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Justin Timberlake Glasses: Making the Nerdy Look Sexy As Hell

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Justin Timberlake glasses refer to the eyeglasses seen worn by the music mega-star and actor Justin Timberlake both on public occasions and in his private life. These oftentimes geeky and thick-rimmed Justin Timberlake eyeglasses were traditionally avoided by every means by most celebrities since they give out a nerdy vibe which is the last thing any star wants to have anything to do with. Mr. Timberlake was audacious enough to try them on and somehow made it work. His incredible capacity to transform the almost inevitable nerdiness into something sexy has earn him credits in the fashion circle and made millions of fans all over the globe follow in his footsteps. Although the look is huge and instant success, it is worth noting that Justin didn’t start wearing glasses out of the blue just for aesthetic reasons. He does have shortsightedness (myopia) and has to wear some kind of eyewear in order to make clearer vision. In an interview that accidentally touched on his recently developed habit of wearing glasses, Justin said that he embraced the fact that he had to wear eyeglasses and enjoyed the new look as well. Well, just in case Justin hasn’t known already, the enjoyment does go both ways on this case. We enjoy watching him sporting those spectacles just as much.
Justin 1

Recent years has seen Justin Timberlake, the former music’s most prominent figure, taking a turn in his career. After the huge success of his last collaboration with Timbleland: Future Sex/Love Sound, the singer took a step back from music and placed more focus on acting. He appeared in a couple of small roles before the breakthrough on his personal filmography. The 2010 movie The Social Network saw the former singer portraying very ironically a cocky Sean Parker. His constricted and not-over-the-top performance gave depth and a little bit of sympathy to the character, which would so easily be depicted as a total villain. The performance was critically well received and those spectacles worn by Justin in the movie once again raised huge interests among the audience. Some exuberant fans even took all the troubles to trace those glasses down, which only shows the huge impact this singer-turned-actor has on people.

Justin 2

Most glasses Justin wears feature basically the same style, which is the thick-framed black with Wayfarer-inspired shapes. Sometimes though, the style has little alterations and is added little curves to the frames. Such amendments only add to the appeal of the whole pair and make the look not so dull as it otherwise might have been. As of those who used to fear at the thought of ever having to sport eyeglasses, Justin has made a fine example of how to make the nerdy look into something sexy. I guess we as every folks can just follow the pioneer’s suit and have a great time rocking those Justin Timberlake Spectacles.

Reading Glasses, Perfect New Year Present to Your Parents.

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Have you even thought about giving your elder parents reading glasses? As New Year draws near, buying presents for your family becomes a big problem. Many people firstly think of tonics, clothing or luxury such as perfume and jewels. No matter what present you buy at last, your starting point is to bring happiness and satisfaction to the whole family. What is the most appropriate gift to your elder parents who have been taken care of you for half of their lives? What kind of present is special enough to deserve this greatly unselfish love? The answer is reading glasses!

reading glasses

When we experience the mature progress in life, finding a good job, getting married and becoming fathers and mothers ourselves, our parents who have given us limitless supports are going through their tough old ages. They becoming physically weaker and weaker, losing their sight, decreasing their hearings, and even incompetent of many daily chores. We feel sad but don’t know how to do offer practical help, since we now build our own family and have new responsibility to bear. However, at least we can give them a clearer world through reading glasses.

Restrict by busy career and limited time, those times for us to spend with our parents are fewer and fewer. How to guarantee them a colorful retired life without stay besides? Luckily, we can promise a pair of reading glasses for our parents and let them find new hobbies themselves. With reading glasses, they can watch TV, read newspapers, surf the internet, so as to keep in touch with the outside world. With reading glasses, they are able to build their own social communities and organize their interested activities, read and write as they like.

We know that there are many ways of showing your filial piety, and buying reading glasses is definitely one of them.

Are Cheap Glasses Online Really Cheap?

