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What Do Classic Mens Frames Consist of?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Unlike women, men don’t like shopping at all. They think it is a waste of time to shop. So if they can, they will not go shopping. And if they have to, they prefer classic stuff but not fancy stuff. As far as frames concerned, classic mens frames are of course their favorite. However, what do classic mens frames consist of?

Research shows, men are not as picky as lady, they often pay more attention on the comfort and fit of their eyeglasses than women do, durability is another factor that attracts them. They think even though a frame looks great, they will also be unwilling to wear it if the fit is uncomfortable.

Full frame or half frame is their preferred classic mens frames, for they are more durable than rimless eyeglasses frames. When we choose glasses for men, we should take the frame shape into account. Suitable glasses for men can properly fit to men’s looks. The most suitable frames shape of glasses for men is opposite of wearers’ facial shapes.

As for material, most men like Metal frame with plastic temples. But If the temples of glasses are made of bendable titanium material, it always means high quality, as they can bend this kind of glass frame back and forth as they wish, another advantage of this kind of men’s glasses is that the arms can literally mold to people’s faces and ears, which means more comfortable.

Men tend to have larger body and heads. So they normally choose a frame with total width size around 145 mm or bigger. In addition, their eyes are usually father apart. For this reason, men’s glasses tend to have a longer bridge and sometimes even longer temples to accommodate for this change. When it comes to colors, gun metal or silver is the most popular option for men. Of course, for those men who like to chase fashion, they can choose some other colored frames of glasses, such as black or demi -amber ones.

Though men pay more attention to the quality and comfort of eyewear, the style needs also considering. To a man, glasses are not only a proper reflection of his temperament but could show their good tastes and personalities as well. And only durable and comfortable frames with very cute style can be called classic mens frames.

Wholesale Replica Sunglasses Help Jazz Up Your Life

Monday, October 18th, 2010

People these days prefer to wear sunglasses which are replicate of some of the famous brands such as Oakley, Gucci etc. That’s why wholesale replica sunglasses have become so popular. Some people look for sunglasses with the actual brand names imprinted on them whereas others look for a style that compares to the original. In either type these are know as replicas and famously known as replica sunglasses.
Majority people now prefer to own a sunglass with company names on them but not actual company sunglasses, these are also known as fakes or replica. Replica sunglasses are very popular and sell very well but there are draw backs to them. One of the most common draw back is that it is somehow of low quality and don’t offer any UV protection. But buying via CTS wholesale sunglasses will solve this issue.
Wholesale replica sunglasses that compare to, that are similar in style with no brand name on them are ok to sell. CTS Wholesale Sunglasses suggest only selling this type of replica sunglass because you are not breaking any copyright laws. Some sunglasses companies offer the “Compare to Brand Name” type of sunglasses. We find these types of replica sunglasses to sell very well. People like the idea of seeing a pair of wholesale replica sunglasses that they can relate to the brand name.

Few people also experience that these wholesale replica sunglasses also break very easy or fall apart in a very short period of time. However buying them from CTS will be a different experience all together. Selling wholesale replica sunglasses with company names on them like Oakley, Chanel, Gucci and other brand names is illegal. But still people prefer and now it’s not illegal as owners twist the name.
People want a brand name sunglass but don’t want to pay the price. Higher end brand name Sunglasses sell for around $100 - $300 per pair. Wholesale replica sunglasses are the perfect alternative to the brand name sunglasses. The prices on most replica sunglasses are around $10, so if you end up loosing them or breaking them you are not going to feel so bad. One thing about selling replica sunglasses is the profit margin is very good. Most retailers make around $8.00 on each pair sold.
There are various points to keep in mind while buying wholesale replica sunglasses. Quality is very important you don’t want to be selling low quality sunglasses that break very easy or don’t offer any UV protection. Look for styles that compare to the originals but don’t have brand names on them. A reputable sunglasses supplier will always stands behind there merchandise. Moreover sunglasses company that offers fast shipping, low prices and good customer service.

A sunglass supplier that has had years of experience that can offer ideas on promoting your business. Hence if you are looking for wholesale replica sunglasses then CTS Wholesale Sunglasses is there for you.

Three Kinds of Cheaters Eyewear

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

It is easy to get confused when we are choosing cheaters eyewear, there are so many different styles, colors and materials in the market, it is really hard to make a choice. And currently, eyewear devices come in different functions that vision rectifying is no longer the only purpose in buyers’ mind. Many non-functional cheaters are widely designed and produced by renowned and subtle brands. In fact, there are mainly three types of cheaters that fill the eyewear market in modern time: regular prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses and protective cheaters.

