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Tips for opting for prescription sport goggles for golf

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Undeniable, prescription sport goggles are indispensible in athlete’s daily life. For instance, an increasing number of sportsmen are more willing to put on a pair of prescription sport goggles when taking part in various kinds of sport activities, for example, cycling, running, swimming, basketball, golf, or football.

Speaking of golf, I bet you are supposed to wear goggles and comfortable clothes to keep your skin free from harmful UV radiations. Wearing prescription sport goggles can attribute a lot to your eyes’ health, offering you an enjoyable shot. As for prescription sport goggles for golf, they should possess high quality as so to offer good protection. The following are couples of tips which may do you a favor to purchasing a pair of right prescription sport goggles for golf.


prescription sport goggles

Lens is a vital factor in selecting goggles for golf. Different lens colors give rise to different effects. Your prescription sport goggles for golf should change in accordance with the weather conditions. For instance, in bright days, dark tinted goggles, such as grey; blue or green lenses are more suitable. In the same way, in cloudy day, brown tinted lenses will perform better. Therefore, you can prepare yourself with different pairs of prescription sport goggles for golf with different lens color.

Comfort also exerts great importance in opting for a pair of right prescription sport goggles for golf. As a general rule, the comfort in eyewear largely affects our mood. Thus, under such circumstances, you should opt for a pair of goggles not too loose or too tight above your nose. My favorite style of prescription sport goggles for golf is wraparound prescription sport glasses, which are more comfortable and can offer better protection compared with other styles.

If you want to select inexpensive prescription sport goggles online, such as in Firmoo, you should at first go to see your optometrist and order a copy of your prescription.

The Pros And Corns of Non Prescription Glasses

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

Generally speaking, non prescription glasses are the opposite entity of prescription eyewear. But what’s non prescription glasses exactly? As we know, sometimes regular shades and cool eyeglasses are considered as fake eyeglasses because they do not use corrective lenses, or the one covers vision-corrective eyeglasses that are acquired illegally without a prescription. That’s what we called non prescription glasses. Here this article will tell you the pros and corns of non prescription glasses.
non prescription glasses


·The pros of non prescription glasses
As for the benefits of non prescription glasses, during the past several decades, non prescription glasses have been widely used both for men and women. It is reported that loads of people wear non prescription glasses for many years without any side effects. In fact, reading eyeglasses are widely needed by people who are over 40 years old, however, do you know that there are lots of pre-made reading eyewear that can be got without a prescription. To be specific, non prescription glasses can prevent wind and sands, protecting the eyes from the UV rays or infrared ray. Moreover, some people even say that they can be regarded as decorations. In addition, it is harmless to people with no degrees if they put on non prescription glasses.

·The corns of non prescription glasses

Besides that, how about the bad effects of non prescription glasses? Actually, non prescription glasses are defined to be glasses that no doctor prescription is needed, so that buyers can freely purchase glasses in the stores. As for whether these degrees are harmful or not, it definitely depends on whether the error is within the reasonable range. If the deviation is too great, people’s vision will be damaged. Besides that, poor-quality non prescription glasses may lead to bad effects. When we are wearing plain glasses, if you have some uncomfortable feelings like dizzy, just take it off immediately or ask doctor for help.

Interesting Brand Stories Related to Prink Sunglasses

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

People have different intentions of going after vogue. Eyewear is one sort of prevalent ornaments nowadays. However, if we just follow the fad blindly, we cannot fully enjoy the pleasure from luxurious articles. Actually the brand story behind eyewear is fairly worthy of knowing. Only if we understand the theme and spirits of each brand, can we decide whether the item is suitable for us. Also they are the sources for understanding how to mingle them with our other ornaments or individual glamour. In recent years, pink sunglasses have become a new mode. Therefore, being acquainted with some vital brand stories among them is highly recommendable.

The brand to be mentioned today is a warmly welcomed women sunglasses brand, Gucci. By a coincidence, the picture of a pair of retro pink sunglasses online caught my eyes. It is not the number one eyewear brand, whereas its design decently presents noble, sex appeal, and luxuriousness. That’s the reason why it is so popular among stylish people. This brand is established by an Italian who has a strong sense of fashion taste.

