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Cool Aviator Sunglasses with High Quality

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Aviator sunglasses, also known as Pilot Shades or Stunner Shades, are a style of sunglasses that were developed by Ray-Ban. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eye socket, and metal frames with either paddles or wire temples which hook behind the ears. Contemporary models are often polarized

Originally, Aviator Sunglasses are developed by Ray Ban early in the 1930s. It is designed on teardrop-shaped lenses with sizes good enough to cover the eyes from sun rays and glares. During that time, aviators are used by pilots and got its ultimate popularity on the 1980s where a lot of popular celebrities started to wear it. It was also featured on Tom Cruise’ hit movie “Top Gun.” Well, every guy wants to look like Tom Cruise and definitely, aviator sunglasses could give someone a cool and strong look just the way Tom Cruise was.

Crafted with thin and polished metal-frame, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses became the best seller style on the history of sunglasses. It is also equipped with top quality lenses that effectively blocks infrared, radiations, UV rays and blue light.

 Moreover, aside from providing 100% protection to the eyes, Ray Ban applies best technologies on their aviator sunglasses allowing wearers to have a crystal clear vision while doing activities under the sun. Polarization is the most common technology used by several eyewear makers in a way of applying film filters on the lenses that provides excellent optical performance and protection.

Classic style aviator is frequently associated with generals, militaries and pilots. In fact, long before it got its popularity on the eyewear fashion, General Douglas McArthur was captured wearing it as he landed in the Philippines during the World War II. Now, it always appears to be an excellent pair that provides wearers a strong attitude. The good thing also with this style is that, it is unisex that fits for both man and woman. Furthermore, it is the only style that suits well to any outfit you wear-ragged, sporty or casual, still it looks so good.

There are so many aviator styles on the market but no one can beat the original. When it comes to quality and style, Ray Ban is always counted first on the list among all outstanding eyewear brands in the world.

It Is necessary to Know Some Eyewear Frame Repair

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

For eyewear wearers, knowing some eyewear frame repair is very necessary. Because eyewear frame is easy to break, if we can fix it ourselves, it is more convenient. And it is not vey difficult. With the help of an inexpensive eyeglass repair kit, you can perform minor repairs on eyeglass frames. The kits are sold at drugstores and hardware stores

Examine the cause of the problem with a magnifying glass. Is the hinge stretched out? Is the screw loose or missing? Did the hinge break off?

If the screw is lost, replace it with one of the screws from the kit, or slip a miniature safety pin into the screw hole and close it. If the repair kit’s screw does not fit into the hole, do not force it, as that might strip the threads inside the frame.

If the screw is loose, tighten it with a tiny screwdriver from the eyeglass repair kit. The tip of a paring knife will serve as a screwdriver in a pinch.

If the hinge is stretched out, cover the tips of a pair of pliers with masking or duct tape to avoid scratching the frames and then use the pliers to bend the hinge gently back into place. Or slide an orthodontic rubber band (available from dentists) or a small rubber ring (an eyeglass repair kit may include this) over the loose hinge to hold it in place.

If the metal hinge has broken off the frame, wash both surfaces and scrape away any paint or old glue. Then use a toothpick to dab fast-bonding glue to the break. Hold the pieces in place for 60 seconds to allow the glue to dry.

If the earpiece keeps slipping off the frame or has broken off, re-adhere it with fast-bonding glue. If you get the glue on your skin, wipe it off with acetone-based nail-polish remover.

Dab a tiny bit of clear nail polish on the hinge screw once you’ve tightened it to hold the screw in place. Let dry.

Ask your optometrist about making regular eyeglass adjustments to prevent breakage from wear and tear. In this process, the optometrist disassembles, cleans and tightens the glasses.Do not use fast-bonding glue to hold your lenses in place. It will make it impossible to remove them in the future.If fast-bonding glue gets into your eyes or mouth, seek medical attention at once.

If we command these eyewear frame repair skills, we can fix some minor problems by ourselves. Don’t you think it is better?

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Current Frame Trends for Women: Fall and Winter 2010

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Women always pay much attention to fashion. If you want to know which eyeglass frames are the must-have look of the season, check out these trends. Also see the current eyeglass frame trends for men.
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Wow Factor. Maybe “wow” is an overused word, but it may be the only one left in your vocabulary when you try on some of these lively styles. Corinne McCormack’s Denzel frame makes an artistic statement in black, multi-colored and pink patterns. Ted Baker’s new B837plastic frame gives you a classy, traditional look in brown and green. You’ll also be wowed by the intricate floral patterns in the YOU’S 688 frame, which is radiant in pink.