The most fashionable and favorite cheaters eyewear are sunglasses. It is good news that modern technologies have made it possible to incorporate needed powers into sunglass lenses which usually have colors. Cheaters glasses belonging to this basic category thus are currently available at Rx and non prescription models. All of us know that sunglasses are mainly for eye protection in sunlight. The breakthrough described before is a great gift for people with a need for vision aid while participating in outdoor activity. UV protection and vision correction can be achieved at the same time. Of course, traditional sunglasses remain as the major player within this category.

It is still not an era in which prescription eyewear plays a supplementary role. Cheaters made with specific prescriptions still occupy a major proportion of the eyeglass market. Many customers may argue that eyewear models for solely fashion pursuit have soared considerably during the past years. That is also true but believe it or not, it is a fact that Rx eyewear is still the mainstream. Eyeglasses were firstly invented in order to help a small number of people correct a vision problem. In the current time, the group who suffers a refractive error or presbyopia is dramatically larger than decades or even hundreds ago. Cheaters in different powers are really the most popular solution.

The new basic type of cheaters eyewear is protective eyewear. Eyeglasses within this category are less frequently used because they are mainly for dangerous work. A more popular term is safety eyeglasses or goggles. Even if they occupy a small portion of the pie, safety cheaters are a necessity for workers who stay in a risky workplace.

No matter what kind of cheaters eyewear they are and what are their functions, they have many different styles, colors and materials. And if you want to get more choices, you should order them online. The diversity of eyeglass products is even wider at an online shop than a traditional one.

Thinking of Gucci Sunglasses? Get Replica Gucci Sunglasses

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Gucci is also well-known for their bright use of leather and the style that makes Italy a huge and equally famous fashion hub. It has earned more than 2 billion dollars in 2008 for their product lines, according to Business Week. This makes them the forty-fifth top brands in the entire planet.

Gucci is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. It has been worn by a lot of celebrities - both men and women. You see them not only in magazines, but also in televisions and billboards. If you have a Gucci product with you, you’re considered one of the elite people.
However, not everyone can have style icon Gucci. You may not have them today or even in your entire life. This is because designer sunglasses, for example, don’t come cheap. They are worth hundreds. These hundreds can be used to pay off your credit card bills to not tarnish your credit rating. If you’re still in school, you can utilize it to start paying off your college loan or to add more funds into your education. If you’re a mom, you hope to spend the money for some good treats for your kids or presents for your husband on your anniversary.
Best Option Is Replica
The best option therefore for you is to get a replica. One of the advantages - and the biggest one - is they are extremely affordable. You will spend less than $20 for replica sunglasses. In fact, some of them are on sale, which means you can expect reduction on an already knock-off price.
Of course! They are not the real Gucci these replica sunglasses are still made of high quality that you can use your sunglasses every day. They don’t only make you look cool and fashionable; they provide function. With their UV400-coated lenses, for example, you can shield your eyes from the UV rays of the sun.
The frames are made of steel or plastic, depending on your preference. They are still durable, so they don’t easily break off when you accidentally drop them on concrete roads or on the floor. Their colors don’t immediately fade away even after prolonged sun or water exposure.
Replica Gucci sunglasses are completely legal too. They are not exact duplicates of those sold by the brand. They have been modified according to the perception of the designer artist. The frames may have been changed or the gradient colors of the lenses are funkier.
Sites like Instyle Sunglasses provides alternative to designer sunglasses. That’s a good deal since you do not have to go for replica sunglasses. There are also so many latest sunglass designs to choose from.
Thinking of Gucci Sunglasses? You have every reason to do so. But when it comes to purchasing sunglasses, you may want to start with the other cheaper alternatives.

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To Buy Bifocal Reading Eyewear for Your Fragile Eyes

