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Aviator Sunglass Show Its Charm in Different Occasions

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Every year, the new arrivals of aviator sunglasses always carry a new characteristic when they come into our eyes. Most people do not know this point but the aviator sunglasses have been popular for a few years already. Aviator sunglasses actually burst onto the scene back in 1930s during the war as a tool to protect the eyes of pilots from the sun. Originally, these kinds of aviator sunglasses were specifically meant for the pilots because they were cozy and highly protective and cover the eye and skin around from the harmful sunrays. In that period, the lenses were impact proof that is why those sunglasses were terrifically durable.

Few people are aware of the fact that the first pair of aviator sunglasses was made by Ray Ban in 1936. But it became a part of the fashion scene just a few decades ago. However, in recent years, models all around the world begin to flaunt the aviator sunglasses as a hot accessory. Tome Cruise is one of the most popular celebrities, who started the aviator sunglasses fashion trend when we take today’s aviator sunglasses into regard then nothing has changed drastically. The overall structure of these sunglasses is very much similar to what US army men used to wear.

In 1969, the NASA scientist landed on the moon, wearing the pilot aviator sunglasses. You can see those sunglasses at the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. Moreover,the classic aviator sunglasses have a dark metal frame with reflective lenses, which were initially made for the use of air force personnel of the US to protect them from UV rays and strong sunlight light.

But in recent years, there are many more modern versions, which feature different colors and shapes. There are some with square lenses and an array of modern funky colors. Besides, the world of fashion accessories is witnessing the growing success ratio of the wholesale aviator sunglasses.

Top Three Fashion Accessories in This Summer

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Everyone likes fashion very much. However, do you know what will be the most fashionable things in this summer? If you want to be fashionable, you should know about them as follows:

No.1 the Colorful Wraparound Sunglasses

It is well known that we can see the sunglasses all the year around. This year, there are large numbers of sunglasses with different colors and styles for customers to choose, such as square sunglasses, round sunglasses, aviator sunglasses and wraparound sunglasses. Among all of these sunglasses, the wraparound sunglasses are the most popular sunglasses with big frames and lenses. The colors of this kind of sunglasses are bright and the designs are very special which is full of retro style. If you have suffered from poor eyesight, you can choose wraparound prescription sunglasses to help you see things clearly and follow the trend of fashion at the same time. Besides, the wraparound prescription sunglasses can match with different styles of clothes. Therefore, wearing a pair of retro style sunglasses, you will never be out of the fashion.

No.2 Hot Pants

This year, the hot pants have gained a lot of people’s favor. Most of people would like to wear it in the summer of 2011. There are two types of hot pants for customers to choose. One is long hot pants which is the best choice for those people who do not like to expose their legs. Another one is short hot pants which is cool and comfortable to wear in hot summer day. Lots of brands stores offer various kinds of hot pants for customers to choose. Among all of these brands hot pants, the Jean Paul Gaultier’s hot pants are most popular. Wearing one of the Jean Paul Gaultier’s hot pants, you will look hot and sexy.

No.3 Retro Style Lace

Among all of fashionable items, the lace is the most popular. The lace is the beloved things of fashion designers which can make women look sexy and charming. Every season you can see them in the market or in the mall. The styles of lace are various. Last year, most of underwears are designed with  laces, which looks sexy and charming. And this year the designs of laces are lively and they are full of retro style.  So many women are likely to wear clothes with lace to make they look pretty and mysterious.

Can People Who Suffer Presbyopia Wear Sunglasses?

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

There is no doubt that sunglasses have been a part of our life. For young people or old people, sunglasses is needed especially in summer. For young people, there are lots of choices for them. But for older people, it seems that it is not an easy task to choose them. This is because lots of old people suffer from presbyopia caused by aging. How can they choose the proper sunglasses? Here, this article will give you some suggestions.

First, you can choose photochromic lenses for your sunglasses. Some people also call it transitional lens. This kind of lens can turn dark automatically when they meet sunshine and return to clear lenses when they are out of sunshine. This kind of lenses can deal with eye prescription. So, by choosing this kind of lens, you can get a pair of prescription sunglasses when you are in sun. Besides, you can also use it as a pair of regular eyeglasses when you stay indoors.

