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The supernatural wraparound sunglasses lenses

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Sunglasses can be classified as several categories according to the materials, styles and lenses. The lenses are also quite diversified which include plastic, polycarbonate, glass, etc. For the regular sunglasses, you can select the lenses which your like, because you can get the frame options and lenses options respectively. However, the wraparound sunglasses are the exception for the supernatural lenses.

The origin of wraparound lenses

The lenses in wraparound sunglasses were actually derived through a technological development from NASA. They have a “Light Management System” that eliminates glare and makes the clear condition for vision. Some styles of wraparound sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses, making them ideal for athletes who want the assurance that their lenses will be resistant to breakage. The lenses of wraparound sunglasses are inspired by the technology to some degrees.

The powerful wraparound lenses

1. UV protection

The sun mainly releases ultraviolet (UV) rays which typically refer to the UV –A and UV – B. Although some of them are filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. But the rest of them still act as the disastrous effect to damage people’s eyes health. Wraparound sunglasses are ideal eye protection because the lenses are constructed from a multi-layer coating that is capable of providing the highest protection for UV and IR radiation.

2. Filter out the glares

Most of the outdoor workers have frequently met the problems that result from glares. For the sports lovers, their views are usually blocked by the glare from all directions. Another crowd of people who just take a walk also experience the glare from external objects such as water or a shiny road. Thus, the wraparound sunglasses playan important role for solving these problems. It is equipped with the polarized lenses which filter out the glare and provide a field of vision with sharp contrast and sharp shadow definition even in high-glare or overcast outdoor condition.

3. Correct all the vision problems

Wraparound sunglasses are basically divided into non prescription wraparound sunglasses and prescription wraparound sunglasses. People who need the prescription eyewear have different vision problems including myopia, hyperopia and, both myopia and hyperipia. Wraparound sunglasses can be created nearly to correct all of these problems. We can name these prescription sunglasses as reading wraparound sunglasses, bifocal wraparound sunglasses and progressive wraparound sunglasses.

You Will Benefit a Lot from Bifocal Sunglasses

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Do you have any difficulty in reading some books outdoors? Do you always bring two pairs of glasses all the time with you. One is for your eye protection and the other is for reading clearly? Are you always annoyed by switching from reading glasses to sunglasses, then back again? Now, bifocal sunglasses can solve this kind of annoyance for you. Bifocal sunglasses offer you the function of regular reading glasses so that you do not have to strain to read what’s ahead of you.

Bifocal sunglasses offer you much convenience. In the past, people have tried to attach clip on sunshade to their sunglasses, but do you really want something unwieldy? If you also use a clip on, clarity is considerably affected, since what you are doing is putting a second lens on top of your reading glasses. With bifocal sunglasses, you enjoy the comfort and clarity. Then you do not have to switch from sunglasses to bifocals and vice versa, since you have both in this two-in-one solution. Not only is this convenient but a true money saver as well. Why buy two pair of glasses when you only need one?

At the same time, bifocal sunglasses offer the protection for our eyes. They can prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes as well as cancel out harmful UV rays from the sun. Most of them are equipped with refractive capabilities as well as coating to deal with glare and excess light. So you do not need to be worried about walking under the sun or reading outside.

All in all, bifocal sunglasses offer you clear vision no matter you are farsighted or nearsighted, at the same time, it will play your outdoor activities to the fullest. Make a long story short. Bifocal sunglasses are your best choice in summer.


The growth of eyeglasses

Friday, May 6th, 2011

The high-spread and advanced technologies have created a series of technologies to meet our demands in our life. Eyeglasses turn to be the new elements for all of us currently. They appeared in 15th century according to some documents. While, there is a great difference between the glasses in ancient times and nowadays.

