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Thundering glasses in pop stars’ collections

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Recently, thundering style has become popular among fashionistas, including many pop stars. Now let’s have a look at the thundering glasses some stars wear.


1. Glasses made up of cigaretts

This pair of glasses is made up of cigarettes. The thundering glasses, as well as the bright orange T-shirt have create a certain visual impact on women. All the people around her were looking at her.

2. Glasses with stylish letters on the lens

Sunglasses with white heavy frames are very common; however, with stylish words love and suck added to the lens, this pair of glasses immediately become very hot. It’s very interesting to find that she also wears a necklace with the letter love. Does she need love so badly?

3. Glasses with lace

Lace is a fashionable element in 2011. This girl uses lace in both the evening dress and the glasses, which makes her look very sexy and attractive. I believe she will turn many heads in the party.

4. Black outer space glasses

Black outer space glasses, along with a cool black coat and white short hair make the girl look very unique and mysterious in the crowd. It seems that she is from another planet and will fly into the space at any time.

5. Glasses with crowded rivets

The black frame with crowded rivets beset on it makes people feel a sense of domineering. The white BF styled suit also turns Lady Gaga a heroic spirit. Lady Gaga is a representative of thundering style, her wavy pink hair looks like a brunch of grape hanging from the black retro hat.

6. Purple glasses for future soldiers

This is also a picture of Lady Gaga. She looks like a female future soldiers with purple glasses, purple coat and purple gloves, which has brought about a strong visual impact to us.

7. Pineapple shaped glasses.

A pair of pineapple shaped sunglasses is absolutely a good tool to make you look lovely. Bright colour and lovely shape is suitable for all the ages. You can either wear it at home or wear it to go to parties.

Prescription sports goggles-safety and beauty for your sports

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Hey, here comes good news for outdoor sports enthusiasts!, the ultimate home for sports eyewear, brings prescription sports goggles to you! Different styles are sufficient for customers with different needs now; they can meet your requirement in soccer, tennis, climbing, and volleyball and so on.

Prescription Sports Glasses

As we all know, the purpose of people hunting for a pair of prescription sports goggles is for clear vision and safety basically. As the name suggest, prescription sports goggles must be able to protect the wearer from UV rays, but also possess impact resistance with a comfortable, secure design to cope with high winds. With more and more people join in the group of long distance running, riding or driving, prescription sports goggles have evolved with the need to compete with other kinds. As a result, the prescription sports goggles nowadays with their quality and various styles become much hotter than before. At the same time, sports enthusiasts can pursue them relieved.
Moreover, beauty and fashion are also important for eye wearers. Experiencing so many years of development, prescription sports goggles now have various types and colors applying for customers. So you are doomed to find out your dreaming pair! However, it is always the principal that not all the most beautiful decoration can be collocated for ourselves, what we need to do is learning to choose the things that fit us best.
All in all, it is advisable to hunt for a pair of prescription sports goggles combing safety and beauty together. Then where can you find out such sweet thing?, today, will not make you dream fading away as it brings customers with good quality and not fake eyeglasses. Now, you’ll be whole-heartedly satisfied after checking out of the world’s leading online eyewear vendor’s fabulous and inexpensive prescription sports goggles. Firmoo with cheap yet quality prescription sports goggles throughout the world wait for your coming!!

Choosing Suitable Cheap Glasses Online to Match Your Complexion

Monday, February 20th, 2012

The increasingly number of cheap glasses online appear in the internet. Facing the various styles of cool eyeglasses online, do you worry about what kind of glasses is suitable for you? This article will tell you how to choose the best glasses online to match perfectly with your complexion.

cheap glasses

If you choose the right color of glasses online, it can add radiance and beauty to your complexion and clothes, and also make your image more elegant. If the form of your face is square, you can choose a pair of horn rimmed glasses with bright and light color lenses, which can make your face become slender. If you have a long face, a pair of glasses with thick and dark color lenses can make your face look a little round.