Second, you can choose clip on sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses consists of two layers of lenses. The inside layer of clear lenses can be used to make reading eye glasses while the outside layer of colored lenses can be used as sunglasses. So, we can say clip on sunglass is a combination of reading eyeglasses and Plano sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is really a kind of simple and convenient sunglasses for eye protection and vision aids. However, every coin has two sides. There are a few choices for styles and colors that people can choose. Anyway, there is no doubt this is a good way for people who suffer presbyopia to enjoy sunglasses in sun.

Third, with the development of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses can also be purchased. Those prescription sunglasses are not only applied to people who suffer myopia, but also applied to people who suffer presbyopia. What you should do is to use your latest eye prescription when you choose sunglasses. Even if you suffer both myopia and presbyopia, you can get bifocal sunglasses to correct vision for both near vision and far distance.

Enjoy the sports activities with the prescription sports sunglasses

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I believe that many myopic patients are bothered with the trouble in taking part in sports activities. If you wear the ordinary framed glasses, your eyes will be easily hurt. If you wear the contact lenses, the sweat will come to eyes and lead to inflammation. If you don’t wear the glasses, you can’t see items clearly, especially for people who have serious vision problems. Therefore, the emergence of prescription sports sunglasses helps them solve the problem. The unique design of rx sports sunglasses will allow you to enjoy the sports freely.

Generally speaking, the prescription sports sunglasses can be classified into different groups. The prescription swimming goggles, prescription basketball glasses and so on. Many people wear contact lenses and swimming goggles at the same time. Sometimes the water enters inevitably into the eye and cause eye inflammation. However, the prescription swimming goggles combines both functions of contacts and swimming goggles. So it is more convenient for the wearers to see things clearly in the water and feel more comfortable by only wearing rx swimming goggles.

The prescription basketball glasses combine the professional sports glasses frames and prescription lenses. Compared with the ordinary frames, they are comfortable and safe to wear. The frames with flexible elastics can match with the wearer’s needs.

Because of the special needs in sports activities, the quality of the prescription sports glasses is wonderful. The lenses of them are PC material. They can burden the crashes in sports activities. It is an important factor to the prescription sports glasses.

Certainly, the process to get the prescription sports glasses is the same as others. You must get your prescription first. It is an important procedure to get the accurate prescription. Then you can choose what you want. There are many options for the customers including shapes, styles and colors. They are as fashionable as the ordinary glasses. With the help of the prescription sports glasses, you can enjoy the sports activities freely.


What Do Girls Like Best in Summer

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Summer comes, so more and more girls begin to prepare some necessary things to decorate themselves. Do you know what girls like best in summer? Lots of girls pay attention to this problem because they want to be more beautiful and charming in summer. Then, I want to tell you that there are three types of things that girls like best in summer. You can know them in detail in the following passage.


T-shirt is one of the most favorite things for people in spring and summer, especially in sunny day. T-shirts which are natural, comfortable and suitable to wear have attracted large numbers of people in hot summer day. It is suitable for people to wear in different occasions. In order to meet with different people’s requirements, there are wide ranges of T-shirts with different styles and colors for girls to choose. The design of T-shirt is very special. The designers make some decorations and letters as well as pictures on it,which has added the taste of it. Lots of T-shirts are available at mall where you can choose them freely. T-shirt can increase your beauty and charm at the same time. It is one of the fashionable things in our daily life. It is the first choice for most of girls.

Stylish sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses can not only protect your eyes, but also help you follow the trend of fashion. Most of girls would like to wear one in hot summer day. It is said that the stylish sunglasses can offer anti-radiation function for you. Too much sunlight is not good for our health with the great environment pollution. Therefore, it is necessary for us to wear stylish sunglasses when we are going outside. Wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses will be charming and sexy. This is why more and more girls would like to buy stylish sunglasses in hot summer day.


Skirt is one of the necessary things for girls in hot summer day. Most of girls would like to wear it in summer. With the advanced technology, the styles of skirt become more and more various. No matter which styles of skirt you want, you can choose them freely.

Do You Know the Reason Why Sunglasses Are So Popular

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

It is well-known that sunglasses become the most popular items in summer. Moreover, you can see a majority of people wearing sunglasses with different styles, shapes and colors on the streets. Why are they  so popular and do you still want to wear a pair of stylish sunglasses in the sun to show yourself? Now, this article will share with you why sunglasses are so popular.