Firstly, the approach for us to get eyeglasses has witnessed the radical difference. We just talk about the case several decades ago that people who want to get eyeglasses should walk a long journey to the centre business district as the optical stores are rather rare. As the proverb goes, a thing is valued if it is rare. It is rather a considerable cost for them to get a new pair eyeglasses in the past several years. While, today, the network connections bring us convenience as well as economy. This has greatly converted the commerce is done from what seems like decades ago. Almost any of the daily articles can be sold online stores. There are many venues such as Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and individual stores. The online business is highly competitive as the stores quantities are well developed. In order to be outstanding, they strive to improve their service and cut down their prices. The aggressive competition has brought many benefits to customers. Thus, the customers can enjoy the most favorable prices from all the sellers. There is another advantage to purchase eyeglasses online. You can buy their discount eyeglasses if you sign in their web site. As I know, Firmoo is a typically optical store which can provide the discount or even free eyeglasses for their customers. It is a developing store and just wants to express their thanks to their customers. I have got their free eyeglasses several days ago. On the whole, online business is an extraordinary change in the history.

Secondly, the eyeglasses itself turns to be diverse. No matter in terms of materials or colors. The styles involve in aviator, retro, novel, or wacky features to cover with women eyeglasses, men eyeglasses, polarized sunglasses, goggle, wraparound sunglasses and so on. Materials include the metal, plastic, memory series, titanium. Though the colors have not changed too much, there are many frames equipped with two or three tones. For example, the frames can be fit with red colors in the inner frame and white color outward of frame. All in all, these changes have met the favors of today’young people who seek the new fashions all the time.


Eye Maintenance For Women

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Along with social development, the different ages gives different new fashionable elements. Today crow’s-feet, pouch, black eyes are taking into shape and appear around the eyes which deprive the beauty of women. This is a saying: telling the age from the one’s eyes, we can recognize the importance of the eye maintenance from this proverb.

How grain of purify fish end?

Firstly, get rid of six “enemies” of beautiful eyes, “alcohol, cigarette, insolation, air pollution, sleep insufficiency and expired cosmetics which are the arch-criminal of damaging the delicate skin”. The alcohol can improve the metabolism and expand blood capillary. The broken blood capillary will make the ugly spots due to insobriety.

Moreover, the cigarette and Overexposure will make injuries to eyes which are easy to produce wrinkle. The bacterium generates from polluted air and expired cosmetics entering eyes are possible to infect eyes to some degrees. Sleep insufficiency make the “panda eyes”, if you have to do extra works at night. It is quite possible for you get sleep in time to keep the clear eyes.

Secondly, avoid the bad habits in daily life which include: Do not wear eyeglasses in order to keep good images. Squint eyes when in poor vision will result in the microgrooves climbing eyes. Be moderate in your diets, they should abide by scientific methods. Weight slashed will make the muscle relaxed and lose elasticity. For the good-looking girls, it is quite important for them to clean up their makeup as the processes of cleaning makeup is quite important before sleeping.

Drink lots of water is the most economical way to improve one’s beauty, because getting enough liquids may help specifically with fatigue or constipation, Sufficient supply with water for our body chronically can improve metastasis and prolong life

Though, young girls are in the their youth and seldom have the eye skin issues,  the eyestrains, seasons, environments as well as the other external factors that  also can damage their normal images. Keep your eyes maintenance regularly will make your eyes more charming. More eye maintenance professional knowledge by clicking:

Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses for Everyday

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Every day, people are exposed to the UV rays from the sun, whether it is sunny or cloudy. Numbers of people pay more attention to wearing clothes to protect their skin and sunscreen to prevent the UV exposure, but they are not aware of the benefits of protecting their eyes with wraparound prescription sunglasses.

Wraparound prescription sunglasses with big frames, which can cover half of the face, are the best tool to protect the eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes from the visible sunlight and harmful UV rays. The strong sunlight and harmful UV rays can cause cataracts and macular degeneration if you do not wear a pair of sunglasses with the function of UV protection. Wraparound prescription sunglasses are an ideal choice.

We should choose a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses with the function of both UVA and UVB protection at normal eyeglasses store. It is well known that whenever we are staying outdoors, we should protect our eyes by wearing UV protection sunglasses. If you have suffered from poor eyesight, you can choose wraparound prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes and to see things clearly at the same time. You also need to choose them based on your requirements.

The photochromic and polycarbonate lenses are the main materials of wraparound prescription sunglasses lenses. The color of the photochromic lenses will change as people move. The photochromic lenses have provided a convenient way to defend eyes. The polycarbonate lenses are suitable for every eyewear that offers UV protection and safety for your eyes.