The people with dark complexion are not suitable for a white frame, because the strong contrast can be very harsh. But if you only pursuit the consistent color, it will also make the face appear too bleak, which will inevitably show a depressed impression. The best choice is to choose a pair of cheap glasses online with colorful frame. The grey, dark blue, lilac, golden or dark beige frame will make you look very beautiful. People with fair complexion are very fortunate, because your skin color can blend with any fashionable color. The pink or other bright colors can bring out a lively characteristic. Purple, blue frame can show their vitality. People with yellow complexion will not choose the cool eyeglasses, such as light blue and light green, which will make you a little haggard. But the warm colors like pink, lilac can make you look bright and delicate.

But no matter what color you choose, you should remember that the color of your glasses and your clothes should have a contrast, but not in sharp contrast. The firmoo online shop provides different colors of cheap glasses online, and you can definitely find the best one in this shop.

Eyeglass frames for women: Making us attractive in this spring

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Once talking about women’s glasses, a world of beauty will immediately unfold before our eyes rather than just being as a tool for vision problems. It is the very dream for every woman to become the focus in front of the public, especially our beloved ones, here, glasses, which bamboos with various types and color, providing us the chance to be graceful rather than cool. With the importance eyeglasses play, eyeglass frames for women, as a result, is an assignable cause for beauty.

eyeglass frames for women
When we talking about the beauty we can purchase with those glasses, we should be aware of what kind of eyeglasses we need to choose according to the face shape and dressing type of ourselves? Generally, there are three kinds of glass frames for women: full frame glasses, semi rimless glasses or rimless glasses. And what shape of glass frame we will purchase, round or square, big or small? As every knows round eyeglass frames will make the wearers’ round face even much rounder and fatter, but square eyeglass frames, on the contrary, with their “contrast” effect, would let the wearers’ face slimmer. What’s more, what kind of feeling we expect to have with the new glasses, cool, pedantic or sunny?
Remembering the questions listed above; there are another two things we need to pay attention to before jump into the eyeglass frames for women market anxiously. Firstly, if we are no longer having a clear vision with the pair of glasses on, or we are diagnosed to have vision problems and do not posses a pair for our own; we must have to choose a suitable pair for ourselves immediately. Second, find a professional doctor to give out a diagnosed result for our eyes because people sometimes would get rid of this step just because it will take some time as well as they ignore the importance of diagnosed result., with various eyeglass frames for women and eyeglass frames for men, can give out the highest discounts for customers now! So, hurry up, lets go to now!We are doomed to be the most attractive sights in this spring!

How Popular Are Steven Jobs Glasses? Check It out!

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Reportedly, Steve Jobs glasses are experiencing “overwhelming” demand for the round rimless eyeglasses that were part of Steve Jobs’ signature look. But do you do how popular it is? Let’s check it out here!
Actually, the cool eyeglasses were a custom job for Jobs, who in 1998 sat down for a consultation with Mr. Marc. The two decided on one of Mr. Marc’s existing rimless “Lunor” frames, but with round lenses, and the rest is history. Since his passing, the sales of his iconic eyeglasses spike dramatically. Steve Jobs likes to wear lightweight rimless round-lensed eyeglasses for best fit and comfort. For many years Steve Jobs has been wearing a style of spectacles which were popular from 1880’s to 1940’s, at that period the frames were made of pure gold or heavy gold filled, and were generally called “3-piece”. The look became part of Jobs’ iconic style, along with his black turtlenecks and worn blue jeans. His quirky glasses hinted that he might not be as minimalist-at-heart as we have imagined.

Steve Jobs Eyeglasses

Some people argue that Steven Jobs glasses are so classic, and they do wanna purchase one pair , maybe it it a good way to pay respect to Jobs. Definitely, it is reported that sales of Steve Jobs’ signature glasses have soared in the last month, after the death of the Apple co-founder pushed the rimless specks back in vogue. In other words, Steven Jobs glasses sell as popular as hotcakes to some extent. The German Lunor Classic Rund PP glasses, which were designed by Robert Marc and are retailing for $US450-495, have sold out at Mr Marc’s eight New York stores, am New York reported. Regardless of some local optical shops, online stores like Firmoo also have joined in this selling wave. It stocks these glasses which are similar to Jobs’ signature eyeglasses to pay tribute to the person who has greatly changed our lives. So, you can take it a try via shopping online.