Monday, October 18th, 2010

People who have eye sight problems know very clear that our eyes are very weak so that we must take good care of our eyes. Therefore, to buy bifocal reading eyewear for your fragile eyes is very necessary.
Additionally, you are not restricted to just bifocal lenses. You can find sleek, attractive lenses and eyeglass frames which allow either trifocal or progressive lenses. To enjoy the convenience of a multi-prescription lens you no longer have to endure large, heavy glasses on the bridge of your nose. Switch easily from reading the paper, examining the computer monitor and talking to your friends, all with clear vision, comfort and an attractive eyeglass style.
The stereotypes of thick and large eyeglasses are just plain no longer true. You can now enjoy clear vision with sophisticated correction and an attractive style. Materials like Trivex, polycarbonate and CR-39 allow bifocal reading glasses to be more sturdy, feature-rich and versatile than ever before yet still achieve a wide variety of styles. You can even have small rimless bifocals and no-line bifocal reading glasses with progressive lenses.
So before you invest in those sticky little things you have to poke into your eyes each day (aren’t you tired of contacts?), I encourage you to research the modern capabilities of the classic bifocal reading glasses.
Why bifocal reading glasses? Despite the growing popularity of corrective laser surgery for vision conditions and the expanding use and versatility of contact lenses, many people still love their bifocal reading glasses. I am one of those people and I’ve made a study of the art of the eyeglass. These great lenses also work great for computer glasses or bifocal sunglasses. Whether you are working at the office, at home or you are out
Playing Frisbee with your puppy, modern materials, manufacturing and design enable you to wear comfortable and effective eyeglasses. You can put it all together with a bifocal sunglasses featuring a progressive lens and sleek, semi-rimless design.
Now that we know the importance of protecting our eyes and we also know how to choose what kind of eyewear to buy. This article, to some degree, can help us to solve the problem.

Some Advices of Buying Discount Eyewear

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Along with development of technology and the mature of eyeglasses market, people have more freedom now to choose the most suitable glasses they need. Recently, discount eyewear with ensured quality and reasonable prices have gained much popularity. But is it wise to compromise the health and condition of your eyes, for a pair of discount eyewear?

For the optical center of your eyeglass lenses is the part that gives you clear vision, and determining where to put these lenses forms an important part of the work of an optician. Surf discount eyeglasses websites and you will discover that they need to determine this distance between your eyes or PD. For this, you’ll still need to get fitted by your optometrist or the lab, to have this correctly determined.

You may end up selecting the wrong frame for your face and all because it’s a pair of discount eyeglasses. Having the proper frame for your eyes is important because if they fit properly you won’t have headaches, and you see clearly.

Frames that are too large or don’t fit your face properly will fall of your nose. If this is too small, you’ll feel uncomfortable, as they will pinch the bridge of your nose. Either way, if they aren’t the right size for you, you’ll end up owning a useless pair of discount eyeglasses.

Weigh your options and if you can spend a little bit more to have it this done in the traditional way, at your optometrist clinic, then do it.

This may sound trite, but you have only one pair of eyes, and you should do all you can to protect and keep this pair healthy, so they’ll serve you better.

Although it may seem to be a safe and ordinary part of the process to fit for your eyeglasses, this is not true.

Another important factor you should consider, how can you determine if you look good in a pair of discount eyeglasses? Isn’t it more satisfying to be able to try on any pair of eyeglasses you see in the optometrist clinic and immediately know if this pair suits you? Something you can’t do with discount eyeglasses, even if online shops try to approximate it with flash programs.

Discount eyewear are now in a great demand because of their advantages compared with other kind of glasses.If you are interested, you can have more information from various channels.

Serengeti Sunglasses for Drivers

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Whether you are driving a huge car full of people or your own vehicle by yourself, you should always have a pair of sunglasses on hand, as the sun can be your enemy and inhibit good judgment.

Drivers are one of the most important groups of people who need to be wearing sunglasses, not only for their own safety, but also for the safety of others.

The temporary blinding that is caused by the sun when you are driving can be fatal. If you cannot see the traffic that has stopped in front of you, or if you are trying to switch lanes and cannot see the car in the next lane that is coming up faster than you think, an accident may occur. Wearing sunglasses is especially important for professional drivers, who are responsible for the safety of several people.

Serengeti Driver’s Sunglasses are the most advanced sunglasses made specifically for drivers. These sunglasses have photochromatic lenses that actually adjust to light changes in the environment and lighting, getting darker as the sun brightens. They also filter out harmful blue rays that can cause hazy vision and tired eyes. Serengeti aviator sunglasses feature lightweight and durable material, as well as adjustable nose pads and plastic temple tips for extra comfort.

Why Motorcyclists Should Have Serengeti Sunglasses

Because motorcycle riding is not the safest way to travel, motorcyclists must take extra measures to protect themselves. Many states have law that require motorcyclists to wear helmets and to carry insurance, but none require them to wear sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses is, however, one of the best precautions a rider can take.

Dust, debris, and any other small particles can potentially block a cyclist’s vision, causing very serious accidents. A helmet does not completely protect a rider’s eyes from small particles carried about by the wind. Not only can these particles (in addition to ultra violet rays) cause damage to the eyes, they can seriously block your vision, even just for a moment.

Sunglass designers have begun making motorbike sunglasses, which add protection and also an extra element of fashion. Many of these sunglasses have lenses that are interchangeable so that they can be used during the day and also at nighttime. Serengeti sunglasses carry some of the most popular and stylish motorcycle sunglasses, and the added protection they offer makes them well worth the purchase.