Sweet Memories. Maybe these are your mother’s (and grandmother’s) style of glasses worn back in the day, but do you really care? Vintage can be a blast, as evidenced by the semi-rimless, cat-eye SL2014 style in the Sydney Love Collection. Modern flourishes mix with the traditional in other new styles, including the oval-shaped Elizabeth Arden EA1069 frame and Vivid Boutique’s new 4008 plastic frame in tortoise colors.

Girl Power. Although these new fashion frames are billed as the latest in trendy looks for nerds, you’ll learn right away that bookworms can have fun, too. Pack up your computer and travel to that work conference in style in these black, squared Jessica Simpson J930 frames. Meanwhile, Eileen West Black Label’s rounded Get Smart readers in black let you look glamorous while you write your speech on the plane. Plastic LaFont Eames retro style frames in red make you a standout at the podium.

Women’s eyeglasses and frames are available in many shapes and sizes to suit individual tastes. When you visit an optical shop, picking out just the right frame for the look you love can be confusing. Want more? See our section called What’s New in Eyeglass Frames. Whatever your style may be, you’ll find the right frame — or frame wardrobe — for your personality and lifestyle.

Picking Eyewear Sunglasses Is Very Important

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Most people think eyewear sungalsses are a fashion accessory and don’t take other factor into consideration when they are choosing eyewear sunglasses. But it is not the case. There are many other factors you should take into consideration.

Eyewear sunglasses offer protection against the ultraviolet radiation which could cause cataracts and other damage to the eyes including degeneration of the macula, tissue growth on the white of the eye (pterygium) and skin cancer around the eyes if they are subjected to overexposure.

UV radiation has been classified into three types, UVA, UVB and UVC, but protection against UVC is not necessary as this type of ultraviolet is completely absorbed by oxygen and ozone in the atmosphere. It is important when buying sunglasses to make sure they are designed to block 99 to 100% of UV Radiation.

99-100% protection against UV radiation should be expected from all top brands of sunglasses, such as Animal, Bloc, Bolle, Dior, Electric Visual, Givenchy, Nueu, Oakley, Quick Silver, Ray Ban, Roxy, Spy Optic, and Vestal. Sports sunglasses come with full UV protection and a fit that makes them ideal for energetic activity. Many sports styles are unisex.

Eyewear sunglasses have the practical effect of comforting your eyes from the glaring sun. This is also an important safety feature, as it greatly improves vision whilst driving (roads create terrible glare) and engaging in sporting activities.

Eyewear sunglass lenses come in different colours for choice of emphasis. Grey or smoke reduces all light equally and does not altar contrast, whereas amber and brown do increase contrast. Yellow is good for low visibility and dark and cloudy conditions. It is possible to have a clear lens that still provides full UV protection. Transition lenses start off with about 30% colour, and this darkens to 80% in intense sunlight.This effect is now available with plastic or polycarbonate lenses as well as glass.

Polarized lenses in sunglasses work by using vertically-aligned filters to block unwanted horizontally polarized light, ie. glare, whilst allowing the useful vertical light through to the eye. Non-polarized sunglasses only reduce the amount of visible light entering the eye, darkening the view. One in five sunglass lenses sold worldwide is a polarized lens, amounting to the estimated sale of 60 million polarized (or polarising) lenses.

Style wise, for men, Aviator eyewear sunglasses maintain their popularity, while the wraparound is a frame option that meets the needs of an active lifestyle and casual relaxing. If you are feeling confident and quirky there are several retro looks on offer from the top designers, such as Nueu and Ray Ban, or you can go for classic tortoiseshell. Dior are popular women’s styles and also Roxy who offer stylish and sporty styles.

Another feature to consider when choosing sunglasses is frame coverage, as if sun light can reach your eyes without passing through the lens, then you have no protection from it. Also look out for shock absorbency or impact resistance, scratch resistance, hypo allergenic metal construction, and an overall comfortably lightweight product.

So apart from fashion, the function of their UV protection and their quality is also important. So when you are picking your eyewear sunglasses, don’t forget this.