From beginning luggage and horsemanship accessories, Gucci attracts a great number of upper class customers. Gucci has sustainable vision. During the financial depression after the Second World War, she employed bamboo joints to replace leather hand leaver. This design is still regarded as classic. So far, Gucci has touched on other fields, like sunglasses. This pair of pink sunglass displays the modern, sexy and elegant image. After nearly a century’s development, Gucci stand out to be quiet eye-catching. Surely, with its wisdom and former experience, this brand will have a more prosperous future.

Other brands’ pink sunglasses are also fairly attractive. If you hope to know more about the brand stories covered under these pink sunglasses or other types of sunglasses like oversized sunglasses, just drop by at You will have an unexpected reading journey which you never ever experienced before.

Cool Sunglasses for women-a chance to be cool rather than beautiful

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Once talking about sunglasses, a world of beauty will immediately unfold before our eyes. It is the very dream for every woman to become the focus in front of the public, especially our beloved ones, here, cool sunglasses, which bamboos with various types and color, providing us the chance to be cool rather than simply beautiful.

Aside from the beauty we can purchase with those cool sunglasses, sunglasses can prevent the sun’s ultraviolet radiation at the same time. We always say eyes are the windows of our soul, why not to find a healthy and cool way for us? Here comes the chance for beauty enthusiasts!

Generally, there are three kinds of cool sunglasses: light color sunglasses, visor sunglasses and special-purpose sunglasses. Women with our nature to purchasing beauty, mostly choose the colorful and optional light color sunglasses rather than visor sunglasses with better sun ray prevention function. However, sunglasses without ultraviolet protection will bring us more exposure to ultraviolet irradiation as cheap sunglasses filter out a portion of the light, causing our iris facing more light, which, on the other hand would allow more ultraviolet radiation to our eyes and increase ultraviolet radiation damage to our retina. Thus, there is a great difference between those various cool sunglasses. Selecting suitable, high-quality sunglasses for a particular use and different environment for us is always an advisable choice. And the most basic principle for sunglasses purchasers is the cool sunglasses which we choose could provide us with safety as well as preventing us from vision damage.

Hey, it is spring, a season for showing beauty now, so hurry up, lets go to for cool sunglasses! By the way, is a website providing various cheap glasses online that we can get our desirable pairs! Why not come and have a look here?

Celebrities teach you how to select a pair of cool eyeglasses

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Eyeglasses have evolved. As we all know, eyeglasses were originally invented to correct near vision or distance vision. Many TV programs have showed us how traditional eyeglasses are constructed.They are consisted of solid black frame and two lenses without appealing design. The traditional eyeglasses look heavy in your face when you wear them. As a result, people who wear traditional eyeglasses will be regarded as a nerd even if they are not. That is not what myopia and hyperopia suffers want. In order to change the above phaenomenon, eyeglasses manufacturers painstakingly redesign eyeglasses with different patterns and shapes. Many newly designed eyeglasses are deluged into the market. But do the new eyeglasses meet people’s coolness seeking?
cool eyeglasses of celebrity's

People pay much attention to their face because face offers the first impression. Everybody wants to look cool. Wearing a pair of cool eyeglasses will definitily meet people’s needs. Coolness is something like beauty which is abstract. It’s like artistic feeling. Cool eyeglasses are different from people to people. So it’s hard to offer a universal standard about how to select a pair of cool eyeglasses. However, a pair of cool eyeglasses should match your face perfectly which means you look natural and special when you put it on. Your face shape should match the shape of the frame. And your skin color should match the color of the frame and lenses. Another important factor you should consider is what you want to show to people.If you want to show leisure,you can try casual eyeglasses. If you want to show your leadership, you can select official eyeglasses.
cool eyeglasses of celebrity's

If you are still not clear about how to select a pair of cool eyeglasses, you can get a clue from the celebrity. Almost all celebrities have a pair of cool eyeglasses which offers signature look for its host. There are many celebrities in every field. Who should we learn from? You can learn from those who have the most commons with you. Choose a pair of cool eyeglasses showing who you are. you can visit Firmoo, the leader in RX eyewear, offering lots of fashion yet cheap glasses online.

Can White Sunglasses Be the Trend of Summer 2012?

