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Let Retro Glasses Be Your Spokesman of Individuality

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Being an avid glasses lover, I cannot refrain myself from telling you the little secret that makes me a perspicacious and insightful fashion sphere mainstay. If you want to look stylish and true to era, your first priority is to tear yourself away from the mainstream fashion trend. You have to dig harder to find something old-school and classic. Yes! Retro glasses are absolutely the most manifest accessory you can utilize to express your self and ego to the utmost.

Retro Glasses

There is no need to expound upon how fantastic retro glasses are, for it is a common knowledge. But a modicum of insider tips for you to buy retro glasses will stand you in good stead.


If you are one with 20/20 eyesight:

If you have perfectly normal eyesight, you might want to own a pair of retro clear glasses, to wit, glasses without prescription lenses. When you are about to shop for retro glasses, either a metal or a plastic frame is desired. Retro plastic frames are made of Zyl. Just make sure that the frame is not cracked or broken. It should have a nice shiny, glossy material. You want to avoid any dullness, which you may find on the stem portion that goes behind the ears due to wear. Also check the temples of the glasses since they rest again the skin and may become dull. When it comes to metal frames, a little patina is fine, but you want to avoid tarnished frames that are not aesthetically pleasing.


If you are myopic or presbyopic:

Under this circumstance, you are advised to consult with your optometrist and have your eyes all-around checked. After having the precise prescription in your mind, you will set off for a hopeful journey of locating your desirable retro glasses. there are two kinds of retro glasses selling extremely hot on the market— cat eye glasses and horn-rimmed glasses. Both of them are reminiscent of the aura of older days and effective in provoking a sense of nostalgia which may invest a classic feel on you.

Retro Glasses

Looking for brand name retro glasses:

Not all glasses, vintage or modern, are made alike. Quality brand names are a good way to look for superior glasses, which, however, is not the only way to pinpoint the exact location of second-to-none retro glasses. Firmoo is just the other exception where a multitude of quality and cheap glasses abounds. Here you will be besieged with various kinds of awesome retro glasses, more than you ever thought possible. Actions speak louder! Make your move and see if I am wrong.


How to Identify Nice Sunglasses

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

In the very beginning of the article, you may wonder how to identify a pair of nice sunglasses. As a matter of fact, to distinguish nice sunglasses from those poor quality ones is so easy if you follow the steps that I provide you in the following text.

In the first place, a pair of nice sunglasses is made in good material. A good material of the frame includes alloy, steel and even titanium. In that case, a frame made of plastic is considered to be in the poor quality. Moreover, the material of the frame should be the first hand material rather than those used and recycled ones. In terms of lenses, coating and tinting must be environmentally and user friendly, which involves high optical technology. For instance, UV coating is better than the ordinary coating in that it can efficiently reduce the sun light.

Nice Sunglasses in Different Colors
What’s more, a pair of nice sunglasses should be marked by its advanced designs. Any sunglasses on display are fashionable and modern, some of which are even the products of the cutting edge of the hi-tech in the optical circle. A case in point is that a pair of royal sunglasses is shown to the public in a fashion show in Paris is such a real chic that it will cost you millions of dollars to purchase that unique one.

Last but not the least; the nice sunglasses are not necessarily expensive if you find the right shop on the right day. It is suggested that the customers should avoid the specialty stores; instead, a boutique which vents some stylish gadgets and a chain store which sells sunglasses at a same price are recommendable. And if you are available, you may as well surf the Internet to choose you favorite ones at a cheaper price. As to the date, buying sunglasses at the Boxing Day sounds like a good idea since products are on sale on that day. If lucky enough, you will find a real bargain.

To sum up, in order to find nice sunglasses, the customers should judge from both its quality and its aesthetics. Price, is not that important when identifying the nice sunglasses.BTW, if you are looking for nice cheap sunglasses, buying sunglasses online is a good way to go.

Present-day Pink Sunglasses: Not Only for Girls

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

In our childhood or sweet memories, pink stuff always belongs to girls or ladies. We can usually find that girls have pink bags, pink sheet, pink furnitures, pink dress, pink shoes and pink sunglasses when they were young. However, at that present-day society, things change, people grow. Something changes in the eyewear and shades field nowadays. To be specific, present-day pink sunglasses may be not only for girls, that is to say, boys or men also have the chances to take a shot. Really? Let’s check it out here.