Rimless Sunglasses Can Be Much More Comfortable to Wear.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

You have a lot of options when it comes to sunglasses.  It can be full‑frame, semi‑frame, or rimless sunglasses.  What you can do is to see for yourself which frame style would look best on you and would be most appropriate or suitable for the kind of work that you have.  As long your budget permits it, you can have a couple or more of sunglasses that you could use for different purposes or occasions.

We know that sunglasses are not just a practical necessity but also a must‑have fashion accessory.  Before you go buying the first one you can get your hands on, remember that not everyone could pull off wearing any kind of sunglasses.  Just because the sunglasses itself look stylish does not necessarily mean you would look great in it.  The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try different styles, shapes, and designs of sunglasses before buying one.

What is great about rimless sunglasses is that it is definitely lighter than those sunglasses with a full frame or semi‑frame.  Having to wear eyeglasses all the time could be quite tiring especially if you work or spend most of your time outdoors.  Wearing sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from the wind, the dust particles, and the glare of the sun.  Therefore, being able to slip on something that would feel less burdensome would be ideal.

Opting for a pair of rimless sunglasses would be advantageous in that you can choose unconventional but definitely interesting shapes when it comes to the lenses.  It can be a cool fashion accessory to have because it would look great with whatever outfit you are wearing.

Rimless sunglasses can be much more comfortable to wear.  Its lightweight design would be perfect for an everyday wear whether you are out on a stroll at the park or going to work.  You would not have to feel that you are carrying something heavy on your face.  Although the lenses of your rimless sunglasses would be tinted, it does not have to be too dark that you cannot use it indoors.

There are some who might think that rimless sunglasses are more delicate or can easily be broken when compared to other sunglasses.  Just because the eye frame does not have a rim, it does not mean that it is not sturdy. 

 Do not leave it where there is a possibility that someone might sit on it accidentally.  When you noticed that the screws are getting loose and you do not know how to tighten it, you had better visit an optician or optometrist to have your rimless sunglasses fixed. 

Of course, like any other eyeglasses, proper care should be given to your rimless sunglasses for it to last longer.  You should remember to keep it in its case whenever you are not using it.

Fashion Eyewear: Adidas Eyewear

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Much like their counterparts in the athletic shoe, equipment and apparel arenas, sport eyewear companies have negotiated arrangements with professional and Olympic athletes and teams. In exchange for complimentary eyewear and other support activities, the manufacturers have the right to use the “endorsements” of the sports celebrities in any marketing and advertising materials. The result, of course, is instant credibility among consumers.

Whether it’s basketball in a nearby playground, softball in a local park, skiing in the Colorado Rockies or biking the back-mountain trails of Utah, there is truly no way to accurately comprehend the elements, environments and experiences of sport without actually being there.
  “You can test these products thoroughly in the factory, but you won’t know that the temples pinch a little bit behind the ear until you get the eyewear on a living, breathing athlete,” notes Adidas? Walker.
  “That’s why we get the athletes involved in product development and why we get their comments on how and why our products work in all of our promotional materials.”
    At certain companies, athletes are actually directly involved in product development. Melissa Walker, marketing and promotions manager at Adidas (a division of Silhouette Optical), says the company’s stable of athletes is literally its “initial testing ground.” The athletes are interviewed about what they need and want from sports eyewear and the Adidas R&D team “goes to the drawing board to design eyewear based on those specs.” Walker adds that the company credits many of the marathon runners they sponsor with helping to develop its Gazzle collection. Similarly, companies such as Revo (race car driver Scott Pruett helped design the Icon) and Rudy Project (cyclist Jan Ullrich and world champion cross-country skier Stefania Belmondo were involved in the development of Noosa) say professional athletes have been instrumental in the design process.

Manufacturers also test the impact resistance of their lens products by hurling objects at the proprietary lens surface from a variety of angles and distances to see how it holds up. (They also launch projectiles at various parts of the frame to measure material durability.) Design people have been known to intentionally sit on and/or step on finished prototypes to ensure survival in a variety of “accidents.”Despite all of these activities, however, most manufacturers are quick to point out that nothing matches the real-world examination of a professional athlete.

As sports eyewear wearers become more tech savvy and concerned about performance, the more vital the trials and “testimonials” of these athletes will become to both the manufacturers and dispensers selling the products.

Easy Life with Plastic Frame Bifocal Reading Glasses

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

When you are advised to buy a pair of bifocal reading glasses, you still need choose among different materials, shapes and colors. There are plastic frame bifocal reading glasses will meet most demands of customers. They are getting popularity in the market because of their advantages.