Today, you can choose a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses to see things clearly and to protect your eyes at the same time. It is also one kind of fashion accessories in recent years. Everyday, we should wear sunglasses anytime when we are staying outside.

Update your image easily with various sunglasses

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

In hot summer, sunglasses have become our most closest companions. We can go out without handbag, but we can’t go out directly without sunglasses. Sunglass are really an must-have item for people especially for women. It not only protects their eyes from UV rays, but also covers their weary face. Nevertheless, we should not take it for granted that we can wear only one pair of sunglasses all over the summer. Anyway, sunglasses are also an important decoration. Thus, we should prepare several pairs of sunglasses with  different types for different occasions or matching different styles of clothes.

If you plan to dress up yourself with sunglasses, there are lots of factors you should take into consideration. For example, you have to think about your clothes style, hair style and color, your face shape and skin color. As long as the sunglasses match your well, it will bring you good impression on others. Here I will introduce you some trendy sunglasses in 2011.

Butterfly shaped sunglasses

Recently, more and more people trend to wear some flowery or some surprising sunglasses. In order to meet people’s demands, manufactures have produced many kinds of bold designer sunglasses. Among them, butterfly shaped sunglasses seems one of the popular style in this year. Besides, this kind of sunglasses can easily match your colorful skirt and give you an elegant appearance.

Gradient tinted oversized sunglasses

It is not a secret that most celebrities like to wear oversized sunglasses to show their personal style. For example, Paris Hilton always likes to hide her eyes in a pair of oversized black gradient sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses can cover a large part of users’ eyes. Besides, it usually matches well with T-shirt and jeans. It is simple but is a fashion way to get attention.

Fashion Sports sunglasses

In order to keep slim, it is necessary to take some exercise. In the sunny summer, sports sunglasses must be the must-have item on your shopping list. Today, sports sunglasses are no longer dull. They are made in many colors and styles which can update your image easily. Wearing sports sunglasses can make you look energetic.

How to Maintain Your Sunglasses?

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

The sunglasses are used as protective aids for they have the ability to block glare, ultra violet radiation, reflection and reduce the eye fatigue resulting from sun rays. They are important items to protect eyes. But now with the increasing improvement on the design, the sunglasses have been a symbol of fashion. The combination of fashion factors and protection features attracts many wearers.

Various kinds of sunglasses or prescription sunglasses are available in current market. They are of great importance to protect our eyes. In order to achieve the protective function effectively, the owners should pay attention to wear and protect them in daily life. However, a lot of people don’t care too much on maintaining the sunglasses. As a matter of fact, maintaining the sunglasses well can not only extend the effective time, but also provide necessary protection to eyes.

Generally speaking, it is the same to maintain the sunglasses as the ordinary glasses. You should clean them regularly and put them correctly. When we wear the sunglasses in daily life, it is easy to contact the dust, fingerprint or some other spots. Therefore, it is of great importance to clean them. Wiping them with paper or finger is wrong for they will be harmful to the lenses. You should clean them with soft cloth. Many people hang the sunglasses on the head or collar, pocket or put them on the sear, desk or in the handbag. The sunglasses will be broken or scratched. The best way is to put them in the sunglasses cases or in a drawer.

What’s more, the most important point is to put the lenses in the upper side no matter where you put them to protect the lenses effectively. It is quite easy to do these things. We should develop a good habit to protect them in our daily life.

Bifocal sunglasses make your life easier

Monday, May 9th, 2011

How wonderful it might be if all people have good eyesight. However, the fact is that most of people have to wear eyeglasses to achieve good vision. Besides, they have to wear particular eyeglasses according to eye diseases such as eyeglasses, bifocal eyeglasses, progressive eyeglasses etc. Still some people have to prepare for several pairs of different eyewears for different distances or different occasions.

Although those eyeglasses bring users vision aids or eye protection, it is really inconvenient to take several pairs of eyeglasses or sunglasses when we go out. For people who need to correct vision for two distances, are you still wearing two pairs of eyeglasses for life? In fact, we have a better way to meet this problem. You can choose bifocal eyeglasses. It could not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also correct vision for both distances. With a pair of bifocal glasses, you won’t be bothered by switching back and forth constantly between your reading glasses and prescription eyeglasses to see far.