Buy a pair of cheap glasses online through firmoo

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Are you in hesitation when the dreaming but expensive glasses just there in front of you? Are you desire for some cheap glasses with good qualities? Maybe it sound like fantasy for you, but, the world’s leading eyewear vendor online, which presents you with prescription and non prescription glasses bring you with cheap glasses online!

cheap glasses online
When you on the charming and dazzling pages for, you may wonder how do you order cheap eyeglasses online? Here with the article, I will explain things about this. Firstly, start you step in the main toolbar and select the category of your choice, such as Men’s Glasses, Women’s Glasses, RX Sunglasses, Bifocal and Progressive and more. Second, choose the glasses item you want, such as the frames, the size, the shapes and the materials. Third, follow the step by step instruction to customize your eyeglasses lenses: enter your prescription, select lens type, colors and other options.
As the world’s leading eyewear vendor online,, can give customers the highest discount and provide cheap glasses with good qualities. The products providing by are as well as those sold in a retail store because firmoo is manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Set up and developed by the need of affordable yet high quality prescription glasses in the market, firmoo now, is providing high quality glasses and good service for eyeglass purchaser!
With our reputation on the line, firmoo pays more attention to quality control during the entire production process now than ever. The best materials and latest technology is used and every product is mechanically tested and visually inspected before leaving the factory. Further more, all of glasses firmoo provides, including the cheap sries are packaged in an attractive, durable hard case for protection.
With so many beneficial results you can get, why not buy a pair of cheap glasses online through firmoo?

How to Find Cool Eyeglasses That Match Your Face Perfectly

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Regardless of the quality and texture of any eyeglasses, any glasses can be cool eyeglasses for different people. When it comes to how to make one look cool with cool eyeglasses, the thing that matters the most is how to match one’s face. Here I’m going to demonstrate you how to choose cool eyeglasses that are the most suitable to you. These glasses can be fake eyeglasses, square glasses, tinted glasses and etc. But here we use cool eyeglasses to mean all of them. And you can find these tips below will help you to choose your best one.

cool eyeglasses

In order to find the perfect one, the face shape and skin tone are basically the most important factors one would consider, especially the face shape. There is a fundamental rule that we always use in choosing cool eyeglasses. It is very simple —— choose the lens shape that contradicts your face shape. Actually, we always hold the opposite opinion. Someone may suggest you to choose round glasses if you have round face, and square glasses if you have square face. But that’s totally wrong. Here we use the contradictory rule. In aesthetics, we know that too round needs to be offset by some square to catch people’s attention. And too long need to be offset by some really narrow lenses to make the face look more narrow. Remember the rule and use the rule in practice, you will find out they really help.


As regards to skin tone, the principle is the nearer, the better. It is good to choose eyeglasses frames that have the similar colors as your skin tone. Someone may suggest you to choose the opposite colors to make you look more striking. For example, white skin should best choose black glasses and vice versa. If the glasses have the effect of piling together some colors, it is always a failure to call cool eyeglasses. Pay attention to the two factors and use the rules we have discussed in this article, you will find many surprises.

Top Fashionable Plastic Eyeglasses Frames for You

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Plastic is widely used in making all kinds of eyeglasses for there are many good advantages about plastic. They are cheap, durable and flexible. But just with this cheap material, plastic eyeglass frames can be so colorful and fashionable. There are many styles of plastic eyeglass frames that you can choose from. If you are a fan of retro trends, round, cat eye, aviator or square glasses are all good choices. But these may not be the most fashionable. Though it is still not clear what kind of plastic eyeglass frames are going to be the trendiest, big glasses frames are definitely fierce competitors in this year. From all these fashion signs, it is the best to choose over-sized plastic eyeglass frames. But what elements should you be looking at?