The first aspect is plastic frame bifocal reading glasses is associated with the frame material. Like any other type of spectacles, bifocal reading glasses mean mostly the function of the lenses. They never exert extra requirements on any one of factors of the frame, like frame material, style, color and so forth. So, it is actually feasible to get bifocal reading glasses with any form of frames. But choosing plastic frame bifocal reading glasses will bring certain benefits. It is obvious that plastic frames are more lightweight than their metal counterparts. This is actually the most noticeable advantage while considering frame material. In addition, plastic frame equipped in bifocal reading glasses may help bring down the total price.

The second aspect of advantages of clear vision provision. As widely known by the public, bifocal reading glasses provide more help than regular reading glasses. Those conventional reading glasses can only offer clear vision for people who have presbyopia within the near vision zone. In other words, a pair of ordinary reading glasses is designed to provide vision correction on close up objects. The things that are beyond the near vision range are out of the control by a single pair of reading spectacles. One fact associated with most of the presbyopic elder individuals is that they still suffer from nearsightedness which formed probably in their childhood or at a young age.

Nearsightedness as a form of refractive error is beyond the capability of regular reading glasses which do not have corresponding power. This makes the magic function of bifocal reading glasses exceptionally notable. In addition to presbyopia correction, plastic frame bifocal reading glasses come with also nearsightedness correction. Prescription lenses equipped in bifocal frames are made with more than one lens power. To be precisely, a bifocal lens has both a plus power and a minus power. Two different parts of a single lens incorporate different powers and thus are able to provide respective forms of vision correction.

You will find out advantages of these plastic frame bifocal reading glasses yourself if you have a try. They are easy and convenient to get and you will have better wearing experience with these glasses.

Fendi Sunglasses –Fashionable and World Renowned

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

What are the most fashionable brands in eyeglasses? If you are an eyeglasses eyewear, you properly know the Fendi sunglasses, which is an Italian fashion label. It is one of the most stylish, preferred and enviable brands in the eyeglasses industry. This kind of sunglasses is made from fine materials and boasts trustful quality.

There are many reasons why one should purchase a pair of shades from this world-renowned brand. Apart from being stylish and cool, Fendi sunglasses are made from the finest quality materials which provide maximum protection for the eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are one of the best ways to assert your fashion status in your social circle.

For the ladies, the most loved model by Fendi is the FS 373 AF sunglasses. These sunglasses have a metallic frame with round lenses and the Fendi Sunglasses logo is embossed in golden on the arms of the model. This model is available in 2 color variants. Another quite an elegant option in the women’s range is the FS 462. The lenses are square and the body made from high quality plastic. What make these shades extremely fashionable are the contrasting colors on the frames and the lenses.

Fendi sunglasses are a rage in the designer sunglasses industry. The top-notch brand has established itself in such a way that it has become the favorite brand of celebrities and the common people alike. The distinct logo of the brand draws immediate attention and one can easily recognize that it is a Fendi. The brand manufactures quality sunglasses for both men and women and the unisex styles are some of the best available in the market. Fendi sunglasses are available in the hottest shapes, sizes, designs and colors and one can select from a variety. The frames are made from top grade plastics and metals which ensure superb comfort and a long lasting wear.

Fendi has something for each and every fashion conscious person who wants to make an everlasting style statement. They are the choice of celebs, of the regular office-goers and the next generation youth. Truly the best value for money.

In the unisex style the FS 1014 M is the most stylish choice. The metallic frame has a classy touch and can make the wearer stand out in the crowd.

Fendi sunglasses are gaining great popularity among celebrities and super styars.

Learn How to Buy Designer Eyewear Online and Make Huge Savings

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Today, it is generally accepted that buying designer eyewear online can ensure your chances of getting one pair with both good quality and cheap prices. Here are six steps which may help you to achieve this purpose.

Step 1

Before you start, you need to have your prescription. You should know that all optometrists must supply you with your prescription details by law. There is no obligation to buy spectacles or contact lenses from the optometrist where you had your sight test carried out.

Step 2

Look through the different stores and find the style that you like at the right price. Choose a reputable supplier - if you have any concerns, do a search online for the name of the supplier and look out for any negative reviews. Chose a store that offers a money-back guarantee. Many online stores will provide free prescription lenses and delivery.

