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Before You Buy Eyeglasses Online

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Buying eyeglasses online could be a good idea. The online stores offering eyeglasses, frames, lense and sunglasses are in plenty and therfore, online shoppers have options to select a right store depending on the price, quality, designs and possibly delivery period. Also, as it is with any other online store for any product, you never have to leave your house or office and with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can get the products delivered right at your doorsteps!

However, when it comes to shop for eyeglasses online, in my opinion, there are certain things one must consider before hitting the ‘Buy Now’button at your favorite eyeglasses website page. When you buy eyeglasses online, because every pair of glasses is a custom-made item, not only are there different designs and materials of both frames and lenses and different lens treatments, but everybody’s head and eyes are different, too. Moreover, unlike the local optical store, no friendly optician there is to help you and therfore when you order online, you have to make all decision on your own.

Therefore, before you buy eyeglasses online, keep following guidelines in your mind and I am sure you’ll end up finding the most suitable eyeglasses for yourself:

Do some basic reserach, visit some of the stores online and then zero on the site which you think is suitable not only for the present but also the future needs. Remember that you have to only once invest some time in finding a right online store, later if satisfied, you can go back to the same site as and when required. Its like putting trust to a local optical store.

A good website selling eyeglasses online guide you through for each step, so you will have all the information and guidance you need to select the perfect eyeglass frames and eyeglass lenses for you.

Similarly, it can be little challenging to try and find eyeglasses which fit to you the most. Some online stores offer tips like One site suggests that you select eyeglasses in a size that is close to your current glasses, or that you measure your head with a measuring tape or use your hat size as a reference. Follow their advice, but, also consider how practical their tips are!

Make sure that frames look great on you! Unlike, in a traditional optical store where you can simply try them on to know how a pair of glasses looks on you, the online way to know the same is to upload your a photo of yourself to the site, and then superimpose the image of the frames you’re interested in on your picture. Check out for this kind of online try it on tool in the website you intend to make purchase.

After selecting your choice of frame you need to add the lens to it and then check it out. A good online store at this point, offer you with relevant information about lenses, so that you evaluate the choices and prices of each lens option, and then choose for yourself. You’ll be able to choose which colour and size you’d like for each frame selected.

You must read return policy of the online store, before you order, so that you are aware of the refund policy in case you find that the glasses aren’t right for you. Also, check prices, discount offers and also the delivery period.

Arm yourself with as much information possible beforehand, so that you end up buying the right eyeglasses for yourself!
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Taste and Enjoy Purple Life—Purple Frame Sunglasses

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Sunglasses are definitely a interpretation of fashion all the time, which can reveal your character and personality. As for the color, it is a personal taste. Here I want to introduce purple frame sunglasses.

Purple means dignity, which was loved by nobles. That is due to Celts of the Roman Empire used to dye purple clothing for the nobility to wear, and it is quite liked by the monarch at the time. What’s more, in the Byzantine era, the direct descendant of the emperor from the royal family will take “born to the purple)”into their title, meaning his orthodox background. At present, purple represents a strong feeling, which brought an idiom “purple passion”. Moreover, it is said that people who like purple always wants to do things better, and easily make more friends, having a special character of artist, being elegant and fashionable. So it is no wonder why more and more people choose purple frame sunglasses when purchasing sunglasses.

Next, let’s taste and enjoy purple life by seeing some purple frame sunglasses and find which one you like best.
This pair belongs to Tod’s oversized purple frame sunglasses, which is simple, but with the bold lines, fashionable and graceful.purple frame sunglasses


Prosun‘s polarized purple frame sunglasses are suitable for round face, long face, square face and oval face. It has a good effect on defending UV .From the picture you could find it gorgeous, classical and avant-garde.purple frame sunglasses


This pair of dolphin sunglasses is recommended by the shop online, which is said to be the best-sold one of the store. The color is fresh and elegant, as well as the delicate frame, adding the beautiful drawing on frames, all of which makes it anything beyond charm.

purple frame sunglasses


The leopard purple frame sunglasses integrated fashion, delicacy, comfortable, durable, and many elements of high quality, so that wearers could be more comfortable, durable and stylish. Here purple also creates a romantic, positive, comfortable living atmosphere.