Besides, bifocals are also applied to sunglasses. In this season the shinny sunshine outside always attracts us to enjoy sunshine. However, long-time exposure to the sunlight will cause strains on eye muscles or lead to some eye disease like cataracts or keratitis. So, we need to wear sunglasses to get eye protection. For people who need vision aids, they have to wear prescription sunglasses. But common signal vision can’t meet the demands of people who need to correct vision for two or more distances. So, people invented bifocal sunglasses and progressive.

Those bifocal sunglasses combine bifocal glasses with sunglasses in terms of functionality and style. Bifocal sunglasses are really good choices for people who have to correct vision for both distances. It not only provides vision aids, but also provides UV protection. Wearing a pair of bifocal sunglasses, you don’t worry that the UV rays in sunshine will hurt your eyes while you enjoy sunshine and beautiful scenery. How cozy it is!

Most Men and Women are Fond of Designer Sunglasses

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Summer has finally arrived! The bright sunshine, the chirping of the birds, the latest fashion trends! people have a variety of options to choose from designer sunglasses, apparel, shoes or other accessories. Every person loves to be pampered so that the designer products help these people by giving them a feeling of possessing a “custom made” product only for him or her. Designer sunglasses are this kind of case. Sunglasses are offering some really one-of-a-kind designer sunglasses which one can only dream of. These top of the line products are built with cutting edge technology to last forever and displays some really innovative designs.

For men, designer sunglasses have been a popular designer accessory for a long time to flaunt a cool and macho look. Men’s sunglasses from brands like Oakley, Bolle and Ray Ban sunglasses are most in vogue. In addition, Ask any women about their favorite type of designer sunglasses and in most of the cases the reply will be wraparound sunglasses. You will find these sunglasses are always in bright colors which help you to be in upbeat mood. Wraparound sunglasses continue to be popular with women irrespective of whether she is a celebrity or a working professional as these sunglasses provide more protection from sunburn due to the larger areas of skin they cover. D&G sunglasses, Vogue sunglasses, Burberry sunglasses are some top notch brands for wraparound sunglasses. However, there are a lot of ladies who have some vision problems. In this case, the wraparound sunglasses with the function of vision correction will be helpful. Wraparound prescription sunglasses are not only functional but also chic and stylish.

The wraparound prescriptions sunglasses can protect the tiny particles and dust getting into our eyes from different angles because of the big frame, which can nearly cover the half face. It also can correct your vision according to the eye disease of yours. You also can benefit from different colors. The most popular color is red and white or some other bright colors that can make you so attractive. If you want to have a different try and different summer, you can choose a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses for the shinning summer.


Several Necessary Aspects on Eye Protection

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Eyes are the soul of the window. No matter where we are, we should protect our eyes. Without eyes, our life will be blind. There are several aspects we should be known on eye protection. I would like to share them with you.

We should blink our eyes frequently. Do not “stare” all the time. If you blink your eyes frequently, it can reduce the time of your eyes exposure in the air and avoid the air evaporation. Do not blowing air-condition for a long time, and avoid your seat have air blowing. You should place a cup of tea near your seat in order to increase the humidity around you. In our diet habits, we should eat different kinds of fruit, especially some oranges and tangerines. We also need to eat lots of green vegetables, grain, fish and eggs, etc. Drink lots of water can help you to reduce the eye dry. Have a good habit with sufficient sleeping time is also good for our eyes.

Avoid working in front of the computer for a long time. We should have five or ten minutes rest after working in front of the computer for 1 hour.  You can use your eyes to see far or do some eye exercises when you have a rest. Keep a good posture when working. Maintain one of the most appropriate postures, look at the screen horizontally or slightly down can make your neck muscles relaxed. And it also can minimize the area of your eyes exposed to the air. You should far away from the screen about 50 or 70 centimeters, because the radian and the distance can reduce the demand of refractive, and reduce your eye tired.

You should not wear contact lenses when you playing computer games, if you have small tear secretion. You had better wear a pair of bifocal eyeglasses if you have reached the age of 40 years old. Or you can wear a pair of eyeglasses with low degree when you are typing. If your eyes appear red, pain or other problems, you should go to the hospital to see the eye doctor.