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The difference between cosmetic lens and corrective lens

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Recently, more and more people prefer contact lens than eye glasses, owing to its advantages. There are two kinds of contact lens according to the different usage, cosmetic and corrective. If you have eye problem, so you can not wear contact lens for fashion instead of glasses. In recent year, the people wearing contact lens are more than the people wear eye glasses.

As I have mentioned above, contact lens have two kinds, cosmetic and corrective. Cosmetic lenses are made for the ordinary people in order to make them fashionable. These kinds of lenses are always of different and bright colors such as blue, yellow, brown and so on. Because it stands for fashion, so they are much popular among youth. You also can wear them according you the clothe you wear. However, you can not wear these contact lenses for a long time because these colors will make you feel uncomfortable.

Even though the cosmetic contact lenses are so popular, the corrective contact lenses are the most used among people. These contact lenses are the medical device that will help the people with their eye problem. Because it is made of soft plastic and it will sit directly on the eyeball. Sometime people will not feel comfortable. When you meet that problem, you have to wash your contact lens at certain periods or it will cause infection. As we all know that human eye is a very complex and delicate body parts. It can have several types of problems and as a result the type of treatment also differs. Scientists found that the eye glasses can suitable for all the types of visionary problems, however, they have not found that everyone with eye problem can wear contact lens. So, people having complex problems with their eyes cannot use contact lens. They have to wear spectacles for such complex problems.

A large success was gained by our great scientists that are making contact lenses for some complex problems. Take bifocal contact lens for example. Bifocal lenses are making for people suffering for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. Eye glasses also have two different glasses that are made for such purpose; however, the two glasses are fixed with a separating line going across them. The contact lenses have solved that problem very well.

Anyway, no matter what kind of contact lens, you can benefit from both of them.

Fight VU rays, wraparound prescription sunglasses come to help

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Summer comes, are you prepare well your sunglasses? To facing the more and more strong sunlight, do you feel hard to open eyes? Those strong sunlight and glares cause many inconvenient to us. Besides, it is include lots of UV rays in sunlight which will do harm to our skin and eyes. To fight against those UV rays, we usually use sun scream and sunglasses to protect ourselves.

Today, sunglasses are varied in many kinds. There are wraparound sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, photochromic sunglasses, tinted sunglasses etc. all of those sunglasses can applied to prescription for people who need to correct vision. This makes lot of people can wear sunglasses against UV rays.

Among those sunglasses, wraparound prescription sunglasses are the hot kinds. Some people may not know this kind of sunglasses. Those sunglasses are usually featured with big frame with big curve. It usually covers users’ large part of face to bring people an air of mysterious. With this design, it could not only prevent strong lights and glares from the right in front of the users, but also the glares from the sides of their eyes. So by wearing wraparound eyeglasses, it will provide more protection than other sunglasses. Besides, since those sunglasses can also deal with eye prescription, even poor eyesight people can wear wraparound prescription sunglasses.

Apart from its protective function, wraparound sunglasses are also in a fashion way. Particular in recent year, more deigns and styles were work on them such as flowers on the frame which make those sunglasses distinction from other. Many famous brands now are work on this kind of sunglasses.

In addition, wraparound sunglasses are not some fresh products, it were sold almost in every eyeglasses shop both online and local stores. So, it is available to lots of common people. As long as you need it, you get it. Summer is on the corner, so just go ahead take a pair!

How to Choose Classic Styles of Men’s Eyeglasses?

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Generally, females are more care of being fashionable and stylish than males. When it comes to choosing eyeglasses it is also the same. Many researches revealing that can be found. Surely, most girls will put fashion at the first consideration when they are trying to choose a pair of spectacles. However, it is also true that men’s eyeglasses are designed with fashionable elements is not available. In fact, some preferable or stylish models of eyeglass frame for men are carried in most optical shops. Further, wearing different eyeglasses under different circumstances is a cleaver decision. However, men’s eyeglasses are becoming more and more masculine which is new modern twist adding into these frames. Some lasting trends in fashionable men’s eyeglasses frames are still revolved.