purple frame sunglasses



Stylish Oval Sunglasses for Men Collection – Let’s See Celebrities’s Preference

Which color should be suitable for your sunglasses this summer

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

In hot summer, colorful skirts, bags and sunglasses are everywhere. And everyone has her preference on color for skirt and bags even sunglasses. However, unlike other products, the color of the lenses also affects your vision effects. And choosing wrong color may cause distortion of the target objects which you are looking for thereby to cause some accidents. Then, which color is the best for sunglasses?
black sunglasses
Traditionally, most people like to choose some brown, grey or black sunglasses. And the fact is that those traditional colored lenses (grey, brown, black) could provide users good vision as well as good for eye health.

Besides, the latest study also shows that yellow or amber colored lenses are also good for our eyes. Yellow colored lenses could provide users natural vision to distinguish objects. So, these colored glasses are usually applied to people who like to hunt. And they also think blue sunglasses are not good for people’s eyes.

In addition, still some people think that dark colored lenses must prevent ultraviolet radiation. In this aspect, what most people think is wrong. The density of the color has nothing to do with anti-UV rays. As long as the lenses have UV coating, it could block ultraviolet radiation. On the contrary, the dark colored lenses will make users hard to distinguish other colors thereby to cause some accidents. So, you should choose some light colored sunglasses which are better for your eyes.
Moreover, since the love of the beauty is the nature of human, most people wear sunglasses just for keeping fashion. So when you choose sunglasses, you should also consider your skin color, lenses color and clothes color so as to choose the most suitable colored sunglasses.

Anyway, we can not deny that there are so many factors that influence our decision. For example, we have to consider to our eye health, vision result, working condition, usages as well as our skin and hair color when we buy sunglasses. So, it is hard to choose a pair of suitable sunglasses with proper color. Sometimes, we have to give up something to choose the pair which contains the other factors that we concern most.

Several steps to get trendy sunglasses

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Nowadays, there are many trendy sunglasses for our reference. We can get trendy sunglasses by choosing lenses and frame respectively at online stores. You will be much puzzled when facing a variety of sunglasses. How can you pick out trendy sunglasses easily? Usually, getting the right trendy frame options is equal to getting the trendy sunglasses because people would like to define a pair of trendy sunglasses from frames. There are several steps that help you get trendy sunglasses online more successfully. You will easily get your ideal trendy sunglasses.

trendy sunglassestrendy sunglasses

First of all, you should know clearly what kind of face shape you have. Generally speaking, different kind of face shape has its certain frame to fit with. For example, if you have a round face, you should find a pair of sunglasses that add the length of your face. The slim or marrow frame sunglasses can be the trendy sunglasses for people who have squared face. With regard to diamond shaped face, the latest cat eyewear design is the nice option. Anyhow, if you select your sunglasses according to your face features, the result will not be bad at least.

Secondly, when you choose your trendy frame, the material should not be ignored. Sometimes, it can play an important role in your comfort index. Nowadays, people would like to choose the lightweight and smooth material to suit their face. Nylon frame is considered as one of the hottest materials when people purchase their trendy sunglasses, especially for children who usually are careless. The trendy sunglasses made with nylon are hard to break. And Flexion frame is good choice for the people who need flexible frames. If people want to wear light frame, the titanium frames are the nice choice for them.

Thirdly, the right frame size is also important for choosing sunglasses frame. The frame you choose should be neither too big nor too small. You can get your frame size from your previous eyewear, or measure it with the help of your eye doctor or friends. Of courses, it doesn’t matter if the frame size is 1 to 3mm bigger or smaller than the size of your face.

Finally, the color also should be taken into your consideration. The color should match with your complexion. Generally speaking, the bright skin can match well with all frames. People who have dark skin should avoid the bright color sunglasses frame. Comparatively speaking, the cool color such as black, grey, block are their best choice. It is important for you to know the best color that suits your face well.

Generally speaking, the right choice usually can make unusual effects, and they are the necessary step for you toget your trendy sunglasses.

Eyeglass Frames - Holding a Firm Place for Your Improved Vision

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Look around and you won’t be surprised to see how eyeglass frames have become a fashion statement. They are made up of metal, plastics or fiber. These frames are an integral part of eyewear. In any eyewear, there are two components: the lens and the frame. Front part of the eyeglass frame holds the lens. You can not hold the eyeglass perfectly unless you have the perfect eyeglass frame.