This trend start from Darren Criss who has become a pretty popular dude around the Internet what with Starkid and Glee and his music. What’s the collection between Darren and pink sunglasses? Why do pink sunglasses are not only for girls nowadays? In fact, Darren Criss happened to have a pair of signature hot pink sunglasses which feature red rubberized Ray-Ban Wayfarers with a smoky lens tint, sort of like that. In addition, he wore them a lot if the photos around the web can serve as evidence to that, moreover, he stated in an interview at the Outside Lands 2010 festival in San Fran that he wore them quite a lot. Naturally, as he become more and more popular and attract so many people’s eyes, his fans latched on to the idea of his iconic pink sunglasses. That’s why I said present-day pink sunglasses are not only for girls. To a large extent, he is the one who create a trend in pink sunglasses field.

Wanna find a pair of Darren Criss pink sunglasses at the affordable prices? Here Firmoo, a cheap and professional optical online store, can offer you a wide variety of cheap glasses and shades with celebrities designs and styles, certainly, Darren Criss pink sunglasses are included here. Check them out!

Colored sunglasses—the wardrobe essentials this summer

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Adding a great-suiting pair of colored sunglasses in your wardrobe is capable to oblige you create many fabulous outfits with ease! That is exactly the reason why colored sunglasses are fashionista’s first pick for a wardrobe must. Colored sunglasses are accessories that not the trendiest but they can be paired with a great many of great outfit to cultivate your own special look.


colored sunglasses

Undoubtedly, both men and women love wearing colored sunglasses, which give them a better look and at the same time offer a good protection. Colored sunglasses are appropriate for celebrities to rock the red carpet accession, for youthful guys to take part in a frenzy party, or for you and men to visit a local grocery. The most interesting thing about colored sunglasses is that those sunnies were made for men to work first, especially aviator colored sunglasses, and a great many of women later added them to their wardrobes. These days, there are plenty of colored sunglasses designed especially for women.

Colored sunglasses are nice, so, we can spot a galaxy of super stars rocking their own colored sunglasses, each with his or her own feeling. In addition, colored sunglasses are durable so that you can keep such fashion accessories for a long while. Furthermore, wearing colored sunglasses is rather comfortable, thus, we call it as summer’s necessity! And what is the most versatile about colored sunglasses is that they have varying styles, which can suit for all women and men with all face types.

So, the only thing you need to do is to select a pair of stylish colored sunglasses suit your particular face shape well. If you do not know how to select, try to search on the internet, or another quick way, log in those online optical stores, where instruct you to purchase the one suit best and most importantly, cheap glasses and sunglasses with high fashion are everywhere in online optical stores!

How to Choose Aviator Sunglasses Online

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Aviator sunglasses may have the most fashion fans in the world. Being introduced to American pilots in the 1930s, aviator sunglasses have become the favorite sunglasses for most people. Now online shopping is even more popular than go shopping at solid stores simply because online shopping is more convenient and even cheaper. There are so many aviator sunglasses online. Sometimes you may feel confused at what to choose. Though they are so many, they can still be classified or distinguished in different styles. This is what we will cover in this article. I hope anyone knows how to choose aviator sunglasses online.

aviator sunglasses

Basically, we say there are modern aviator sunglasses and antique aviator sunglasses. The retro trend aviator sunglasses are more often referred to those which have been made of metal frame. These metal aviator sunglasses are lighter in color but more solid in its material and quality. Most men would care more about the quality and material rather than the colors. But to women, color and style are everything. For that matter, women would choose colorful plastic aviator sunglasses more often than not. These plastic aviator sunglasses represent the cutting edge fashion in the right moment. The most popular style for this moment is thick frame that is decorated with metal pieces.

aviator sunglasses

It is also necessary to mention the color use in aviator sunglasses. In men’s aviator sunglasses, we would often see aviator sunglasses that are made with single color, like black or brown. But in women’s aviator sunglasses, we will often encounter some aviator sunglasses that are very colorful or at least have two colors. This can be called mix-color aviator sunglasses, as is distinguished from mix-material sunglasses. What’s more, you should care about the shape of the lenses, which is also a very important element in fashion. Most people would choose modified square lenses, but some would prefer antique and retro rectangular ones. For cheap sunglasses online, visit firmoo for more information.