Owning a pair of these glasses could mean the difference between having a great ride and experiencing a bad accident with lifelong repercussions. There is no doubt that you should consider a pair of Serengeti sunglasses if you are a driver.

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Helpful Tips on Picking the Right Eyeglasses

Knowledge on Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

If you have never bought glasses from the internet, you will probably not be that familiar with the procedure. Therefore, here we will mainly give you knowledge on how to buy prescription glasses online. And you can easily find numbers of reputable online glasses retailers by Goggling.

You can now buy your prescription glasses online from a variety of retailers at a fraction of the cost of high street opticians. This amazing facility saves you lot of time and money as well. Online purchasing allows you to order your prescription glasses while sitting in the comfort of you own home. This way you don’t need to put a great deal of time by for buying glasses at your local high street opticians. Whether getting your first pair of contact lenses or an upgraded prescription it can be very advantageous to buy your next pair of prescription glasses online.

Know the ordering procedure. Now, it’s time to fill out the order placing form, once you have chosen your favorite prescription glasses. If you push the ‘check out’ button or something like this the site will direct you from here so you can complete your purchase. The next stage will normally ask you to fill in your personal details such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc. A space/text box may appear on the form to write any extra information you may feel is necessary in order to complete your purchase. Make certain that you have stated the exact sight test details as prescribed by the optician. Often, the best sites will verify the prescription from your optician by phone so try to ensure you give them your correct contact number. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after confirming your shipping method & payment through credit card. Due to any mishap or a product that is out of stock, your shipment may be delayed but you will normally be contacted via email or phone if this is the case. All in all the process of purchasing your glasses should be a simple procedure that you can follow with ease. Besides, you will save time & money by spending time on the internet to get your prescription glasses online.

Search for reputable online providers. This step is the fun part of buying glasses online. Begin your searching process with the major prescription glasses vendors. Compare rates among various websites. Main things to be considered are return policy, shipping rates, & available discount. Besides, focus on a site’s special offers. Some sites to satisfy their consumers offer them different facilities like you may try on frames by simply uploading a picture and exhibiting it with your chosen frames on it. Go through consumers feedback regarding the site’s service. Exercise this practice until you have limited your search to 1 to 2 sites and then compare them together to find out who offers the cheapest prices and the best service.

Consult your optician and book an eye test. It is very important to have an up to date sight test before you buy glasses. Your new prescription will help you in letting you know exactly what type of prescription glasses you may need. You may think that you need glasses, but it has to be confirmed by an optician or an eye specialist. An optician will let you know that what strength your glasses should contain to provide you with good vision. The consulted doctor will offer you a prescription for specs if he feels you need them. One of the most important parts of your prescription is your Pupil Distance (PD) measurement. Make sure that your optician has stated the PD measurement on your prescription. The PD measurement point is focused to design your specs appropriate for your eyes.

Search your desired frames. You will love this step if you are a fashion freak and like to experiment with the latest styles. On the other hand, if you are not, you may select a more traditional style to keep it safe and simple. The frame is very important, so before you buy one search out the appropriate sizes and color for you, one that you think suits your personality. You can choose frames by material, color, shape, price, & brand name. Once you have selected your desired prescription glasses online, put them in the shopping cart of the website.

In today’s  world, net technology is able to offer lots of convenient ways to perform many of the tasks that you never seem to get round to and one of the biggest of these is to buy prescription glasses online.

Symbol of Elegance: Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

 Calvin Klein’s philosophy is to design products that are minimal, clean, sophisticated, sexy and modern, exactly like this current sunglasses collection. Famous wearers of the brand include; Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt and Sandra Bullock. American brand Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 by the man himself. The companies first order for 50,000 dollars (a massive amount at the time) was placed accidently by a buyer who got off a lift on the wrong floor.
    Practical and functional fashion

No doubt about it, Calvin Klein is one of the fashion world’s top brands, having firmly established its name in every facet of fashion. From ultra-smart clothes to dead-on accessories and perfume, this brand label has evolved into one of the must-haves of every season, a dead-ringer for the fashion commodity that each individual aspires for: class.

Calvin Klein sunglasses are indeed synonymous to elegance, class and out and out style. And it is equally deadly -deadly in terms of fashion, that is and deadly in a positive way. Though known for its minimalist chic designs, the versatility and elegance of the Calvin Klein sunglasses provide the perfect icing on every fashion ensemble. There are even designs which you can wear from office to casual picnics.