Firstly, it is available of many bolder and larger eyeglasses frames .And I should say, for their existence, these extraordinary eyeglasses are really reasonable. Not only another extraordinary choice is offered, but also those men’s eyeglasses wearers with larger body shapes are flattered. Specially, people who have larger head and eyes are better flattered by those biggest men’s eyeglasses styles. A good instance is masculine styles including Aviator glasses. But these large frames will never take the place of the small ones which will continue to go well with men who have smaller faces. During these years, rimless and semi-rimless men’s eyeglass frames have been popular and these lens frames is minimized. These two styles really have something in common .For example, they are designed in a similar way that the lenses are held in place to the temples by a screw. Because of rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses’ modern and minimalist look, a lot of men wear them. Its advantage will be even magnified if these frames are combined with anti-reflective lenses. The benefit offered by rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses for men is its light weight. Reducing the weight of a whole pair of eyeglasses make most men like them.

Late but not least, when it comes to the material of glasses frames, titanium, which is also widely used in bicyclesgolf clubs, and space shuttles and so on, is a very great material. It has been popular among the variety of eyeglass frame materials for many years. The main advantage of it is that it makes eyeglass frames rate high not only in the fashion categories but also the function for the frames made of it are light weight, non-corrosive and very durable. Stainless aluminum and steel are preferable for men too. For there are so many kinds of men’s eyeglasses, if you are a man who have a good tasteyou can really find the best eyeglasses which fit you best.

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One Kind of Round Frame Glasses

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

There is one of eyeglasses which can protect our eyes from sunlight and UV radiations in the hot summer day or sunny day. The shapes of the frames are round and the lenses are rounding for round frames glasses. This kind of the eyeglasses named harry potter eyeglasses which gain the best seller eyeglasses in recent years. It has been widely used in most of people. For my friends, most of them wear round frames glasses in recent years. It is the king of the sunglasses in the eyeglasses market. The color of this kind of the eyeglasses are bright, it is suit for fashionable people. The first time I saw the round frames glasses in the eyeglasses online store. When I get into the eyeglasses online store, I have attractive by theses eyeglasses. The story of the round glasses frames with me are funny, I would like to share it with you.

All of my families do not wear eyeglasses when I was young. Thus, I didn’t have any chance to become aware of it until I noticed one when I was hanging out with my friends after school. Firstly, I considered it kind of weird but funny. I didn’t comprehend that why the man put a frame bearing round frames glasses in front of his eyes. I guessed that it might have some mysterious function, such as enabling people to see through walls or emitting rays to burn anything he focused on. I whispered to my companions that if it did so, I would like to buy one to get super power. As my wish went, I got a pair of spectacles in the next 5 years for I suffered myopia and saw far away objects blurred. Then I finally experienced the so-called mysterious function. Originally, I felt great for the new equipment I had gotten. However, I was gradually aware that the myth bought me nothing but took my convenience away especially when I did sports. It is when I played basketball that I broke my glasses and it almost injured my eyes. Then, I was having my physical class, everyone include me was playing basketball fiercely. When I was intending to shoot, one of my classmates jumped towards me and it seemed that he was going to defend against my attacking, which is so unexpectedly that I could scarcely ward off and my right eye was hit by his elbow. Simultaneously, the glasses broke into pieces and one of them cut my brow, merely one or two centimeters to my eye! Everyone was scared badly looking at my bleeding face. Later, I was taken to hospital. Since then on, I take off my glasses before doing sports.

When I get into colleges, I have to say good bye with my families and high school teachers, the only friends with me are round frames glasses. I was, of course, in high spirits of people’s behavior. As far as I am concerned, the majorities care more about their appearance, and some might form a unique style of their own as well. Spectacles, no doubt, are as essential as the clothing you wear, especially when you are dating or attending a meeting. With me, it should meet my present status—student, which is a symbol of young, aggressive and active. Thus, my glasses are neither exaggerate as those on stages nor stereotype as those on the elderly faces. In this day and age, eyeglasses do become a crucial part of my life and I can even say that I cannot be in this world as a normal one without my glasses!

