seems that they have been totally forgotten by designers. But today they have made a big comeback. Characteristic of a perfect balance between modernish modification and classic cat-eye designs, the newly launched cat eyeglasse appeal to most trendy ladies since they can do nothing but enable the wearer to look ultrafashionable.

Black Frames of the 60’s

During the 60’s, the black framed large-size glasses or sunglasses were very popular. Instead of demonstrating a kind of delicate feeling, black frames enable the wearer to look kinda imposing and powerful. Besides, since the large frame cover up the eye area, it enhances the mysterious part of the wearer, making him or her yummy.

If you’re interested in taking on a vintage image, you cannot miss a try of the vintage glasses frames with elements incorporated, such as rhinestones, diamonds, crystals, wooden patterns and so on and so forth. I’m sure you’ll be impressive with a pair of cat eye glasses or black framed vintage glasses or any other suitable vintage frame on your face.

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