What better way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays? Calvin Klein sunglasses have turned this used-to-be entirely functional item into something that inspires glamour, mystery and allure. Suddenly, sunglasses (Calvin Klein sunglasses that is) are not just light filters anymore. Frames are not just ordinary rims, but plastics and metals bedecked with ornate lines and tasteful colors.

What is more, you can don your Calvin Klein sunglasses in every occasion - be it a beach outing, a casual stroll in the park or in the mall, a drive around in the car, or just a plain rest and relaxation day in your favorite hang-outs- and not wear it out. It takes a lot of years before Calvin Klein sunglasses bid goodbye to their owners. These sunglasses are both functional and practical, giving you real value for your hard-earned money… that is if you know how to take care of it.

Whether you wish to be flashy, suave or debonair, there is a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses guaranteed to suit your personality and fashion choices. From chic to serious, sporty to classy, Calvin Klein sunglasses collection has a design that will fit your eye to a T. Though a bit pricey, buyers are sure that they are getting a quality product from the one of the world’s best brands in sunglasses. Prices are usually set at $100 and maybe even higher for more recent designs, and there is a wide array of designs to choose from. Calvin Klein sunglasses have surely kept up with the times, as you’ll find that most of today’s fashion trends are echoed and mirrored by these glamorous orbs. Calvin Klein sunglasses are absolutely fitting for men and women on the go, or those who want to lounge about and relax when they take a break from this fast-paced world.

When it comes to choosing a good pair of sunglasses, a lot of people opt for the really big ones -the bigger, the better, as they are the rage these days. A lot of new colors have also taken space alongside the more conventional ones. Aside from the classic black, Calvin Klein sunglasses now offer designs in candy colors, basic white, color infusions of green, coral, fuschia, and gold, and black layered with lime green or teal.

These days, it is not only the Calvin Klein sunglasses that must exude that eye appeal. Even the carrying cases are chic and fashionable. The designs of the Calvin Klein sunglasses carrying case are definitely up to par with the sunglasses that they offer, equally as hot as the item they contain. Not only will your favorite sunglasses be protected, you’ll also be able to carry them around in style! What more can you ask from one of the leading names in the fashion industry?

After favourable press reviews the line expanded into sports wear and so on.
Calvin Klein is the youngest person to ever have been awarded the Coty Award which he won 3 times running, and was also awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award 3 times over, so you can be sure your sunglasses have been designed by safe fashion hands.

What Can People Benefit from Buying the Prescription Sunglasses?

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Eye wearer can not get their prescription from the eye glass selling stores directly. They must get it from the professional doctors in a hospital or optometrists in eye glasses stores. Then what are the benefits of buying prescription sunglasses?

There are many benefits for wearing the sunglasses. First of all, it can protect your eyes from the damages caused by the sunlight. When you are standing under the sun, you are susceptible to a high risk of skin cancer. Wearing the sunglass will protect the skin near your eyes. The skin near your eyes will not be exposed to the sunlight so you will have lesser risk of getting skin cancer. The UV ray from the sunlight can burn the cornea and injure it. Many people who expose to the sunlight for long hours suffer from blindness. At first, you won’t see any side effects when exposed to the sunlight. After you are exposed to the sunlight for many months, you will start to see the side effects on your eyes.

If you have children, you should let them wear the sunglasses whenever they go outside to play. When they go outside to play, they will be exposed to the sunlight. There are sunglasses that are made specifically for children. Children sunglasses are available in many varieties just like the adult sunglasses. Normally, the children sunglasses are made from a durable plastic called polycarbonate.

The prescription sunglasses are eyewear that designed to protect the eyes from the strong sunlight. Nowadays, sunglasses can be equipped with lens power. If the sunglass has power, it can correct the person’s vision and allow him to see things clearly. Prescription sunglasses are available in a wide range of styles and patterns. If you like to look trendy, you can buy sunglasses that are made by the fashion boutique. The fashion boutique offer sunglasses that are trendy and up to date with the latest fashion. Many large fashion boutiques offer sunglasses. Fashionable sunglasses usually have big lenses. Movie stars like to wear big sunglasses because it is trendy. However, if you have a round face, you should wear a sunglass that has a petite size.

Polycarbonate lenses will not shatter if you drop on the ground for many times. Ordinary glass lens has a higher tendency to shatter if it is dropped on the ground. Therefore, the polycarbonate lens can last for a longer time and help you to save money. It helps parents to save money because they don’t have to keep buying new ones. If you decide to buy the sunglasses, you should explore the available options at the online store. The online stores offer cheap sunglasses that are almost 50% cheaper than the usual prices.

All mentioned above are the benefits of buying prescription sunglasses. People should always keep in mind that they are not allowed to get prescription for their prescription sunglasses from those unprofessional guys.