Male Sunglasses and Celebrities

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Spectators may be amazed by the splendor of Spider Man in the movie because of a pair of gorgeous male sunglasses on his face. Others may be stuck by the classic costume of Bat Man due to his symbolic sunglasses. Therefore, it can be seen that sunglasses are important to the Hollywood male stars.

In the first place, sunglasses are partially significant to cover any blemish on the wearers’ faces, especially some world famous celebrities. It is known to all that nobody is born to be perfect, so there must be some imperfections. As to a celebrity who has to deal with the relationship with the public, and as to a movie star who is compelled to design and act every scene, they don’t have time or they just think it unnecessary for skin care, so some problems related to the skin may ensue. In order to appear beautiful on the screen, they have to utilize some covers to maintain the image of healthy and muscular figure.

Snoop Dogg and His Sunglasses
What’s more, to some distinguished male celebrities, they are anxious about being asked about their love affairs or scandal by the journalist or the public, so they turn to a pair of huge sunglasses in order to prevent them from spying out. In reality, it functions well in the case of Michael Jackson’s brother. After confirming to be committed murder, his brother became a spotlight of the mass media, but a pair of male sunglasses, also called anti-paparazzi sunglasses save his life by avoiding interrogating by the paparazzi.
Last but not the least; male sunglasses have something to do with the female sunglasses. Today is the era of confusion of genders, so one doesn’t have to feel puzzled about a man wearing a pair of sunglasses in women’s style. But still, a man should have his character regardless of change by the times. Therefore, a pair of male sunglasses is needy.

In conclusion, male sunglasses are indispensable to celebrities which facilitate their exposed lives. More importantly, male sunglasses have one thing in common, that is staying muscular! BTW, if you are looking for fashion yet cheap sunglasses, buying online is a good way to go.

What characteristics should the best sunglasses have?

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Which one can be the best sunglasses may be the most mutable question for fashion followers. Young ladies like 15 years old may think brisk ones are the best, and when they are 30 years old, they prefer sexy ones…Yong boys prefer to be cool all the time, but when they are older, they want to be manly and sagacious. The best sunglasses vary a lot for different people from different walks of like and people with different ages; however, there are some common characteristics that the best sunglasses contain.


Best sunglasses are fashion sunglasses firstly. With various annotations for fashion, people have a wide range of choice for their best sunglasses. You can be bold with a pair of big or even oversized sunglasses on. You can be eye-catching and funny with cat-eye sunglasses on for a special party. You can be retro and sexy like Jonny Deep with retro sunglasses on. In a word, you can be different kinds of people with different fashion sunglasses.

Best sunglasses are quality sunglasses surely. With their basic function to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, the best sunglasses should be protective enough when outside in summer.


Best sunglasses are cheap sunglasses for most people. I bet there are some people who choose to empty their wallets for some charming things for once or twice in their life time, but most people choose to sigh at last. Cheap sunglasses are so needy for people with the desire to save money and to be attractive at the same time.

Where can we hunt for the best sunglasses which contain all the characteristics? Online purchasing is highly suggested after you have determined your target. By the way, you can have a try on You will never regret for click you mouse at once!

Vintage Glasses Still Remain Popular Among Fashionistas

Monday, May 7th, 2012

For fashionistas who want to create their image with the use of some kind of glasses, vintage glasses always occupy a certain place in their heart. It seems vintage glasses have never lost popularity among these fashionistas. And people are happy to buy vintage glasses that can remain popular and stylish over a long time. The most popular vintage glasses are square, round, aviator, cat eye glasses. This time, let’s spend some time review some of the less talked about vintage glasses, namely square glasses and cat eye glasses.

vintage glasses

First of all, cat eye glasses seem to be more seasonal. They are less popular compared with classic round and aviator glasses that always remain strong. But to some women, cat eye glasses are very attractive. Cat eye glasses are very picky, and only some women are suitable with a pair of cat eye glasses because cat eye glasses simply are too edgy to most people. But this can also translate into uniqueness, personality and individuality. This is what all cat eye glasses women shared. It is sexy, beautiful, gorgeous and amazing. Cat eye glasses generally have more width than depth, which makes them more suitable for square faces. Cat eye glasses can make a square face look longer and soften the angles.