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Glasses are indispensable to many people as both a fashionable accessory and corrective tool. Many celebs in these days are wearing glasses ranged widely. And most common people would choose to follow these styles and those styles to wear fashionably. To someone who does not have any idols, it may have just been very absurd to follow after celebs. Though sometimes viewed negative, you just cannot stop people being fashionable and following stars. It has become a part of life. As glasses are so important, many people are figuring out ways to purchase better and cheaper glasses. The most frequently heard word to you may be cheap glasses online, where celebs glasses are stocked and offered cheaply.

cheap glasses

Actually, it is not worth discussing whether cheap glasses online are cheap or not for the most expensive online optical store offers cheaper glasses than solid eyeglasses stores. There are many factors that have led to the cutting of the glasses prices online. First of all, rent is avoided. And second, the processing work is more concentrated to save cost. As both the rent and production cost are saved largely, cheap glasses online are absolutely expected. Let’s now discuss the most fashionable glasses now selling online——nerd cheap glasses online.


Many people call nerd glasses because they think the celebs look nerdy in these glasses. Nerd glasses are usually in black acetate frame that is large enough to indicate a strong existence. In other words, nerd glasses attract people’s attention by simply saying look I’m eye-catching here. It is a little bit figurative, but that’s the effect and purpose there. Styles can be widely chosen, such as ironic round, stylish cat eye, superior squared, or general rectangular. No matter what styles you decide to choose, just make sure you’ve got the right one that suits your face shape and skin tone.

Firmoo News Focus: Old Free Glasses Event VS Second-round Game

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

In September 2011, Firmoo, as an emerging global online optical store of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses hold an event related to free glasses on Facebook, which attracted a host of people to join in. From that on, there are increasingly number of individuals start to pay attention to this website and its updated on Facebook as well. Here Firmoo news focus, recently, in order to attract more new customers, old free glasses event has been replaced by the second-round game, of which the rules become much easier in this new one.

free glasses

Well, how to get free glasses this time? If you are one of the members in first-time buyers group, Just come to Firmoo, and you can win a pair of free glasses directly. To begin with, choose your favorite frame on this page firstly. Secondly, making lens selections and enter your prescription. Then check out. And lastly, wait for your free glasses at home. The four steps can be summarized in only one sentence, get free glasses via just visiting Firmoo. That’s it.

In fact, all free glasses include free frames and standard 1.50 index lenses, and you just need to pay the shipping cost and the extra for upgrading your lenses. Furthermore, as for the waiting time for free glasses, it depends on what lenses and shipping method you choose, namely the time includes the processing time and shipping time. In most cases, the processing may take 3-4 business days for normal single vision eyeglasses. Orders with tinted lenses may take 5-7 business days. Orders with photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, Bifocals/Progressive lenses, or Wraparound prescription sunglasses may take 8-11 business days. How about the shipping time, it usually lasts 3-10 days, which rely on where you wanna ship to and which method you choose.

So, guys, surprises updated, Firmoo definitely want to bring more fabulous eyewear and professional custom service for you during the second-round game.

round eyeglasses for men are getting hot

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Round eyeglasses for men are common to appear on characteristic actors in movies. John Lennon is such an example. He is absolutely the icon for round glasses for men. Since he acted the film How I Won the War, John Lennon fell in love with wearing round glasses. They add a kind of literature quality to him.

round eyeglasses


In daily life, most men dare not wear them to workplace or schools because they will look funny if not matched well. Even if not only rock stars can have the quality of wearing round glasses. It will create dull feeling to you if you are with strong bookishness.

round eyeglasses


Nevertheless, round eyeglasses become popular this year since the retro trend has been hot. Many brands and fashion magazines have launched fashion showing different styles of round glasses with various shapes, colors and sizes.
It is universally known that the earth is round. It completes one revolution everyday. Similarly, the fashion trend of sunglasses is like a circle, it revolves and then comes back to the starting point. In the 60s, round eyeglasses for men were very popular. After 50 years, it has come back to the fashion stage.

The round eyeglasses for men this year are not completely same as the ones in the 60s. People prefer perfectly round eyeglasses in the 60s. But not everyone fit for them. The fact is that the most suitable sunglasses are the most beautiful ones.

round eyeglasses for men

This year, round eyeglasses for men has reformed to atypical shapes to appeal to tastes of most customers. The frame shapes of these reformed round glasses are not perfect round. Instead, they are between square and round, which can provide chances for more men who have the intention of wearing round glasses. This means that you can wear a pair of round eyeglasses even if you have a round face.