Sunglasses can protect our eyes from ultraviolet light. Just as skin, eyes are easy to be damaged because of the ultraviolet lights, which lead to the development of a cataract. Sunglasses are an invaluable protective shield against ultraviolet radiation. For maximum eye protection, sunglasses must block at least 75% of infrared radiation. Professional sunglasses usually satisfy this requirement. To take this possible, various technologies are used: tinting, polarization, mirroring, anti-reflective or ultraviolet coating. For example, polarized sunglasses are generally used for water sports and driving, while mirror coated lenses are especially useful for snow skiing. Wraparound sunglasses are ideal for cycling and activities in sandy or windy conditions.

Apart from the protective function of sunglasses, they are also a means of self-expression. They have been popular as a fashion accessory since the 1940s. Sunglasses, also termed as spectacles, goggles or glasses, are relatively affordable compared to other fashion accessories, which is why practically everybody has at least one pair of sunglasses. Because of their moderate price, an individual can use different sunglasses to add a finishing stroke to well-planned attire.

Last but not least, sunglasses also can be used as the tool to mask identity for some Hollywood movie stars, famous singers or some other celebrities. It is commonly reported that some celebrities always mask themselves with sunglasses, when they want to go out or enjoy the beach time or shopping time.

On the whole, sunglass is necessity for you to enjoy a happy summer time.

What Are the High Quality Sunglasses-Titanium Sunglasses

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

In the past few years, most of people were bothered by the sunglass frames which broke and deformed easily. Therefore, many people do not like to wear sunglasses because of these sunglasses will be damaged easily. However, the sunglasses becomes more and more popular due to these sunglasses made of different kinds of materials, such as plastic, metal, titanium, memory metal, memory plastic and wood. And these sunglasses materials can meet with people’s different requirements. Among all of these materials, the titanium sunglasses are the most popular sunglasses. The sunglasses made of titanium materials are the high quality sunglasses. There are lots of advantages of titanium sunglasses over other sunglasses as follows:

The most important and greatest merits of titanium sunglasses are their durability and light weight. It is well known that the sunglasses made from traditional materials can be easily damaged or deformed by impact. Therefore, most of people would like to choose a pair of durable sunglasses. And titanium is one of the best and top materials, which can combat almost all accidental impact. That is to say, titanium sunglasses can maintain their original shapes and won’t break. If the titanium sunglasses made of polycarbonate lenses, the durability is very good. Apart from this, the sunglasses made of titanium materials are one of the lightest frames. Thanks to  lightweight and comfortable features, it is an ideal choice for most of people.

However, the prices of titanium sunglasses are very expensive, because making a pair of titanium sunglasses needs high techniques and a lot of time. And the materials of titanium themselves are very expensive. If money is not your concern, you can buy titanium sunglasses and enjoy youself.

As usual, most of brands stores offer lots of titanium sunglasses for customers to choose, such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Chanel and so on. Certainly, lots of normal eyeglasses manufactures also offer some. So, you can find out them easily.


How to Buy Best Sunglasses

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Although there are lots of people who take sunglasses as fashion adornments, we can’t deny that sunglasses are considered as a good tool to protect eyes from many outside injuries. Nevertheless, not all sunglasses can protect your eyes well. So, you should try to find some qualified sunglasses. Generally speaking, the best sunglasses should be made from impact resistant frame and lenses and in fashionable style.

Choose durable sunglasses frame

Although common sunglasses are not used for sports, you still try to find some sunglasses made from durable material. And the material for sunglasses frame shall pass through the OSHA safety requirement. And there are lots of materials applied to sunglasses such as nylon, all kinds of metal and plastic. Whatever you choose, you should choose the best qualified frame. Generally speaking, nylon is considered as a kind of flexible and durable material for sunglasses frame. Besides, metal frames are also impact resistant.

Choose unbreakable and protective sunglasses lenses

In fact, the sunglasses lenses are the most important part of a pair of sunglasses. The lenses of sunglasses act as a shield to prevent dust or other foreign objects. In order to protect eyes well, the sunglasses should be impact resistant so as to protect eyes from injuries. Besides, the lenses of sunglasses must prevent UV rays and reflective lights. This is also the basic function of a pair of sunglasses. In fact, lots of people wearing sunglasses are just for protecting eyes from sunshine. Besides, you can also add some useful lens coating according to your preference such as anti-fogging, scratch- resistant or anti-reflective coating etc.