While there are quite a few fashion lenses available in the market, lens cannot be as sporty and flexible as frames. It is the size, shape and color of the eyeglass frame that decides the look and style of the eyewear. Also, eyeglass frame offers flexibility of choice while buying eyewear. Be it eyeglasses, sporty sunglasses or flexible computer glasses are available for all the types of eyeglasses. Branded frames are a bit expensive but are of good quality. People prefer branded frames as they offer more variety, quality and style. Branded ones can be repaired at select outlets if there is any damage.

The metal frames, flexible eyeglasses and sporty frames are preferred among the customers for various reasons. In a way, eyeglass frames add a charm to your vision! Let us discuss more about them:
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Trendy & Engaging Metal eyeglass frames

Metal eyeglasses are quite popular in prescription eyewear. Metal eyeglass frames enjoy a big chunk of reading glasses as well. Metal frames are available in a big variety. You can choose from an array of metals- aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium and many more. Metal eyeglass frames are available in many colors and many shapes. You can select the kind of metal eyeglasses you like.

Metal eyeglasses offer a unique look to your face and your personality.

Different models of metal frames are available for men, women and children.

Unisex metal eyeglass frames too are available. Some metal frames may have scratch resistant coating which prevents from the damage due to wear and tear. Metal eyeglasses can be repaired or exchanged at select outlets.

Flexible eyeglasses are a fun for kids

Flexible eyeglasses are literally flexible. You can fix different type of eyeglass lenses in flexible eyeglass frames. These are quite good for kids as they are made up of flexible material. Flexible frames get back to their own shape even if somebody bends or twists them.

Eyeglass frames offer Sporty eyeglasses a unique appeal

Eyeglasses do look sporty and offer a glamour quotient to the person who wears them.

Unique, colorful eyeglass frames make the eyewear sportier in look and feel. Sporty frames might cost a little more as compared to general frames.

There are special varieties of eyeglass frames designed for sportspersons as well. These are specially designed for different games and activities such as swimming, water polo, and horse riding. Sports frames offer better safety features. A variety of sporty frames for men, women, and kids are available in the market.

In a nutshell, they have become an integral part of our life. Nobody advertises eyeglass frames (as an accessory) as they do for sunglasses, still they hold their firm place – in the minds and hearts of millions of users.

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Choose From Different Eyeglasses Frames Material

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Eyeglass frames today come in the most diverse materials imaginable. Ranging from metals to plastics to colors from earthy shades to vibrant ones, eyeglass frames come in every variety to choose. Read on to know more.

Eyeglass Frames are no longer restricted to dull colored ones made in metals and plastic with a very few shapes to choose from. Though these frames are still made in metal and plastic, yet within these two categories come a host of overwhelming choices.

Metal Eyeglass Frames:

Metal frames for eyeglasses range from stainless steel to aluminum. ?Both of these frame types have the qualities inherent in these two metals like resistance to corrosion and abrasion, durability and adaptability to tinting and un-brittleness. Then there are titanium eyeglass frames that are hugely in demand. Combined with nickel and copper, they provide lightweight and flexible eyewear solutions. One of the main advantages of these kinds of eyewear frames is that they are not tarnished even when they are exposed to salt-water type materials. These too can be blended into a number of colors. ?On the other hand, stainless steel is ideal choice as it has hypoallergenic properties ideal for those with sensitive skin. ?Then there is Ticral, that has titanium mixed with copper and chrome, which make them much more affordable than Titanium frames. Then there are Flexon eyeglass frames, which is also a Titanium alloy but has flexible properties. This is because you can twist and turn these frames in any way but finally they come back to their original shape. Additionally, these frames are lightweight, hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant that makes them ideal choice among smart buyers.

Plastic Eyeglass Frames:

Equally popular like metal frames are those made from plastic. The advancement in plastic molding and blending process has allowed designers of eyeglasses and sunglasses to experiment with plastic frames. Today they come in different colors, shapes and combinations including Rimless Eyeglasses as well. Among the popular blends are different nylon varieties, which make them lightweight, compared to those made only from simple nylon. Special mention can be made of Coach Eyeglasses frames. Again, there are separate varieties that are made especially for sports and other activities. Plastic eyeglass frames are malleable, and have hypoallergenic properties that make them popular with all users irrespective of age and gender. However, one has to be very careful while using plastic frames; this is because when exposed to harsh conditions like excessive sunlight, they become very brittle.