Monday, March 12th, 2012

It is commonly believed that white and black are two most important colors in the fashion world, not just for clothing or shoes, eyewear field is also included. Undoubtedly, eyewear designers prefer to give priority to black and white sunglasses, and sometimes for most wearers, it is a simple choice to pick black or white sunglasses. Looking back to 2011, this whole last year has witnessed the power and hot wave of white sunglasses, which have gained a large number of popularities for both celebrities and ordinary people. Additionally, last year, most of eyeglasses designers from across the world have lots of white sunglasses in their latest eyewear range. Now, in 2012, loads of fashion pursuers may be sort of puzzled with the trend this year in cool eyeglasses field, they wanna ask that, can white sunglasses still be the trend of summer in 2012? Is it hard to say?

According to some behaviors from eyewear designers, while the black and white will always be what individuals wear most, but when it comes to sunglasses that are plastic frames, white sunglasses may really be in summer 2012. Just like last year, white sunglasses can give you guys a chic and electric look, surely, more surprises are included.

Firstly, believe it or not, white will look good on just about everyone, particularly, when it comes to color while choosing a pair of shades, white is a sort of stylish color frame for people with light skin and dark skin. Not only can the white color brighten any outfit up, but also the eyewear shops offer both cool fashion and sporty sunglasses in white-colored frames. Secondly, there are increasingly number of eyewear dealers provides stylish and new-designed white sunglasses for wearers, we can easily find out that designers start to use a wide variety of elements on white shades, such as cat eye retro frames, oversized round frames and novelty frames. Luckily, all of them can be found at, which is a cheap and professional optical online store. Certainly, Firmoo can help you to find a suitable pair of white sunglasses to rock the summer in 2012.

Uncover Celebrities Wardrobe: Oversized Sunglasses Have Won Scores

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

We cannot overlook the power of celebrities, admittedly, stars from across the world who are the ultimate trendsetters have a huge influence on fashion world. In eyewear field, they are often spotted wearing fabulous eyeglasses or stylish shades making them look great, then the fashion trend comes out, and oversized sunglasses are so lucky to have joined in this group. Well, after uncover celebrities wardrobe, it is a fact that loads of well-known people worldwide are the enthusiasts for oversized sunglasses. As there are a wide variety of fashion sunglasses with different styles and designs in present-day market, people do have different preference to different oversized sunglasses, including celebrities. Let’s check them out, and see what’s their preference.
No.1: Anne Hathaway
oversized sunglasses

Anne Hathaway is a big fan of oversized sunglasses, and this pair feature black-framed shades which bring her more charms together with her short hair style. More specifically speaking, considering that Anne Hathaway has a small bone structure, this proves that even women or girls with petite faces can definitely pull off the oversized sunglasses look.

No.2: Lady Gaga
oversized sunglasses

Who is making a bold fashion statement in the celebrities circle? Undoubtedly, Lady Gaga is. Regardless of her distinctive clothing, her exaggerating oversized sunglasses usually give us a shock and these sorts of shades have become one part of her identity to a large extent. Nowadays, oversized sunglasses are a modern deduction of the original classic, anyway, it’s worth taking a shot if you haven’t ever wear this sort of eyewear.

No.3: Ashley Olsen
oversized sunglasses

Look, Ashley Olsen also prefer oversized sunglasses. This pair is designed with round bug-eye lenses and black frames in the front and silver ear stems with a curled motif.

No.4: Paris Hilton
oversized sunglasses

It is a fact that lots of A-list celebrities wear oversized sunglasses, and Paris Hilton is also this sort of shades. Her signature oversized sunglasses look definitively vintage chic, white thick frames with big lenses make her look pretty glamorous and charming indeed.

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Tom Cruise Sunglasses: He Is Taking Mission Impossible 4 Back to Us

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

If you are a big fan of Mission Impossible 4, or if you just have crush on the leading actor Tom Cruise, apart from himself, Tom Cruise sunglasses are the most important part of his whole dressing-up in the film. If you have watched this action packed movie, you may have caught the latest trailer. Moreover, as expected like before and as he did in the previous installments, Tom Cruise is again wearing his iconic sunglasses during one scene where he scales in Dubai. Yes, he is taking Mission Impossible 4 back to us with Tom Cruise sunglasses.