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Cycling sports glasses—one typical type of prescription sports glasses

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Prescription sports glasses are about a lot more than fashion. Quality prescription sports glasses protect you from damage and improve your vision. When speaking of prescription sports glasses, cycling prescription spots glasses are ones that we can’t miss out. Cycling sports glasses are must have gear in your cycling equipment list. When watching cycling, cycling sports glasses are so stylish that attract much attention. For cyclists who suffer vision problems, prescription cycling sports glasses are great item, kind of a life saver.
Prescription Sports Glasses

What is a good pair of prescription cycling sports glasses?

Quality prescription cycling sports glasses help cyclists see comfortably and clearly in sunlight by reducing the discomfort that is caused by glare. Additionally, they protect wearers from damages that may cause cataracts and other eye problems. Also, they are able to reduce glare by filtering out 99 to 100% UV rays, and improve your vision clarity, which help you enhance your sports performance. What’s more, they should be lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Tips for buying

When buying cycling sports glasses, it is recommended that you’d better buy those glasses in wraparound styles. Wrap-style framed cycling glasses provide wearers with more coverage and stay in place better than other styles cycling glasses, which can protect your eyes from the wind and debris. In addition, wrap-style cycling glasses can prevent UV rays from more angels due to the special wrap-style design. Therefore, when you plan to buy cycling glasses, it is better to choose wrap-style cycling glasses.
Glasses lenses play a vital role in cycling glasses. After you choose frame for your glasses, shop for lenses that offer 100% UV protection. When it comes to materials for glasses lenses, polycarbonate is highly recommended for it is impact resistant and durable. As we know, there are some glare reflecting off the road when cycling, at this moment polarized lenses are recommended for they can absorb reflecting glare and allow wearer to see objects with its original colors.
Other consideration

Keep in mind that you should offer your right prescription to the seller cuz wrong prescription will have extremely negative influence on your vision, which may lead to some permanent damage.

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Great Tips for Customers When Buying Cheap Glasses Online

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Have you ever noticed that the great majority of people on the road have worn glasses? And have you ever noticed that there is a new glasses shop on the corner nest to your house? Yes, definitely, time has seen the rapid and fast growing of eyeglasses industry. Therefore, a great number of eyeglasses vendors appear no matter in the real world or online. There are many obvious advantages buying glasses online. The most one is that customers are likely to get the cheap glasses online. And all the customers are sure to feel satisfied on the condition that they understand some useful tips when buying glasses online.
cheap glasses online

First of all, the customers are supposed to get some specialized advices from their eye doctor before they set off to buy glasses online. Only according to the reasonable suggestions, the fitting yet low-price eyeglasses are easy to get. Next, there are some worthwhile vendors online that customers are encouraged to go to try. These vendors may offer a large range of eyeglasses which would meet the wide needs of the customers. Or their eyeglasses are with such high quality which would be comfortable to wear and safe for the wearers’ eyes. Anyway, more satisfaction would be received if customers go there. Last but not least, the shapes of the eyeglasses should match the individuals’ styles and the tastes. Even though the prices of glasses are low online, the unfitting glasses are definitely the useless ones.

The customers are always seeking for the fitting eyeglasses with high qualities at low prices online. And if the above tips are obeyed, customers are sure to feel more satisfied. Otherwise, the eyeglasses would never be the one you want. From then on, buying cheap eyeglasses online is no longer the trouble that puzzles many a customer.

John Lennon eyeglasses back into vogue again

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

John Lennon is reputed to be a fashion giant in fashion circle and his signature John Lennon eyeglasses have garnered huge popularity for a long time. Rounded John Lennon eyeglasses have been popular for couples of decades. Since 1960 when people spotted John Lennon wear this kind of small round eyeglasses, John Lennon eyeglasses have come into vogue quickly.

John Lennon Eyeglasses

At that time, if you own a pair of your rouned John Lennon eyeglasses, others will regard you as a fashionista or trendsetter. John Lennon was so popular that later, people always called these kinds of rounded eyeglasses as John Lennon eyeglasses and various designer brands also promoted their share of John Lennon eyeglasses.