Step 3

Search for an online glasses supplier by using Google to search for terms like ‘designer glasses’, ‘designer frames’ or ‘ designer eyewear online ‘. Perhaps you already know a designer brand that you like the look of.

Step 4

You can choose an anti-reflection finish which reduces glare when driving, chiefly at night. It’s important that you safeguard your eyes from sun damage by selecting a UV400 coating.

Adding a colour tint will help to convert your eyewear into chic sunglasses. You can pick Transition lenses which go dark in the sunlight automatically. Decide on polarizing lenses for very brilliant light conditions such as those experienced when skiing or fishing.

You ought to choose to have thinner lenses if you wish for the specs to be lighter - they also make the lenses look thinner. Most suppliers will supply you with a scratch resistant finish as normal, and this is important.

Step 5

Choose a frame size within 1 or 2mm of your current frame lens diameter (in the example above, 54mm) and your new frame is likely to be of a comparable size to your current one.

Find the size of your existing frames by looking on the inside of the arms (you may need a magnifying glass). Inside the arms you should find 3 numbers that look something like this 54[]18 135 which are the spectacles sizes in millimetres.

Don’t hesitate to call the store if you have any doubts.

Step 6

Next you need to enter your prescription details as requested on the website. Once you done this you need to check your order over and you can then proceed to payment.

In short, learn how to buy designer eyewear online can make huge savings.

Reasons for Buying Cheap Reading Eyewear Glasses

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Cheap reading eyewear glasses are easy solution to the rising trend of spectacles being used for their dual purpose that is for reading as well as a style statement for most of the people wearing them. This trend has come from the celebrities and actors who have won accolades while wearing such fashionable glasses in all kinds of strange colors, combinations and designs.

The majority of people will in due course notice deteriorating eyesight along with getting old which will call for wearing eyeglasses to read, this is certainly common, and in medical terms is a affliction known as presbyopia, and that is not a illness, and neither is it preventable.

Specifically, as we age the eye muscles continue to develop and lose the primary elasticity necessary for 20/20 eyesight and that is why we have to maintain things at arms length to read them. Presbyopia is definitely not equivalent to long or short vision that requires prescribed contact lenses; it is only a natural component of aging.

If you happen to have problems with unexplained headaches when making crafts, or reading, as well as using a pc, and also blurry sight you may well be feeling the onset of presbyopia, nevertheless the good news is that some reading glasses will in all probability resolve the issue immediately.

There are three different kinds of reading spectacles. The 1st kind will be the full reading glasses which are usually the most appropriate prescription glasses for using a lot of time focusing on materials close-up. But if you look around the room through these types of eyeglasses, subsequently everything will certainly seem blurry. The 2nd type is a half-eye which usually sit down on the nasal area. These encompass a singular appeal. Regarding near work, you are able to look down and through the lens. To see subjects well away, all you have to do, is to look above those glasses. Yet another kind is the tinted reading eyeglasses. They come with Ultra-violet safeguards and are also your perfect choice when venturing out in the sun.

Recently styles of reading eyeglasses have come quite a long way along with big designer companies and shades manufacturers incorporating reading glasses to the product brochures, and in the process redefining the cool factor, gone are the days from low priced plastic frames and rectangular lenses, currently reading eyeglasses for men and women come in almost all styles to match your face structure along with individuality.

Reading eyewear employs a low magnification, though the lens are designed specifically to magnify objects or words at around fourteen inches from the eyes, this would be the typical distance a lot of people find browsing publications to be adequate.

Pharmacies usually sell reading glasses, and many use a small chart hanging on a wall or the stand the glasses were exhibited on, permitting individuals to swiftly determine the dioptic strength of lens required, these days reading glasses can be obtained over the counter through food markets, discount merchants, sunglasses stores, from the web, even several fashion stores may carry their own personal variety.

So, if you currently know the dioptic strength you should have, you would not need to talk with an optometrist and have a full eyesight test, identifying the actual strength of reading lens you will need only involves a minute to look over the chart containing larger fonts at the very top, and smaller fonts at the end, as soon as it gets to be difficult to see from fourteen inches you should identify your dioptic strength.

These designer reading glasses are more durable and therefore more and more people buy cheap reading eyewear glasses and especially men as many manufacturers publicize their product as Men’s Glasses. These designer glasses come in a wide range of styles and brands which excites the consumer choice and also enhances the individual personality and autograph.