“This is not just another mission. The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is initiated and Ethan Hunt and his rogue new team must go undercover to clear their organization’s name. No help, no contact, off the grid. You have never seen a mission grittier and more intense than this.”
Movie synopsis of Mission Impossible 4

With the hot wave of the movie continues, plenty of fans are so excited to pursue this popular film and his idol Tom Cruise. If you have noticed this pair of shades, you may say it is sort of difficult to identify them from this very short sequence we see from this movie. More specifically speaking, on one hand, this type of shades does look quite similar in style to former ones. On the other hand, certainly, we can find out Tom Cruise Sunglasses are a custom designed Oakley eyewear with clear frames and clear lenses.

Looking for Tom Cruise sunglasses in Mission Impossible 4? Wondering where to find the high-quality Tom Cruise sunglasses with affordable prices? Guess what, a cheap and professional global optical online store can meet your demands in this field. Here you can find a wide variety of celebrities’ eyeglasses and shades, in addition, low prices for customers all over the world are always here waiting for your business.

Choose a Pair of Cool Eyeglasses Your Like Most

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Nowadays, lots of people argue that they wanna purchase something fashionable and pursue something cool, but what’s fashion or cool exactly? It’s hard to say. Yes, when it comes to cool eyeglasses, we may feel that it’s not that easy to define what cool eyewear is. Different people have different preference and various taste, some people argue that they are a big fan of tinted glasses, because many celebrities with this sort of eyewear look pretty cool; while some other people surely hold the statement that oversized eyewear must be cool eyeglasses, due to its huge popularities at the present-day fashion world. Nowadays, you can freely to choose a pair of cool eyeglasses you like most, maybe one day you can lead the fashion trend.
cool eyeglasses

No.1: Tinted Glasses
Tinted glasses have started to become popular these few years, not only can this sort of eyeglasses protect your eyes under the glare or sunshine, but also these colorful lenses can bring you lots of charms and cool feelings. Red, green, rose tinted glasses, you can choose one pair as you like.

No.2: Retro Eyeglasses
As retro wave continues in that heated temperature, vintage retro eyeglasses have gained huge popularities. Cat eye frames, big round lense and John Depp style retro eyeglasses have come back to us, not just for celebrities, we can always feel retro atmosphere at the present-day society.

No.3: Oversized Glasses
It is reported that one of the biggest fashion trends for 2012 was oversized glasses, which originally became popular in the 1970s, and then overtaking the cat eye style eyeglasses in the 1960s. More specifically speaking, oversized glasses are popular for both men and women but are mainly a women’s glasses style which is definitely suitable for people with different face shapes.

No.4: Clear Lens Glasses
Clear lens glasses are a sort of new-type eyewear in these few recent years, particularly for people who are big fans of outdoor activities. If you are exactly the one, it’s worth trying! This sort of eyewear can give you cool taste.

To sum up, if you wanna buy cool eyeglasses with high quality and cheap prices via the internet, Firmoo can offer you what you want, including tinted glasses, retro eyeglasses, oversized glasses, clear lens glasses and so fourth.

Sweet Memories - Pink Sunglasses Bring Us Unique Charms

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Pink is a symbol of sweet and lovely stuff, bringing us lots of sweet unforgettable memories. And pink sunglasses, to a large extent, can give people unique charms you can never enjoyed if you haven’t tried once. Here let’s the how can this sort of fashion sunglasses play a dominant role in shades field. Check it out here!
pink sunglasses

Pink always play a very important role in every girl’s dream, and it usually represents grace, poetic romance as well as elegance. Till now, even some boys and men have a little crush on this color. Talking about pink sunglasses themselves, in recent years, there is a growing tendency for the market of the pink sunglasses for men and women, which have been widespread among both ladies and gentlemen. Undoubtedly, these years have witnessed the leading role of pink sunglasses in current vogue. It is said that summer is the favorite season all the year around, particularly for most young ladies. To be specific, when girls and women spend lots of time buying well-branded for shopping, purchasing clothes, shoes, make-ups and handbags, a pair of chic sunglasses for the cannot be ignored, definitely. Guess what, pink sunglasses, are leading the current vogue and favored by millions of fashionable men and women, boys and girls, can be their first preference and choice.

Pink sunglasses usually feature of tinted in pink on the frames, and if you like pink that much, the lenses of pink sunglasses can be tinted in pink as well. If you are puzzled with where to buy a pair of pink sunglasses, guess what, here it is strongly recommended, where there are countless of high-quality and fashionable pink sunglasses with different designs and styles, and they are so favored by people from across the world, meanwhile, they can provide you the current vogue indeed.