Whatever, eyeglass frames for your expensive or cheap eyeglasses you choose from; always get only the ones that suit your purpose. Consider beforehand whether you want them as prescription eyeglasses, specialty glasses or just as a fashion accessory.
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Why do many students suffer from myopia?

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The current survey showed that more and more students get myopia and then wear eyeglasses, especially the university student take up the most of the student from primary school student to university students, which aroused our attention, why more and more students get myopia? How do they get myopia? Now, let us to find out the answers.

One parent recalled that there are seldom students who suffer from myopia when she was a primary and middle school student. However, more and more people get myopia, maybe the reason is the rapidly development of society. At that time, there is not many computer, net bar or color TV set. The myopia might have some connection with these high-tech developments. I personally think it is right. Someone makes a research that the normal person watches the TV program continuously for 10 hours, which will give rise to the decline of eyesight, nearly about 30%. It is thus clear that watching TV for a long time will cause myopia especially to the primary and middle school students, because they are in the growth and development period, the organization and function of eyes are also gradually developed, coupled with the current heavy schoolwork burdens of primary and middle school students, the less rest time, the eyes are always very tired. So it is easy for them to get myopia.

The primary and middle school student got myopia is not just caused by the inappropriate eye use but also caused by the imbalance of nutrition, sleep deficiency and noise.

In the past, people pay little attention to the relationship between sleep duration and shortsighted. In fact, the occurrence of myopia with insufficient sleep time indeed has a close relationship. If the children always lack of sleep, that will cause the dysfunction of autonomic nervous system of the eyes. The dysfunctions of autonomic nervous system will inevitable influence on local sympathetic eyes with parasympathetic nerve, thus cause dysfunction of the ciliaris, further caused the myopia. Imbalance of nutrition also can cause myopia. As we all know that chromium is most important to the people and the chromium deficiency will cause myopia, but we can get it from corn, bread, beef and animal liver. It is known that the noise will influence our hearing. It also can influence our vision. Noise can make people less sensitive eyes to light intensity. If the intensity of noise reach a certain degree, that will cause myopia.

Now, please pay much attention to these tips and protect your eye appropriately.


Choose Prescription Wraparound Sunglasses according to Your Head’s Size

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Sunglasses are always considered as one of the best articles of fashion. Especially for people who are fond of outside door activity. Moreover, they can add up fashion to you as well as fight against UV of the sun for you. That is no wonder sunglasses are welcomed a lot. But, for those people who are short sighted, have certain inconvenience to be outside wearing common sunglasses. Now, even if you have eye problems, you needn’t worry about it. We have prescription wraparound sunglasses. However, everyone has different size of their heads, and do you know how to choose RX wraparound sunglasses according to your head size?

Here are some examples for you.

The following RX wraparound sunglass is believed to best suit for small to medium heads:

Mighty prescription safety sunglasses:

 best suit for small to medium heads:

It has great nylon frame. And above all, it is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Especially with the blue color, this represents beauty, coolness, wisdom and wideness, whose fresh and clear makes people unconsciously related to sea and sky. In a word, it is popular among people.

The following RX wraparound sunglass is believed to best suit for medium to large heads:

Mean Street prescription safety sunglasses.

best suit for medium to large heads:

The frame offers interchangeable lens gaskets for quick switch to another set of prescription safety lenses on the fly. The black frame represents mystery, profound as well as temptation. In addition, its plastic frame seems more like metallic. There is no interior foam, but sporty and solid.

The following RX wraparound sunglass is believed to best suit for the largest, or large to extra-large heads:

Oval prescription safety sunglasses:
 best suit for the largest, or large to extra-large heads:

The rubber nose pads prevent slipping. And it fits most heads, which is comfortable and close fitting frame. The temple to temple is 140mm, which is available in your prescription in a safe, polycarbonate lens.

Finally, you can choose a type similar according to your own situation.

