Cat Eye Glasses Frames: A Fashion That is Identified With Classic

As the old saying goes, curiosity kills cat, but in terms of fashion, curiosity and cat eye join hands to resuscitate your vogue dead end. Cat eye has the agility and spirituality that can spark the stylish residue remained on glasses frames. Fashion-conscious designers take advantage of this point and hence cat eye glasses frames come to its unique viable birth.

Cat Eye Glasses Frames

How does cat eye glasses frame look?

Fashion tides come and go, but there is only one kind of glasses frames that stand the test of time and people’s meticulous choices, that is, cat eye glasses, which showed its very appearance and fast gain popularity in the 1950s. From its outward look, we can see it directly imitates from feline’s slanted eyes. Cat eye glasses usually have thick frames that extend to the top edge of glasses, while frames arms are attached at the top corner of the frame.

What are the shining features of cat eye glasses frames?

Common sense has it that sexiness and glasses are seldom associated together. But cat eye glasses frame is such an exception. If it was Marilyn Monroe’s breathtaking debut on cat eye glasses that announced its long-lasting appeal, it must be Audrey Hepburn’s classic image of Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that extended the longevity of its popularity. Speaking of its shining features, the novel and unique design must be its highlights. And the steadfast favor of many super stars is another propeller.

Cat Eye Glasses Frames

How to choose cat eye glasses frame?

Are cat eye glasses frames becoming to all face shapes? The answer is yes! Cat eye glasses frames make those with round faces look best, for such angled frame complement round face and make them contrast with each other. So a new harmonious yet sharp balance is made. If you have a heart-shaped face or square one shall opt for frames with rounded edges. Women with a heart-shaped face or a square face should select frames with rounded edges. No matter what, you shall try on more pairs to determine which looks best on you. Low cost glasses are also available online if you want to cut some budget.

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