The most popular round frames glasses in recent years are Harry Potter. Large numbers of people would like to wear this kind of the eyeglasses in their daily life to protect their eyes from strong sunlight and UV radiations as well as improve our eye visions. Not only the fashionable, but also the sexy eyeglasses are. Sometimes, the Harry Potter eyeglasses are the leader of me; it will lead me how to go when I was confused. And sometimes, it will lead me do the paper in right way. And sometimes, it will help me get well along with others in my daily life. Sometimes it will give me more confidence when I was failed in the exam of the term. It is really a good friend of mine.

Wearing design eyeglasses is the sign for men come into being fashionable

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Once you’ve decided on the type of glasses and frames you’d like to have, the next step will be where to buy them. There are many choices for this as well including the doctor’s office, a local store and even on the Internet. While all options have their positives they may also have their negatives. Each will offer different prices, styles and even warranty options. Be sure to choose the best for your needs. Contemplate each of these choices before determining where you will shop for your glasses. You can find trendy men’ eyeglasses with varies of options no matter where you choose to buy.

As men became more interested in having eyewear options, eyeglass frames evolved to accommodate them. Demand for stylish eyewear brought about more designs in more colors and materials than ever before. Eyeglass frames began to feature unique touches such as silver detailing, patterned inlays and laser cut designs. One style can spawn an entire line of fashion frames with the addition of color and different materials.

Flattering, trendy designs have helped bring eyeglass frames for men to the forefront of fashion. World-class designers have brought their years of expertise and knack for style to the eyeglass arena. Famous names that are known for creating exquisite clothing, furniture and art have crossed over into eyewear, with fantastic results. They use plastics imported from Italy and France and high-tech spring hinges imported from Denmark. Paired with their eye for detail and impeccable style, they create the height of fashion-forward frames. Some handmade frames are made with layering techniques that set each pair apart from the rest.

These high-fashion trends like have been seen on runways around the world and carried over to everyday wear. Features such as exposed hardware, bold color combinations and futuristic styles make each pair different from the last. Many are based on retro styles such as horn rims and aviators, so they remain classic but feature a twist of the present. With this type of frame, the wearer gets the best of both worlds: glasses that will never go out of style made with materials that will stand the test of time.

It is no doubt that the trendy men’ eyeglasses is more than an vision correction tools , it is the sign for men come into being fashionable .

What ’the main factors for men selecting eyeglasses

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

If you go shopping with men , you will found their other sides in their characters which more likely to save money actually whether buying supplies of daily use or clothes .for the same sense ,you can think out what the selection they will make when they purchased the stylish eyeglasses. Men’s. eyeglasses are often stylish and popular. How can we find stylish men eyeglasses?

Few of men want to wear eyeglasses that are out of fashion. They are as fashionable as women, too. However, there are not large quantities of styles for them to choose from, no matter in colors, shapes or some like that. So the options for men are limited in several styles. It is quite a challenge for men eyeglasses designers. They have to come up with endless new styles, smart detail that men will appreciate but not find too daring, and appeal to the techno hungry man with innovative joints and materials. Comparatively speaking, designing women eyeglasses is much easier than that of men.

It is easy to find the men’s new looks with gentle charms. If they want to update their eye glass frames with a stylish pair of non-prescription eyeglasses, how can they achieve that goal? Generally speaking, different cut out and inlaid squares, stripes and layers of metal in different colors for a quirky but smart layered metal effect will achieve different influences.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of men eyeglasses styles in the current markets. The most popular shape is deeper than of late and slightly bigger. The most popular colors have a matte finish, in dark tones ranging from dusky silver to dense matte black. A classic velvet black will suit dark haired men or silver foxes wanting to regain some definition! Gunmetal is always in vogue too, just don’t opt for shiny silver or gold! You have more options, too!