vintage glasses

Square glasses actually are quite popular among people, but they are less known as vintage glasses. As a matter of fact, square glasses have been quite popular and fashionable in the 80s. And that’s where the vintage name is derived. Now most square glasses are designed with many modern elements that make them look like less vintage glasses. But for those who have a strong connection with the 80s, square glasses are still their hottest vintage glasses. Vintage glasses always remind us of the past and sometimes even bring us to the old times. Historical connections are important for fashionistas as long as vintage glasses are concerned. Now with the online shopping heating up, a lot of cheap glasses including vintage glasses can be bought online. Be happy to visit any online store that pleases you and deserves your trust.

Why Prescription Sports Glasses Are so Needed among Sports Lovers?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

We are all fascinated by the outdoor sports games but worried about the injuries, especially those which will influence the whole life or even destroy the career for someone. Prescription sports glasses with the combination of protection, performance and style remove the worries for sports players and help the players enjoy their sports wholeheartedly.

Prescription sports glasses provide protection to players. Whenever enrolled in cycling, swimming, snooker, football, skiing, shooting, snowboarding, injuries are there without notice. Even though not all the injuries can be prevented, but eye injuries are dismissed once prescription sports glasses are equipped.

Prescription sports glasses provide better performances to players. Different sports require different vision conditions, better vision condition always add advantages for players. For example, better vision condition helps players notice the most subtle situation in that green land, so that they will have a wonderful and favorable hit. Cycling lovers can also benefit a lot from prescription sports glasses that they can see the rugged road in front of them clearly. Therefore, they can speed up or down randomly as they wish as well as enjoy the scenery aside freely.

1Prescription sports glasses provide styles to players. No one will deny the fascination of fashion whenever you are old or young, men or women, sports players are without exception. Once you open your magazines or turn on your TV, it is not so strange to see many famous sport players are making their fashion statements with prescription sports glasses. If you are sports lovers, just follow them!

With those three main purposes, the prescription sports glasses are not cheap glasses most of the time. But if you are really in need of affordable and quality pairs, you can try what you want in those retail stores as much as you can. And buy the determined pair online at last.

Casual Glasses—Casual Yet Arresting Accessories Asserting Their Dominance

Friday, May 18th, 2012

The weathervane of fashion has been veering at each and every second. Maybe last year classic and formal glasses were receiving great attention and gaining increasing popularity, while this year casual glasses are raging on with full steam. An ideal pair of casual glasses will without a doubt complement your whole ensemble, be it paired with leisure clothes or with snazzy street-looking garments. Casual glasses have the very power and capability to make you nice looking and presentable.

Nowadays, people have paid a great deal of attention to glasses, either out of sheer necessity of vision correction or out of better-looking desire. Their wardrobes are loaded with all kinds of glasses to suit their dressing styles under certain circumstances. When some want to go for some leisure activities, their best and wisest choice have always been a pair of casual glasses. In terms of style and color, casual glasses can be square black full-rimmed ones that will easily and readily mingle you with the rest of the party and have fun. They can also be some bold-colored oversized ones, which will absolutely set you apart from other mediocre glasses wearers and plunge you into the whirlpool of other’s envious attention. As for those myopes, there is no point in grieving over your being termed as bookish nerd. Instead, you should feel glad that these distinctive casual glasses distinguish you from the mass, since you can employ them as a facial accessory to flatter your face. Other glasses that are likely to fall into the category of casual glasses are full-rimmed cat eye eyeglasses or horn-rimmed glasses, the classic and old-school aura of which is in condition to showcase your exception taste for fashion and match-ups.

Casual Glasses

Casual glasses are abundant in glasses market, but to procure them with the least cost and greatest efficiency entails your extra digging. You should first of all decide what kind of glasses complements your face shape and complexion. To reach the ultimate harmony on your face is of paramount importance; otherwise, it would appear quite at odd. Pinpoint your ideal cheap glasses after comparison shop between different vendors. What is left undone is to be prepared for others’ admiring gaze.