Choose sunglasses with fashionable design

As stated above in the first paragraph, sunglasses are also considered as fashion decoration. So, you should also pick up some fashionable sunglasses when you look for practical functions among them. And a pair of best sunglasses should not ruin its image due to their cumbersome appearance.

Highlight the Importance of Wearing Sunglasses in the Sun

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

In summer, the sun is more and more shiny which makes us hard to open our eyes. What’s more, the sunshine always carries some harmful rays like UV rays. The shinier the sun, the stronger the UV rays. So, it is really a high risk for people who expose to sun without any protective measures.

The Vision Council has reported the importance of protecting eyes from UV rays. They try to appeal citizen to take measures to protect their eyes when they go outside. Although sun is significant for living creatures, exposure to high leveled UV rays will cause unexpected damages for both eyes and skin. What’s more, according to the National Weather Service, many of cities have very high or extreme UV radiation levels. So, it is very important to protect your eyes from UV rays in sun.

As for helping eyes fight against UV rays, there is no doubt that wearing sunglasses is a good way. But you should be cautious to choose them. You shall look for sunglasses which can provide UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun. Although today, there are so many kinds of sunglasses in the market, I think wraparound sunglasses should be first taken into consideration. Different from tradition sunglasses, the special structure of wraparound style can not only block harmful rays from the straight in front of your eyes, but also prevent harmful rays from all angles of your eyes. What’s more, since wraparound sunglasses have a pair of big lenses, they can also protect the delicate skin around your eyes. In addition, wraparound sunglasses are designed in a fashion way. You can also take it as a fashion adornment to decorate your face.

At last, apart from wraparound sunglasses, you must prepare some sunscreen for you skin. You’d better wear long sleeve clothes to get a better protection when you go outside. Anyway, you should prepare all you need to prevent sunshine. Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen are necessary products when you go outside.


Sunglasses Popularity Trend Report

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Sunglasses not only have the function of blocking the sunlight and harmful UV rays from the sun, but also have the function of decoration. It is one of the necessary elements for fashionable people to decorate. It can make people look cooler. Therefore, people would like to wear one whether there is sun exposure or not. Summer comes, and it is time for you to make a pair of sunglasses. Then, what will be the new trend of fashion on sunglasses? Which feature will these sunglasses have? Which types of sunglasses is suitable for your face shape? Let us know the sunglasses popularity trend together with these problems.

The retro style sunglasses are still the popular sunglasses in this year.

This year, you can see large numbers of big framed sunglasses in the eyeglasses market. Like butterfly sunglasses and rectangle sunglasses , they are the most popular sunglasses. These retro style sunglasses are the main trend of fashionable sunglasses in this year, which can bring a nostalgic feeling to you. With the advanced technology, there are wide ranges of retro style sunglasses with different shapes for you to choose. Most of these sunglasses can cover one third of the face, which can give you a mysterious and cool feeling for you. The anti-radiation function of retro style sunglasses is very good with the black lenses. These kind of retro style sunglasses are suitable for all shapes of faces.

The decoration of sunglasses temple is rich

Comparing with the design of sunglasses temple in the last year, they are richer in this year. The elements of sunglasses temple become more and more various. The decoration of sunglasses temple is rich on its detail. The decoration on the frame and temple of sunglasses needs higher skills. The shapes of these sunglasses frames are more exaggerated, which gives the Bling’s luxury and the show off feeling for you. These types of sunglasses with rich decoration are suitable for round face shapes. The rude and rich temple can modify the round face shape perfectly. Wearing a pair of this kind of sunglasses can make people ignore the face shortage.

The color of sunglasses becomes more and more various

In the past decades, the choice on the color of sunglasses is limited. However, the color uses on sunglasses become bold and exaggerated in this year. No matter the frames and lenses, there are wide ranges of choices for you, such as photochormic color, bright color and so on. These colorful sunglasses are suitable for small, long and rectangle face shape. You can choose them freely at eyeglasses market.