It is significant to choose the right size of men’s eyeglasses.  Wear the frame before buying it to see if it looks good or not. As if you go in for too big frame then you might just cover your face which is something that you would not want. Whereas buying too small frame will certainly be uncomfortable for you.

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Rimless Glasses Available Online Is Best Option

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

In the past decades, people wear eyeglasses are due to they have get poor eye sight. But now, most of people wearing eyeglasses due to the fashion, and the eyeglasses have been the main trend of fashion. In the past, the eyeglasses are dull and with thick lenses, they heavy for people to wear it, but now, in the high development of the technology, you can buy a pair of the thin and fashionable eyeglasses in your daily life. In recent years, the rimless glasses are the most popular eyeglasses both for poor eye sight people and fashionable people. You can easily get them from eyeglasses optical store.

Lot of young people would like to wear a pair of rimless glasses in their daily life. Yes, some cannot afford these glasses for its high price. Do not let price become the deciding factor. Look up for your favorite rimless glasses wisely, and make sure, at the same time, you’ve not compromised with the glass quality. To purchase quality rimless glasses at a throwaway price, online shopping is the best option. For their low upfront costs, online stores sell glasses at a cheaper price compared to brick and mortar stores near you. Many online stores offer rimless glasses at a wholesale price. Thus, you will be able to save some extra bucks.

The Nose Bridge, temples and lenses are the important part of rimless glasses. Depending on your requirement, you can opt for glasses without hinges or can also go for regular hinges and spring hinges depending on your choice. When it is comes to a prescription rimless glass, opting for polycarbonate lenses will be your best bet as the edges of these frames are bare. Rimless glasses are available in different sizes, and thus you can select the one you need.

The rimless glasses are the new trend of fashion in 2011; they are light weight for people wear. Compare with the price of normal eyeglasses, the rimless glasses will be more expensive than it. It will spend more time for eyeglasses designer make it. But you can spend ideal prices to get your ideal eyeglasses from eyeglasses online store.

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Why You Should Wear Eyeglasses

Friday, April 15th, 2011

The reasons why most of people wear eyeglasses have two reasons. And the main reason is that most of people suffered from poor eyesight, need a pair of the prescription eyeglasses to correct their poor eye visions, and they want to wear a pair of the perfectly round eyeglasses to reduce the strain of their eyes after the long time working.

Another equally important reason is that most of people wear a pair of perfectly round eyeglasses for fashion. The eyeglasses worn by people without vision problems don’t have any power. Before buying the eyeglasses, you need to obtain a prescription from the optometrist. The prescription contains information about the power for your left and right eyes. Besides the prescription information, you have to obtain information about the papillary distance. The papillary distance of the eyes can be measured by the optometrist. You can also measure the papillary distance by wearing the eyeglass.

When you choose the lenses for your perfectly round eyeglasses, you should choose them well. The common eyeglasses lenses that are sold at the optic stores include polycarbonate, glass and ultra index lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are made from plastic so it is shatterproof. It won’t shatter when you drop it on the ground. If someone accidentally steps on it, it also won’t break. It is almost 100% shatterproof. It is stronger than the acrylic lens. The acrylic lens is 17% stronger than the glass lens. Polycarbonate lens is lighter than glass lens and easy to carry around. It is thinner so it is suitable to be used to make eyeglass for a person that suffers from high prescription. The higher the prescription, the thicker the eyeglasses will be. If you want people to notice you, you can use the polycarbonate lens. If your prescription power is very thick, you need an ultra thin lens. In this case, you should buy the ultra high index lens. The ultra high index lens is thinner than the polycarbonate high index lens. It is also more expensive by a few dollars than the polycarbonate lens.