In effect, John Lennon eyeglasses have its up and downs. It did not keep that hot for a while, but later, all of us can spot rounded John Lennon eyeglasses back into fashion again. As we can figure it out in the hit movie harry potter these days. The main character in that film really endows John Lennon eyeglasses a different definition. We always regard John Lennon eyeglasses as something cool and in that movie; we also see the cute side of John Lennon glasses.
No matter you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, wearing John Lennon eyeglasses will never let you down. John Lennon eyeglasses oblige you to gain great popularity and affection among your colleagues and friend since cute rounded glasses will give the wear a friendly look in a subtle way. John Lennon eyeglasses can get fitted for anyone in any age and all walks of life, except those possess round face features. If you are a round face guy, John Lennon eyeglasses might not be your best choices for the simple reason that it will make you look a little bit fat.

How to Choose Non Prescription Glasses

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Non prescription glasses are totally getting away from traditional glasses as the corrective functions are nowhere to be seen. Non prescription glasses are mainly made for those who want fashion glasses but haven’t got any vision problems. For that matter, generally the lenses are not important. It is how you look in the non prescription glasses that are more important. Basically, we need to take three factors into considerations when choosing non prescription glasses, namely, face shape, skin tone and personal styles. While the latter two may be important, the first one is always the most highlighted in its importance as skin tone is less important when glasses fit and styles may change, not your face shape.

  Non Prescription Eyeglasses

If you have an oval face, you may probably fit in any kinds of non prescription glasses. That is what we call standard face shape. So be happy to choose any styles you like, such as aviator, round, cat eye or squared non prescription glasses. Generally, if you have rounder face, you should wear more rectangular non prescription glasses to offset the roundness of your face. And if you have more of a square-shaped face, rounder non prescription glasses will be more suitable. You may conclude from the above that you should select a frame shape that contracts with the natural shape of your face, as contrary to what comes instinctively. Most people think they should choose glasses frames that match their face shape. In fact, this is not the case.

Then, you must get to know who you really are. That is also a tricky part as many people have been misguided in buying some glasses only to find out that they don’t like them at all. If you are more reserved and traditional, try to choose more cool colors, like black or purple. Some colors and styles are more suitable for people who tend to be more easygoing and sociable, such as horn rimmed glasses. Find a pair of non prescription glasses that match up with you spiritually is the ultimate goal that everyone is trying to achieve. Good luck for your trials at non prescription glasses.


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Types of stylish eyeglasses for men in different age

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Just as a fabulous tie, a neat suit or a white shirt, eyeglasses for men are also reputed to be major components in men’s outfit. Eyeglasses are not like other accessories which are formulated and dull, they are stylish and versatile. A pair of eyeglasses well compliment a man’s personal style. According to a research released by Stylish, men even purchase more glasses or sunglasses than women.


eyeglasses for men

College boy is a group of people who prefer varying styles of eyeglasses. Eyeglasses for men in school or college also present its variety and diversity. It is widely acknowledged that school boys exude passion and creativeness. Given that, novelty eyeglasses and retro eyeglasses for men are their good options. These two kinds of eyeglasses for men possess special shape and also can leave others a fresh impression. They quite match with the unique characteristic of college boys.

eyeglasses for men

Undoubtedly, men who have stepped into their working circle are absolutely a group of firm customer towards eyeglasses. They wear glasses for different use, some for work, some for vision need, and others maybe for fashion use; in short, eyeglasses for men are must-haves in this group of gentle men. In any occasion, there is always a type of eyeglasses can fit for, for instance, cool aviator eyeglasses for men is a good assistant in your daily style, while vintage square eyeglasses for men is your best company in the course of work.

eyeglasses for men

Well, if you are a man stepping into your 40s or over, I bet you know your choice, a pair of reading glasses. But don’t misunderstand that reading glasses hold all-the-same look and outmoded, in fact, reading glasses for men also have its unique style. These days, frameless reading glasses together with metallic frame reading eyeglasses are flying off the shelves. Rimless men’s reading glasses are lightweight and chic. A galaxy of aging personages in business, politics or fashion circle would rather to pick up this style.

So, you see, eyeglasses for men are varying and diverse. Men in different ages have different choices in style of eyeglasses. If you are devoid of a pair of stylish eyeglasses, purchase one right now!

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