Who can not get Lasik eye surgery?

It is true that many people have received lasik eye surgery. Especially, there is a trend that more and more people decide to get it as arising achievements are scored in the field. But this surgery is not suitable for all people due to different reasons. In addition, it also involves some complications and side effects, though rare. Therefore, people should spend more time learning this procedure before getting it.

Usually, Lasik eye surgery is particularly suitable for people with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. And the success rate of this surgery is also determined by many other factors, like receivers’ eye condition, physical health, etc. This is also why an eye exam is needed before the surgery.

Like many other laser or non-laser eye surgery, Lasik may also cause risks or complications sometime. If this occurs, some further surgeries are needed. But in serious cases, people have to suffer from permanent vision problems. And there are still some ways to reduce the possible risks and complications if people can know something more before, in and after the surgery. Of course, some problems or potential risks can be detected by eye check before the surgery.

It is true that success rate for lasik surgery becomes higher than ever before. This is also why more and more people tend to receive it, like military troops.

Before the surgery, a comprehensive eye exam will be operated and some potential problems can be detected. Especially, the exam can tell whether or not people with sensitive eyes can get it. In addition, sufferers of other eye problems are still not good candidates for this surgery.

However, lasik eye surgery can still ensure greatly high success rate, though there are still some risks and complications. And the recovery of the surgery is determined by many factors. In particular, following eye surgeons’ advices is one of the most important factors for the surgery.


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