Utah LASIK Ensures You To Lead A Life Without Eyeglasses And Contact Lenses

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

You must not have ever thought in your wildest dreams of leading a life without the aid of the eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, with the mere advent of the LASIK eye surgery, now it is no longer an unfeasible task to perform. LASIK or the Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis is one such effective eye surgical treatment, which capably reshapes the front surface or the cornea of your eye and in this way enhances your vision to a large extent. Moreover, this surgical procedure is also an ideal way to heal all the vision problems like, Hyperopia, Myopia etc.

However, while undergoing this surgery, it is very important that you must opt for some of the veteran and professional eye surgery clinics such as, Utah LASIK. Here, you are not only going to experience the premium all-laser surgery, but can even obtain the privileges of some of the up to date excimer laser beams at a much cheaper rate compared to the market price.

Advantages of undergoing laser eye surgery from Utah LASIK:

Now, let us explicate in brief on all those major benefits of the Utah LASIK eye surgical treatment, which makes it the foremost clinic in North America.

State-of-the-art Technology: With Utah LASIK, you can obtain the enhanced privileges of some of the modern excimer lasers like, VISX STAR S4. Till now, over 25,000 eyes have been successfully treated with this laser beam. Apart from this, there is the advanced Visx Customvue wave front technology with Iris Registration, which has been exclusively meant to alleviate the complex refractive disorders. Presently, Utah LASIK is the only clinic in the nation, which treats the patients with these enhanced technological facets.

Less Painful: Again, the Utah LASIK laser eye surgery is moderately less painful than the several other types of eye surgical treatments like, the photorefractive keratectomy. This is undoubtedly one of the chief benefits of this eye surgery clinic and this is also one of the chief reasons behind its massive popularity.

Instantaneous Results and Recovery: Utah LASIK conducts the entire process with such professionalism that vision correction generally takes place right away after the surgery or maximum by the next day. Furthermore, here the recovery time is also pretty fast and you even do not need to undertake those stitches and bandages like before.

Assistance from some of the Proficient Surgeons: In Utah LASIK, you can even get in touch with some of the well-known surgeons of the country. Apart from being vastly experienced, these people are also capable of dealing with all sorts of cases in an efficient manner.

Massive Success Rate: Utah LASIK even holds a massive success rate and it further instigates a large number of people to opt for the same. Till now, approximately 80% of the patients have gone through this surgical procedure successfully and most importantly have attained the level of vision, which they have always craved for.

However, do keep in note that Utah LASIK surgeons only recommend the patients of more than 18 years of age to undertake this kind of surgical treatment.
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Introduce Some Fashion Reading Glasses for Women

The Most Stylish Oval Sunglasses for Men in 2011

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

What are the most stylish sunglasses for men recently? If you care about fashion, you would know what a sensation oval sunglasses have caused in sunglasses world. Especially when designed in aviator style, the artistic effect of the oval lenses is in perfect coordination with the aviator style. In this particular time, oval sunglasses for men in aviator styles have stormed many shops with lots of special designs. Let’s see the unique characteristics of the oval sunglasses.

Oval sunglasses

Oval sunglasses for men: refined and charming. These sunglasses are suitable for a broad range of people regardless of their roles in the society. The modern look and special design of it have won lots of men’s heart. Sunglasses are indispensable in a hot summer, not just for fighting against the strong sunshine but also for fashionable look itself. Coordination is a very important criterion for evaluating the beauty of any object. And the perfect coordination of the sunglasses lies in the grey lenses and the silver frame. The plastic decorations on the arms are aimed to present you the best comfort with the lightest weight. With these men’s oval sunglasses, you might experience the feeling of being a pilot, a charming pilot.

Oval sunglasses

Oval sunglasses for men: cool and stylish. It is said black color is always the mainstream in our fashion world. Nothing can better explain it than the above sunglasses. It is whole black, and it is entirely cool. Perfectly coordinated everywhere, these oval sunglasses are designed to make you different from others. A man of rich characters and good taste is indicated in the thick and a little mysterious oval lenses. The two-bridge design is a symbol of aviator sunglasses. It tells people the superiority of elites. In a time when people from all backgrounds are chasing for these sunglasses, it is memorable to have at least a pair of them. The 1930s aviator oval sunglasses are deemed as classic ones.