plastic eyeglass frames

Of course, it is the design. The shape of plastic eyeglass frames is a design in itself. And horn rimmed glasses frames are special plastic eyeglass frames. Besides the shape, a crucial factor of the design is the color of plastic eyeglass frames. Color match-up in plastic eyeglass frames has been very popular in the last year. And this trend is still going on. The difference is it is more perfect and coordinative since more experience has been gained from last year. If you think color match-up is the only fashionable plastic eyeglass frames, you cannot be more wrong. What is shared by many people of good taste is the plastic eyeglass frames that are made of pure color, for example, ivory plastic eyeglass frames.

plastic eyeglass frames

Pure color plastic eyeglass frames are not lack of fans in both men and women. Purity is always attractive to many people. And being simple sometimes is the most fashionable way. In order to make your spring more lively, you can choose some bright colors, like green, red, pink and etc. After you have decided the shape and color of the plastic eyeglass frames, you should look at more details of the eyeglasses that you like. Two things to review - over-sized shape and multiple or pure color design. You will find the most fashionable plastic eyeglass frames.

How Prescription Sports Glasses Can Help You in Your Life

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Many sports have some kind of dangerous sides that many people always ignore. We can see many people who have got vision problems are doing sports without prescription sports glasses on. It is high time that you had some basic knowledge about prescription sports glasses. Actually, prescription sports glasses have many sides that you have little knowledge about. They can not only be used as normal prescription glasses but also as polarized sunglasses that help absorb harmful lights. Little known is that for some sports that is as quite as fishing, prescription sports glasses are also helpful. The specially-made prescription sports glasses can absorb the reflected light on the lake and reduce your eye strain.

prescription sports glasses

It is a good thing to do sports. And it is also a good thing to wear prescription sports glasses. Not to say you wear them like cool eyeglasses, they can protect you in a real way. Normal prescription glasses almost have no functions for doing sports. Both the frames and lenses are easy to be twisted or crushed at some force. It is a quite dangerous thing to try doing sports without prescription sports glasses on. Of course, wearing prescription glasses can also make you more striking. If you want to impress others more in the first sight, choose prescription sports glasses.

prescription sports glasses

Just like fitness equipment can remind us to build our body more, prescription sports glasses can also remind us to do more sports with a solid protection. You might have tried to avoid doing intense sports because of myopia. But now this time should become a past, you can choose when to do and how to do sports with prescription sports glasses in your arsenal. Body building is important to everyone. And doing sports is usually an indispensable part in everybody’s life. In order to avoid some possible disasters happening, choose prescription sports glasses now.

Clear lens glasses: a kind of glasses not for people with vision problems

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

In addition to their practical function, glasses have been quiet among the accessories ranks, and many people even consider them as one of the most popular accessories. They feel full of fashion as long as the frame on their noses. Therefore, most of the fashion purchasers tend to choose clear lens glasses on their noses.

Clear lens glasses
Most of the young people who come to fashion jewelry stores to buy big-framed clear lens glasses have normal vision, they wear glasses mainly for modifying their faces. Clear lens glasses, as the name suggest, are glasses without diopter, myopia or hyperopia and astigmatism. Due to the glasses’ characteristics, everyone includes the ones without vision problems have the chance to pursue a dreaming pair of clear lens glasses according to their different interest.
Wearing clear lens glasses runs so wild in the fashion circle, it is not so strange to see lots of Hollywood stars are crazy at changing their pairs of clear lens glasses these years, such as Justin Bieber, Hillary Duffm, Anne Hathaway and so on, so clear lens glasses have become celeb’s iconic fashion item. If you are big fans of these hot stars wearing glasses, or you want to be as fashionable as they are, just feel free to choose a pair of clear lens glasses that Firmoo has already prepared.
Dreaming to become as fashionable as you could be? There come clear lens glasses that you can’t miss out as the series, without the consideration of solving customers’ vision problems, are paying more attention on the design and style for wearers. As we know, the one that fits you best is the best one. Now, is sufficient for different kind of Clear lens glasses, such as retro eyeglasses, modern glasses, tinted glasses, so on and so forth. In a word, you will not be disappointed once you choose firmoo!