You can purchase a pair of the perfectly round eyeglasses form eyeglasses online store for your requirements of your eyeglasses. You have to make a comparison of the qualities of the eyeglasses with local store eyeglasses. Obviously, the prices are the significant things you have to take a consideration between the two eyeglasses optical store. The reason is that you should not pay the rent fee of your eyeglasses online store, so they have inexpensive prices than the local eyeglasses store. You can buy a pair of the eyeglasses to have a try.

Wraparound Prescription Sunglasses is My Style

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Big framed sunglasses is my ideal eyeglasses, I have found it for many years. But I am not find a pair of ideal one until the wraparound prescription sunglasses came into the eyeglasses market. It is my style which I loved it very much. But they came into the world a little late. It doesn’t matter; it will be the latest fashion in this summer in 2011. I have seen many celebrities wear a pair of big framed eyeglasses in the film or in their daily life. I love these celebrities very much and I want to decorate myself like them. I try my best to find a pair of similar eyeglasses with them which can decorate me like them. It is hardly find a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses at local eyeglasses store. Therefore, I decide to find them at online eyeglasses store which have given me a big surprise. There are large numbers of wraparound prescription sunglasses at online eyeglasses store with widely ranges of shapes and colors. I have made several pairs of wraparound prescription sunglasses for myself to meet different conditions.

If I need to go out and want to have a beautiful appearance, I would like to wear a pair of certain sunglasses to polish my fashionable look. If I am going to the beach, I would like to wear a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses to protect my eyes and skins. Different pairs of eyeglasses used in different occasions. It is the common senses; we have to take care of our image no matter where we are. If I want to do sports activities, I would like to wear a pair of sports wraparound prescription sunglasses to help me win the games and to protect my eyes. Wearing a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses is convenient and fashionable. Wearing a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses can match your personality and clothes easily. After I worn a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses, almost all of my friends have made a pair of sunglasses to decorate themselves. Wraparound prescription sunglasses is the new trend of fashion in the latest years, you can purchase one for yourself.

I like to wear sunglasses, so I want to make the wraparound prescription sunglasses spread all around the year. All of the people can wear a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses. Different people have different look if they wear a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses in their daily life. It can enhance your beauty and appearance.

Do not worry about that you can not find a pair of suitable eyeglasses. The wraparound prescription sunglasses are the ideal choice. Wearing a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses, you will never be out of fashion. Wraparound prescription sunglasses are my style. So does yours!

Know Your Personality from Eyeglasses

Friday, April 15th, 2011

All of us know the material of the eyeglasses; they are metal, plastic, mixed material, titanium and memory metal as well as memory plastic. They are normal materials of the eyeglasses, and the wood also can make the eyeglasses. We called this kind of the eyeglasses are acetate wood look eyeglasses. This kind of the eyeglasses can make you more attractive and confidence also can make you feel unique.

Nowadays, more and more people start to take environment into consideration, and most of people would like to choose acetate wood look eyeglasses in nature. Acetate is a kind of plastic materials. And those acetate wood look eyeglasses can give you the same experience as really wood glasses. It will make you have a unique look. It looks generous and fashionable.

We have high realizations on protect environment, and the eyeglasses also take consideration on the environment when they designed the eyeglasses. The invention of acetate wood look eyeglasses aims at not only reducing realistic pollution in our area in some degree, but it also reminds us of the importance of environmental protection we must have.

The colors of acetate wood look eyeglasses are widely. After the grit blasting procedure, the frame is done. It is not only simple to make operational this procedure, but it could also be applied widely in eyeglass manufacturing industry. Therefore, you can find acetate wood look eyeglasses in market.

Compare with other material of eyeglasses, the acetate wood look eyeglasses have higher qualities and their color can not easily fade. There are a lot of people who are allergic to certain metal or plastic glasses. For them, wood eyewear is a safe solution.

Everything has two sides, the acetate wood look eyeglasses can not adjustable and durable. It is also easily broken. If you have a pair of wood eyeglasses, you have to take good cake of them. But the acetate wood look eyeglasses really special and can make you unique in a group of people.

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